Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 10, 2009 on AMC

Episode Recap

The pink bear with one eye is lying in an evidence bag. Someone places this along with several other pieces, notably, a pair of glasses, into a box. Two men in biohazard suits bring the evidence out front. Others photograph the cracked windshield of a Pontiac Aztec (may or may not be Walt's) and tend to two body bags lying just adjacent to the car, just out of view. A preview of what's to come.

Walt is sitting up in bed taking inhalant medication. Next, he's in the bathroom shaving his head, but the water is seen to be an awful brown. He's going back to work, to Skyler's dismay. He ends up taking some time off. Skyler is planning a party in celebration on Sunday afternoon. Skyler is getting ready to leave for work and makes Walt promise he will be doing nothing all day. He tries to read, but picks up the phone instead. He meets Jesse at a fast food place. Walt tells Jesse that he's doing well, surprisingly, and Jesse is very celebratory about it. Jesse didn't think it could happen. Jesse passes Walt more money from recent business and asks how they should proceed. Walt says they will stay cautious, sell-off what they have, and then he may be done with making drugs.

Hank is serving drinks when Skyler gives a toast to all the supporting family and friends, thanking them for all their help. She also thanks Gretchen and Elliot Schwartz, who she calls heroes, "paid" for Walt's treatment. Hank tries to get Walt to speak. Walt says when he got his diagnosis, he says "why me" but when he got the good news, he said the same thing. Not really the thing everyone wanted to hear. Outside, Hank is talking to Walt and Walter Jr. but Walt isn't amused that Hank is telling him DEA stories. Walt tops up Hank's tequila, but then gives some to Walt Jr. Hank jokes around some more and Walt keeps pouring tequila for all three of them. Walt pours a third round, but Hank protests, getting up and taking the bottle away. Walt gets angry and says bring the bottle back. Hank asks what Walt is doing. Walt Jr. drinks the third pour, but vomits into the pool. It appears Walt is upset that Hank has a better relationship with Walt Jr. than Walt himself.

The next day, Jesse is making breakfast when Jane comes in. He was going to surprise her, but she offers to help. Jesse says he's free the entire day, for once. Meanwhile, Walt is getting up and eventually calls Skyler. Skyler is at work, but doesn't answer. He apologizes on her voicemail for yesterday. He turns on the tap and notices the filth spewing from it – the water heater is in horrible condition and leaking all over the floor. At work, Skyler gets Walt's message when Ted comes in to the lunchroom. She confesses about Walt's cancer. At a hardware store, a sales associate is showing him water heaters. Walt upgrades to a tankless and pays cash (about $1200), planning to install it himself. Jane looks over Jesse's drawings of action heroes. Someone knocks on Jane's door and she has to quickly go around back to her apartment to open the door. It's her father, and he asks her to lunch. Jesse comes out to be introduced, but Jane just says he's a tenant, nothing more. Meanwhile, Walt has installed the new water heater when Walt Jr. comes home. They test it out while Walt praises the product's specifications. Walt then apologizes for his behavior yesterday at the party.

Next, Walt checks out the freshly cleaned floor where the previous water heater was leaking. Mould and water damage appears to have compromised it. Jane returns acting normally, but Jesse wants an explanation for the "diss" earlier. Jane explains her father is a "hard ass". It appears Jesse was thinking he and Jane were something more – a couple, maybe? Jane doesn't appear to have the same feelings. Jesse leaves. The next day, Walt is back at the hardware store picking up lumber and a lot of other supplies. He replaces the rotten wood. Meanwhile, Skyler is staying late to avoid going home. Ted is about to leave, but stops to chat. Skyler asks about a certain account, but breaks down in tears. She dismisses this, saying it's from hormones. But then she explains that the good news doesn't feel any different, Walt's death is just postponed. Ted offers some words of support. The next morning, Walt is still renovating while Skyler and Walt Jr. eat. He stops for a bite and Skyler asks if he's going to work today. But there's still more rot!

Jesse is lighting up some meth when Jane slides something under the door: a drawing of "Apology Girl" with a tear rolling down the characters face. Jesse laughs. Back at work, Skyler pretends to drop some pens and pencils, getting Ted to help her pick them up. Walt is still working on the house, but decides to get some paint. At the hardware store, he picks up some paint, with the odd brand name "KILZ" to which the camera angle makes it appear to say "KILL". He spots a shopping cart filled with acetone and "camp fuel". A guy comes back bringing matches. Walt says, "those are the wrong matches", adding the phosphorous is found in the striker sticks, not the match heads themselves. Then Walt says not to buy everything at one place to attract less attention. The man is a little shocked and runs away from his cart. Laughing, Walt continues to the checkout. Then it hits him. Walt rushes outside to find the man near a much smaller RV with another man. Walt confronts them, saying, "stay out of my territory". They drive off while Walt looks on, sternly.