Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 10, 2009 on AMC

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  • Breaking Bored

    i feel like an opportunity was missed for a niftier title. I liked this episode. A lull in the pace of things a moment to catch their breath before invariably more bad things happen. A minute for the watcher to realize why you don't wish for characters to make better choices or have better luck (because holy crap things get boring quick!) Very good episode. Should be renamed!
  • Excuse the Obvious Pun, But I Was Happy Once Over Was Over

    After having seen all five seasons of Breaking Bad, I can undoubtedly state that this is the worst episode of the show. I mean seriously, how can anyone genuinely like this? Besides the disappointing absence of newly introduced Saul Goodman, Walt ranging between worst father imaginable to most boring character imaginable, and Jesse and Jane having high school love problems, there isn't a lot left to talk about.

    The opening sequence once again shows the ominous one-eyed teddy bear, this time getting fished out of the White's swimming pool. In the same scenery, some other mysterious signs suggest that a catastrophe has happened. Of course, we still don't get a solution to this, but it's definitely a nice build-up. After that, "Over" quickly loses thrill and only got me emotional when television's most uncomfortable to watch scene ever came on if you've seen the episode, you know what I'm talking about. I get their intention with this one, but I'm sure that they could've portrayed it in a less embarrassing and enraging way. Subsequently, relatively nothing happens and the show gets unbelievably boring. There are no signs of betterment until the final scene eventually one that isn't the most unnecessary. I won't spoil it for you, but it's definitely an important one for Walt (or rather Heisenberg) and Bryan Cranston absolutely kicks ass in it.

    Thus, without exaggeration, the only good scenes in "Over" are the first and the last one, which is a really miserable result. As the next episode isn't very good or eventful either, I completely don't get why the writers separated these two. In fact, if I were to cut out the scenes that are unnecessary in my opinion, there wouldn't be ten minutes left of "Over".
  • 80% Cancer Remission, 100% Breaking Bad!

    After receiving the results of is CT scan back Walt becomes depressed as his last escapade in the desert seems pointless to him now. Walt seemed ready to die and in the last episode how he took out his anger of the news on a paper towel dispenser and making his knuckles raw thinking, "How dare you dispense me towels?" He and Hank get into a heated argument and Walt keeps himself busy with various fixer upper jobs around the house and he conquers many deposits of mold, rot, etc. Also Jesse and Jane further their relationship with a cool superhero drawing subplot. Even though Jane pretends that there is nothing happening between the two of them in front of her father this pisses Jesse off and they make up later on Jesse's new bed. Although this episode reeks of midseason filler it still has that signature Breaking Bad finesse that leaves you satisfied, curious, and overall wanting more of what you just saw.
  • The character development truely Kicks in...

    After last weeks episode where Walt learnt of his cancer's remission I wondered how the series would continue. Surely without the fear of impending death, Walt would have no need to continue the lifestyle he has entered into.

    Well this episode deals with just that. We experience his anger firstly, with the outbreak he has at his party. Lashing out at the ones closest to him is the way he is dealing with the fact he now has to live on, dealing with the things he has done.

    Then comes the distraction. Walt invests himself into fixing the foundations of his house, with problems that don't even require immediate attention. This is to focus his mind on other things, simply put, to distract himself from dealing with any of his other problems, his family, the Heisenberg side of his life, the fact he still has cancer and the worry of it returning.

    The ending truely makes this episode though. Walt realises that he wants the lifestyle that he has started. He wants to be a Meth Dealer. This episode has been great character development and I can't wait to see what Walt does next.
  • 210

    Breaking Bad keeps me intrigued with a hell of a cold opening, over the coarse of season 2, we've been getting glimpses of the future in the cold openings, and everything has been adding up quite smoothly. I cannot wait for what I think will be the season 2 finale when these glimpses of the future unravel.

    In this great installment of Breaking Bad, we've got 2 body bags right next to Walt's car, with broken windows, with Walt's belongings in the evidence file. The purple bear remains a mystery, but I'm definitely getting more & more hooked on this show with every episode.

    As for the episode overall, it was a bit of a filler, but it wad an enjoyable hour of television, much like many of the other Breaking Bad fillers. We've got Skylar taking interest in her boss, which was just about the most uninteresting. Then we've got Jesse and his relationship troubles, which was entertaining, but not as exciting.

    It nearly broke my heart when Walt said it would be "over", the business. Jesse's reaction was sad, after all they've been through, wow, great scene. Speaking of great scenes, I must say Walter's remission party was excellent, and it portrays what a lot of cancer patients go through after they realize they have more time to live after pretty much knocking on death's door. Walter tries to take up time by fixing things around the house, but at the end, he realizes his true calling: cooking meth, which got me cheering for joy. Season finale nearing, anticipation rising. Great episode.
  • A filler episode, but a great one at that.

    "My Bottle, My Home, My Party." You know, I have adored Walt from the very beginning, but, in this episode, I just didn't see any connection (other than the obliviously obvious) to the characters. Hank is a total a^^hole, but, we know that. Walt's life is falling apart - well, no kidding (you know what I really wanted to say there), Hank is an absolute moron, Sklyer now wants to find affection and cheat on Walt with her boss (which is despicable in every sense of the word), and Walt spends this episode fixing the water heater and woodwork in the house.

    Had it not been for the last line, when Walt tells his (supposed) competitors to "Frak Off" and they absolutely leave, this episode would be one of my least favorites ever. But - that did happen. Please - let Jesse and Walt get back to cooking!
  • Very good ep, the family have a party to celebrate the good news.

    This ep pretty much shows what happens after the family gets the good news. Walt and Skylar throw a party to thank everybody for their support, Walt ends up drinking one too many shots and gets into an argument with Hank when he tries to stop him from drinking more, and Walt also gives Walt Jr some shots, which also makes Hank unhappy.

    Walt is on leave during this ep and starts finding some work to do on the house, changing the hot water cylinder and floor boards.

    Jesse and Jane have a small hiccup in their relationship when Jane keeps Jesse a secret from her Dad, but it seems Jesse forgives her in the end.

    And the best bit was Walt's line at the end, while at the hardware store he spots a rookie drug cook buying the obvious ingredients, when he sees the guy outside by his van he says this "Stay out of my territory" and the guy gets in his van and leaves.
  • A miracle happens! Walt in remission? That is great news, so where do we go from here? The wife is obviously looking in other directions, with her new boss, a career, baby on the way, all certain to provide viewers with some interesting twists.

    After doing a search for the AMC series, Breaking Bad, I found this website. After reading individual reviews of the show, I find all to be interesting. I now look forward to sharing my own insights. Our Walt character, initially, was a meek personality and to some point, he still is a meek mannered personality, EXCEPT, his meth dealings have proven to boost his confidence, making his lowly uneventful life's existence much more interesting. As a lover of the series, and can never get enough from week to week, I knew (as I am sure we all did) he would have to have some miracle to get us through more shows/another season. That's the beauty of the entertainment. I hope the show remains as well written and doesn't get to corny, or let us down.
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy

    Walt - is - now - completely evil. He is abusing his kid (it's been there subtly before but he crosses WAY over the line this time by feeding Walt Jr alcohol in the most unbelievably cold hearted sinister wicked way). Am I wrong or was there the faintest shadow of a satisfied smile on his face as Walt Jr. puked his guts out into the pool. And in combination with all this he is now embracing his drug lord persona. And, i just know he is headed to even darker places and that he's going to do something TERRIBLE. Is that what the pink bunny (bear?) is? Is it something Walt is going to do? He so far has only killed for self preservation - will he now be more willing to inflict harm to protect his turf? Oh Walt. What has happened to you? It kind of makes me wonder where the series can go from here. Up to now it's been a bumpy moral descent. Now it seems he's just totally thoroughly corrupted by his relentless simmering rage and longing for power. Where can his character go from here? How long can it sustain without some shred of the old Walt in the balance? I feel like the old Walt is gone - no shred left - not one little fibre. I'm not saying the show can't work any more - i just don't know how they will pull it off for any length of time if Walt is now just through and through BAD.
  • Walter White finally becomes Heisenburg

    In a way, Walter White, maybe for good, gave up his life as Walter White and assumed the role of Heisenburg. It's odd to see him taking on this role just shortly after he's told he's in remission, but I honestly think he's addicted to the feeling he gets from it. Not from the drug, mind you, but the selling of the drug. Heisenburg, his alias, is infamous throughout the drug community, and the final moments of the episode seem to be hinting at where the show is going from here.

    This episode, compared to the last few weeks, was very, very slow. In fact, the fact the episode focused mainly on Walter doing housework is a testament to how filler this episode is (although I can see the merit in showing this, it's almost like a symbol of sorts).

    I'm not sure how interested I am in Skyler's workplace business yet, but it seems to be building towards something that I don't really care for: affair maybe? I hope Breaking Bad doesn't stray into this territory, and I have complete faith in the writers, because they haven't steered wrong yet.

    The moment when Walt feeds his son shot after shot of whiskey was chilling and to see him as he was was incredible. Bryan Cranston has a very good shot at winning the Emmy again this year (although Kiefer Sutherland may have reason to give competition after his new found intensity in 24).