Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 10, 2009 on AMC

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  • 80% Cancer Remission, 100% Breaking Bad!

    After receiving the results of is CT scan back Walt becomes depressed as his last escapade in the desert seems pointless to him now. Walt seemed ready to die and in the last episode how he took out his anger of the news on a paper towel dispenser and making his knuckles raw thinking, "How dare you dispense me towels?" He and Hank get into a heated argument and Walt keeps himself busy with various fixer upper jobs around the house and he conquers many deposits of mold, rot, etc. Also Jesse and Jane further their relationship with a cool superhero drawing subplot. Even though Jane pretends that there is nothing happening between the two of them in front of her father this pisses Jesse off and they make up later on Jesse's new bed. Although this episode reeks of midseason filler it still has that signature Breaking Bad finesse that leaves you satisfied, curious, and overall wanting more of what you just saw.
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