Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 10, 2009 on AMC

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    Breaking Bad keeps me intrigued with a hell of a cold opening, over the coarse of season 2, we've been getting glimpses of the future in the cold openings, and everything has been adding up quite smoothly. I cannot wait for what I think will be the season 2 finale when these glimpses of the future unravel.

    In this great installment of Breaking Bad, we've got 2 body bags right next to Walt's car, with broken windows, with Walt's belongings in the evidence file. The purple bear remains a mystery, but I'm definitely getting more & more hooked on this show with every episode.

    As for the episode overall, it was a bit of a filler, but it wad an enjoyable hour of television, much like many of the other Breaking Bad fillers. We've got Skylar taking interest in her boss, which was just about the most uninteresting. Then we've got Jesse and his relationship troubles, which was entertaining, but not as exciting.

    It nearly broke my heart when Walt said it would be "over", the business. Jesse's reaction was sad, after all they've been through, wow, great scene. Speaking of great scenes, I must say Walter's remission party was excellent, and it portrays what a lot of cancer patients go through after they realize they have more time to live after pretty much knocking on death's door. Walter tries to take up time by fixing things around the house, but at the end, he realizes his true calling: cooking meth, which got me cheering for joy. Season finale nearing, anticipation rising. Great episode.