Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2013 on AMC

Episode Recap

Water boils in the RV lab, in a flashback to the desert when Jesse and Walt were cooking. Jesse asks how long they have to wait. Walt starts rambling on about the chemical reactions necessary to take place. Jesse starts to complain that he doesn't want to hear the whole speech about reactions. They take a break. Jesse lights a cigarette outside while Walt walks up a hill in the desert to try and get reception. Walt tries to come up with an excuse to let Skyler know that he is stating at work late. Skyler picks up the phone and Walt tells her his excuse to stay late at the car wash. Skyler is packaging a porcelain clown she sold on eBay. Skyler mentions the name "Holly" as a possible baby's name. Walt agrees it is a nice name. Walt also suggests that they spend some time together as a family this weekend. Walt hangs up the phone and scenes of the desert are shown.

The shooting stops for a moment. Hank is bleeding and has been shot in the leg. Gomez has been killed. Hank sees the shotgun but Uncle Jack and his men close on him. Todd notes that Jesse is missing and heads off to look for him. Kenny notes that Hank is with the DEA and Uncle Jack is ready to shoot Hank dead. But Walt screams to not do that, explaining that Hank is family. Walt reminds Uncle Jack that he called the operation off. Walt says that there are no other officers coming. No one else knows about the situation except Hank. Uncle Jack is still not convinced and is again ready to shoot Hank. Walt offers money, a portion of the $80 million buried in the desert. Uncle Jack asks whether Hank would take the offer. Hank says to "f--- off". Hank tells Walt that he's the smartest man he knows, but can't even realize that Jack already made up his mind. Jack shoots Hank dead. Walt collapses into tears and anguish. Todd is noticeably affected by the process and seems unsteady.

Uncle Jack and Kenny get started on the digging at the location Walt provided. They easily find the money at the location. Jack is extremely pleased. And soon the barrels are loaded onto the their truck. Gomez and Hank are subsequently dumped into the pit, a shallow grave. Walt is still on the floor of the desert. Jesse may be under Walt's car. Jack decides to leave Walt a barrel. He says he hopes there are no hard feelings and suggests that Walt get in his car and leave. Jack asks if everything is "square". Walt is upset but shakes Jack's hand. Walt says Jesse is still alive and Jack owes him. Walt points to the car and men easily pull Jesse out from under it. They get ready to kill Jesse, but Todd stops them, saying that they might want to find out what Jesse told the DEA. Todd offers to get information out of Jesse, working with Walt to get the information. Jesse screams to let him go. Walt decides to tell him, "I watched Jane die". He could have saved her but he didn't. Jesse heads off with Todd while Walt remains in the desert alone.

Walt gets into the car and turns it on. He has no idea what to do next. He runs out of gas. In his haste to get there so quick, he forgot to fill up. Walt also notices that his fuel line has been hit and that's why his gas ran out so fast. Walt rolls the barrel of money across the desert. He makes it to a house owned by an old man. Walt decides that he wants to leave everyone. He offers money to the old man and eventually drives away with the old weather-beaten truck.

Marie heads to the carwash as Skyler leaves a message for Walt to call her. Marie asks to talk to Skyler and they head to her office. Marie says that Walt has been arrested and that everything is over. Skyler puts her head down while Marie scolds Skyler for putting her through all of this. Marie says that Hank will help Skyler as much as possible. Marie says she has conditions, however, and needs all of the copies of the DVD. Marie tells Skyler to tell Walt Jr., but this is too far for Skyler. She protests, but Marie insists.

Meanwhile, Jesse is being held somewhere. He has already been beaten pretty badly. Todd comes down for Jesse and Jesse weeps, protesting any more torture. This time, Todd takes Jesse out of the concrete pit and brings him to the warehouse where the new lab has been set up. Todd hooks Jesse up to a cable and takes off the cuffs. Jesse's new torture is that he has to cook. Jesse is slave to Todd in the new lab now. A picture of Andrea and Brock is placed at the other end of the lab.

Skyler decides to tell Walt Jr. everything. She sobs and Walt Jr. is noticeably upset about all the lies. They still can't get a hold of either of them. Walt Jr. is still upset and storms out. Marie tells Skyler to go home. Meanwhile, Walt is already at home grabbing clothes and packing them into suitcases. Walt is grabbing clothes from everyone's room.

Skyler is already on her way home with Holly and Walt Jr. Walt Jr. says that if Skyler knew about this all along then she is just as bad as him. Skyler is shocked to see an old truck on their driveway. Walt appears and says that they all need to pack right now. Skyler tries to assess the situation but notices Walt is frantic. Walt Jr. also wants answers, but Walt is not providing any explanations right now. Skyler wonders why Walt is here – he was in custody. Walt says that he "negotiated" and Skyler wonders where Hank is. Skyler asks again, "Where is Hank?" and slowly puts something together. Skyler bursts into tears. "You killed him," Skyler says. Walt Jr. hears this and starts crying too.

Skyler can't even begin to fathom this. Skyler sees and then grabs a knife from the kitchen while Walt heads to the bedroom. Then when Walt returns she protects Walt Jr. and tells Walt sternly, who is nearing the front door, to remove himself from the house. When Walt tries to intervene, she slashes Walt's hand. All of a sudden, the two are wrestling and end up flying against the wall and onto the floor. Walt struggles to get the knife away but Skyler is frantic. Finally, Walt Jr. dives into Walt separating the two of them. He stays in front of his mom on the floor and calls the police. Walt asks, "What the hell is wrong with you. We're a family?". He realizes that he has no family anymore. With Walt Jr. on the phone with the police, Walt has to leave. But he takes Holly and her diaper bag. Skyler realizes this and runs out to the truck as Walt puts the truck in reverse. He rams Skyler's new SUV and pushes it backwards so that he can escape. Skyler is in absolute turmoil; she races down the street angry and crying. She drops to her knees in anguish.

Walt changes Holly's diaper in a restroom. He's also put tape on his hand. Holly is okay but starts calling for her momma. Walt tries to placate the child.

Back at home, police are calling in the abduction and putting out an amber alert. Skyler, Marie, and Walt Jr. are trying to process the situation. The police start a trace. Walt tells Skyler to pick up the phone. Walt wonders if there are police there, but Walt lies. Walt tries to blame Skyler for this situation. "This is what comes from your disrespect," he says. Walt starts a tirade, insulting and disparaging Skyler on the phone! Skyler cannot believe her ears. Walt calls her a "stupid bitch" for telling Walt Jr. Skyler realizes how bad Walt has become, all she can do is nod and agree with Walt. Walt even goes so far as to say that Skyler might wind up like Hank. Skyler asks where Hank is, but Walt says that they're never going to see Hank again. Marie collapses into tears. Walt Jr. and Skyler also start crying. Walt can't even believe that he is saying this. Skyler begs Walt to just come home and return Holly. Walt says he still has things to do. He hangs up the phone and snaps it in half.

Walt looks across the way at a fire station. Walt wanted to make that call to break away from his family so they wouldn't come looking for him. He doesn't intend to take Holly with him, so he drops off Holly into a fire truck. A fire fighter discovers her soon after.

The next morning, Walt waits for Saul's contact. The man who can provide Walt with a new identity. He arrives and Walt throws his things in. They drive away from Albuquerque.

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