Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2009 on AMC

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  • One part's silly and unrealistic, the other's boring and rehashed

    The fact that this episode is a fan favorite in season two already says a lot about the quality of that season, doesn't it? In my opinion, this is an utterly overrated episode that may impress you when watching it for the first time, but is plainly unrealistic and idiotic the second time. Of course, not everything is bad about "Peekaboo", so here are all my thoughts about the episode.

    Since the scale of the plot is quite narrowed in this episode and two main characters are just completely left out, Vince Gilligan and J. Roberts's screenplay has its focus set entirely on two story parts, one for the each of the two protagonists. Jesse tries to "take care" of the couple that has ripped off his henchman Skinny Pete in the last episode, but soon learns that that endeavor isn't as easy as it sounds, and his colleague Walt (whom he never encounters in this episode, by the way) has to think up new lies in front of his wife for the zillionth time. I don't suppose I have to stress this, but the Jesse arc is about as many times more entertaining as the periodic table has elements in it. And though both parts contain flaws, his is at least thrilling and unpredictable.

    Jessica Hecht as Gretchen Schwartz is added to the White family tension (can't blame you if you don't remember her from season one, she's freaking boring), but all that did was annoy me. Not ultimately because of her, but just because the whole situation is absolutely nothing new. There's confusion, lies, and anger all of which we've been seeing since Walt began with the meth business and there is just no reason at all to spend 20 minutes on it. The acting didn't feel genuine either which was another point that made it difficult for me to enjoy what I was seeing.

    The other half of "Peekaboo" didn't make me feel that way, but it was far from perfect as well: since everything that has to do with Walt is increasingly austere and unfunny, Mr. Gilligan obviously felt that he had to include more jokes when it comes to Jesse. Jokes alone wouldn't have been unfavorable though, it's the silliness that gave me a hard time. The style hovered between a disconcerting portrait of the consequences of meth and over the top acting and screenwriting that ruined it all for me. Okay, I'll be fair: the first time I watched it, I was delighted by the suspense these scenes brought with them, but the second time, all that was left was the frustration at how generic and stupid the finale of this part was. At least, Aaron Paul does an outstanding acting job and we learn interesting things about his character.
  • Jesse cleans up his mess from the previous episodes while Walt struggles to clean his own mess up.

    I'm not sure if there's been anything more horrifying and disgusting than the house that Jesse enters to try and get his money and drugs back. Walt told Jesse to "handle it," and he does in his own twisted way. In my first review, I said that this episode didn't add much to the overall season, and I still stand by that claim. However, I don't think I realized until now how great of a showcase it was for both actors. Cranston and Paul do some incredible things with the episode, and I think that Paul was robbed for an Emmy win here.

    The episode is pretty simple when you look at it. Jesse spends the entire episode trying to get his money back from Spooge and his wife, two druggie degenerates who look like they're suffering from multiple diseases, leprosy among them. They have a young child who barely knows how to speak but seems to enjoy it when Jesse plays peekaboo with him; speaking of that, it's truly a touching moment to watch Jesse become a sort of father figure for this child. Jesse may have his own set of problems, but I've always noticed that there are moments when his true potential can shine through but his involvement in the drug world blinds him.

    Meanwhile, Walt continues his descent into being a complete idiot. His lie that Elliott and Gretchen from Grey Matter were paying for his cancer treatment fell through after Skyler and Gretchen talk. Once again, Walt is left attempting to keep his second life from crushing down on top of him and his family. However, I was completely taken aback at how he treated Gretchen. It's clear he's guilty of lying and of keeping people in the dark, but it's almost as if he takes the guilt and flips it on other people to avoid facing what he's done. We'll end up seeing more of that behavior as the show goes on, but boy.. it was borderline cruel the way he treated her. And the lies that he spews to Skyler sound so pathetic since we know the truth. The way he acts so dumbfounded at everything makes me feel a bit embarrassed for him.

    While this doesn't necessarily take us further into the mythology of the show, it definitely acts as a haunting look into the life of druggies and showing how far some people will go to keep their secrets and keep their money.
  • 206

    An outstanding episode of Breaking Bad, and definitely a memorable episode considering everything that happens here. I was literally at the edge of my seat the last 20 minutes of this episode, I was so intrigued in the episode, which goes to show that this was a superb episode of Breaking Bad. Both of the crackhead parents were hysterical at times, with Breaking Bad's signature dark humor. The end was definitely a payoff from Jesse holding them hostage, to the crackheads holding Jesse hostage to the very surprising ending that was anything but uneventful.

    The guy calls the girl a skank throughout the episode, all the while he's trying to break in to an ATM machine, he takes it too far, and she ends up killing him by crushing him with the ATM machine, and that's what finally gets it to open. Wow, talk about ironic.

    When Jesse took the money, called the police, and save the little boy, I was cheering. As for Walt's plot, it was a great followup, and I'm glad they brought this up again. Gretchen finds out about Walt's lie. Which gets her to "stop" treatment. The conversations between Gretchen & Walt were entertaining, and this also kept me on the edge of my seat to see if Skyler was going to find out. An amazing suspenseful hour of television, terrific installment.
  • Jesse G thugs his way to the top of the food chain...sort of

    First off Jesse gets a name from Skinny Pete that the guy who ripped him off is named Spooge Jesse then hops in his new set of wheels packing heat and knocks on the door. After no one answers he enters the residence and sits on the couch after searching around. A kid comes out from the back of the house and starts to watch TV, the house is way filthy. Then Spooge and his "thing" of a girlfriend or wife or whatever come home and Jesse holds them at gunpoint and identifies himself as Diesel. He makes them give back the meth, but they've already used it all except for what they have in their mule holding area. But Spooge says that he can pay him back because he and his she had recently robbed a store and jacked an ATM. Spooge tries to get it open by prying it open from the sides and then the bottom. Jesse feels a protective bond with the kid, feeling that the kid doesn't deserve his living conditions. Spooge upsets the she thing and calls her a skank and she splatters his skull with the ATM because he had been underneath it at the time. Jesse finds the ATM open and takes all the money, the leftover meth, and the kid to the porch and the she thing doesn't follow because she is too hyped up on drugs. Jesse tells the kid to stay put and have a nice life. Meanwhile Walt's secret comes under fire when Skyler thanks Gretchen over the phone for having paid for Walt's cancer treatments. Gretchen shows up at the house and Walt urges her to keep her mouth shut. Walt and her meet up at a restaurant and accuses her and Elliot of backstabbing him for Gray Matter and curses her not caring whether she tells Skyler about not having paid for anything or not. But it turns out that Gretchen calls Skyler and decides to protect Walt's secrecy but says that she and Elliot are financially unstable and can no longer support Walt's cancer treatment so his secret is safe for now.
  • another great episode

    well,in terms of real development,there was nothing in this episode.however that is not to say that the episode wasn't entertaining.the two main issues,infact the only two issues in this episode were 1. jesse taking care of the junkies who stole from his dealer
    2. walt dealing with the consequences of his lie(s).
    jesse once again proves his incompetence by failing to take care of the junkies.the situation somehow resolves itself but not before jesse makes another huge blunder (in my opinion)by taking some of the ATM cash. the bank might have a record of the serial no's of the currency notes that might land jesse in trouble. gretchen is back in town and seems bewildered when skylar thanks her for her monetary help. she tries very hard to get walt to tell her as to how he has been paying his medical bills but walt holds a grugde against them for screwing him over. so she informs skylar that they can't support walt's treatment anymore which puts him in a tight spot. what is he gonna say to skylar about the money?
    whats going to happen to jesse and the stolen ATM money? its going to be a very interesting road ahead and i can't wait!
  • Skank! Skank! Skank! Another great episode of a great show.

    Jesse got his patience tested while trying to get his money and dope back from the junkie couple. And again, in spite of his sloppiness and his inability to be all round tough he got lucky. Thanks to severe marriage problems and a heavy ATM box he managed to run off with more than his share, meanwhile trying to do the best he could for the couple’s toddler. But what will happen as soon as he spends the ATM money, coming from a so-called victimless crime?
    Walt story was revealing. At the start of the series we saw him as a mild-mannered guy pushed to extremes, but after his lunch with Gretchen Schwartz it seems he wasn’t such a good boy all the time. This revelation of his past, which is still unclear, made me wonder in how far his misfortune is his own fault, apparently he’s not a stranger to seriously hurting people.
    Skylar seemingly accepts Walt’s lies, again, for various reasons, of which I hope love still is the major one. But what is he going to tell when the next hospital bill comes in? Walt is digging a hole for himself.
  • Wow.

    Watching Jesse at the Crackhead Palace proved to be a difficult task. I can deal with ugly, but this was not easy to stomach.

    What was an easy task was enjoying the sixth episode of Season 2 of Breaking Bad. Great, great story that progressed at an excellent pace and the cliched hostage takes over the hostage holder turned out to be anything but overdone as Mrs. Crackhead ended up killing Mr. Crackhead allowing Jesse to escape. Walt's storyline was kind of fillerish, but was still enjoyable enough. Definitely one of the best of the season thus far, hopefully a sign of things to come.