Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2009 on AMC

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  • Jesse cleans up his mess from the previous episodes while Walt struggles to clean his own mess up.

    I'm not sure if there's been anything more horrifying and disgusting than the house that Jesse enters to try and get his money and drugs back. Walt told Jesse to "handle it," and he does in his own twisted way. In my first review, I said that this episode didn't add much to the overall season, and I still stand by that claim. However, I don't think I realized until now how great of a showcase it was for both actors. Cranston and Paul do some incredible things with the episode, and I think that Paul was robbed for an Emmy win here.

    The episode is pretty simple when you look at it. Jesse spends the entire episode trying to get his money back from Spooge and his wife, two druggie degenerates who look like they're suffering from multiple diseases, leprosy among them. They have a young child who barely knows how to speak but seems to enjoy it when Jesse plays peekaboo with him; speaking of that, it's truly a touching moment to watch Jesse become a sort of father figure for this child. Jesse may have his own set of problems, but I've always noticed that there are moments when his true potential can shine through but his involvement in the drug world blinds him.

    Meanwhile, Walt continues his descent into being a complete idiot. His lie that Elliott and Gretchen from Grey Matter were paying for his cancer treatment fell through after Skyler and Gretchen talk. Once again, Walt is left attempting to keep his second life from crushing down on top of him and his family. However, I was completely taken aback at how he treated Gretchen. It's clear he's guilty of lying and of keeping people in the dark, but it's almost as if he takes the guilt and flips it on other people to avoid facing what he's done. We'll end up seeing more of that behavior as the show goes on, but boy.. it was borderline cruel the way he treated her. And the lies that he spews to Skyler sound so pathetic since we know the truth. The way he acts so dumbfounded at everything makes me feel a bit embarrassed for him.

    While this doesn't necessarily take us further into the mythology of the show, it definitely acts as a haunting look into the life of druggies and showing how far some people will go to keep their secrets and keep their money.