Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 7

Problem Dog

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 28, 2011 on AMC
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Episode Summary

Hank presents his ideas to the ABQ police department. Walt and Skyler figure out the logistics of laundering through the car wash. Mike and Jesse continue their security work together.

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  • With this episode, the problems I had with the season are gone.

    Most of the time, when I comment that an episode of a series or a film felt way longer than it really is, I do not mean it as a compliment. However, in the case of Breaking Bad's "Problem Dog", this serves as a tremendous asset as the series has just got great again and this episode gives you tons of scenes to relish.

    Commencing with a wonderful scene of Jesse aggressively playing first-person shooters intercut with visions of dead Gale, "Problem Dog" gives you the first hint that this will be Aaron Paul's episode. Paul, who has been in the background of either Bryan Cranston or Giancarlo Esposito for most of the series, gets various opportunities to shine this time around and got to a new apex in terms of acting quality. With that, I don't necessarily mean his admittedly impressive monologue while visiting (not attending) his former twelve-step program, but more the paramountly portrayed inner fluctuation as he stands between Gus and Walt.

    Cue Walt, who uses his screen time to burn a brand-new car most people would have to work all their life to pay for and then charges his lawyer Saul with disguising that this happened, for which he receives a bill most people would have to work a whole year to pay for. While Bryan Cranston did well in the scenes he was in, he was far from being this episode's center due to Giancarlo Esposito and Dean Norris showing off their prowess as well. The latter of these two is currently becoming essential to the plot again and created a great cliffhanger with his revelations just the way he did two episodes before "Problem Dog".

    There'd be so much more to list on why this episode is one of Breaking Bad's best thus far, but frankly, I'd enjoy it much more to watch it again than writing an overly long review about it.

  • Hanks getting closer

    This episode rocked. Thanks getting close to finding a lot of info out. Walt burning the car was cool and the scene with jessie in rehab.
  • 407

    Hooray for the show actually acknowledging its past! We saw Hank go talk to his old buddies and give his ideas about the drug situation in the Southwest US. It seems like Breaking Bad became a different show from Season 3 onward, so it is good to see them go back to their roots to give the supporting castmember a purpose for still being there.

    A decent performance by Aaron Paul for his role tonight, same for Bryan Cranston, but both have done better on this show. This is not quite Emmy-worthy, to be more clear.

    I thought today's episode was good, on par with the past few weeks though. I want a little bit more, but this was a solid 43 minutes.moreless
  • Best episode of the season so far. Also, the first episode this season not to focus too much on family drama. Co-incidence?

    Last week I said I wanted to see more plot progression, which everyone took to mean that I thought the show is lacking action or moving too slowly. I re-itterate that my complaints weren't about action, they were entirely about plot progression. Walt's split personality was just about the only thing progressing (main story wise), which was completely different to the previous seasons. Breaking Bad might run at its own pacing, but in past seasons it always advanced the main story almost every week.

    And now I'm proud to say that's back. This episode saw the most overarching plot progression so far this year, and it was fantastic. We got to see Walt finally getting his crap together to think up a plan to get rid of Gus, we see some of the most amazing Jesse scenes ever (and some insane acting from him), and then we are given some serious Hank progression -- not just personal progression, but case progression, as he draws closer and closer to finding Walt.

    To top it all off, the entire episode was shot, acted, and scripted to near-perfection. Beautiful to behold.

    Now we start to see it all taking shape, and the final episode starts to become clear. We're about to see an all out war between the Cartel and Gus, with Jesse stuck in the middle, and Walt being the thing that the Cartel no doubt wants to get their hands on most of all. Hank will surely follow the trail smack into the warzone, right at the last minute, as Jesse and Walt fight for their lives. I predict Gus being arrested and Walt narrowly escaping justice, ready to re-build and become the boss next season.moreless
  • Was it fantastic? Heck yeah. Was it boring or slow? Heck no

    Oh heck yeah, now this is what I am talking about. A "Breaking Bad" episode that caught my attention from beginning to end with no slow or boring parts. Okay, the few minutes with Hank and the DEA agents was a bit boring but it wasn't extremely boring. In fact, that last few minutes of the episode was very interesting. Although, the ending could have just a bit better. Oh well, this episode didn't have any slow or boring parts in my opinion. Definitely one of the best Season 4 episodes that I have ever seen. The storyline was perfect just the way it was and awesome. Hank and Walter going to the Los Pollos Hermano Restuarant (I don't know if I got the restaurant name right)was very interesting and had a smooth touch. Walter exploding his own car was very cool and just awesome. Skyler still continues to bore me but it's easy to ignore that character though. Of course, the Jesse/Mike scenes never fail to disappoint me. Jesse going into rehab and crying was very interesting and most certainly caught my attention. I loved it when Jesse told the group how he was selling Meth to those people and he feels guilt. Overall, this is definitely one of the best Season 4 episodes that I have ever seen and I definitely recommend it to the "Breaking Bad" fans. 10/10moreless
Jere Burns

Jere Burns


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Maurice Compte


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Fran Martone

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David Costabile

David Costabile

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Steven Michael Quezada

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The original DEA office area with desks and cubicles was a leased floor of a building in downtown ABQ. When Hank was shot, they didn't need the offices as much, so they let this set go. In this episode, the crew had to reconstruct the look of the DEA building so they came up with a new set: a meeting room for the DEA.

    • The crew had to buy the Dodge to blow it up, even thought it was product placement. But the crew stripped it down to a shell and sold the parts.

    • The videogame that Jesse is shown playing in the opening scene of the episode is Rage.

    • Episode Title: There are several allusions to the phrase "Problem Dog": Jesse becomes one to Gus, but he may be rethinking his options. Hank emerges as a problem dog to Gus as well. Jesse describes Gale as one in the past.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Jesse: The thing is, if you just do stuff and nothing happens, what's it all mean? What's the point? Oh right, this whole thing is about self-acceptance.
      Group Leader: Kicking the hell out of yourself doesn't give meaning to anything.
      Jesse: So, I should just stop judging and accept?
      Group Leader: It's a start.
      Jesse: So, no matter what I do, hooray for me because I'm a great guy? It's all good? No matter how many dogs I kill, I just do an inventory and accept? I mean, you backed your truck over your own kid and you like, accept that? What a load of crap!
      Group Leader: Hey, Jesse, I know you're in pain...
      Jesse: No you know what. Why I'm here in the first place, is to sell you meth. You're nothing but customers to me. I made you my bitch! You okay with that? You accept?
      Group Leader: No.
      Jesse: About time.

    • Hank: (After meeting with Gus) I mean, what do we know about Gustavo Fring? This whole friend of law enforcement thing? Could be a case of keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. I mean, he's got the money to finance this thing, maybe he's got the connections, too. Maybe, just maybe, he's our guy.
      ASAC Merkert: Hank, no offense, but I think you're really reaching here.
      Gomez: If your guy had his meeting at KFC, you wouldn't immediately assume that he's sitting down with Colonel Sanders.
      Hank: You know, I couldn't agree more guys. Gustavo Fring, blue meth... Whole thing is off the map nuts. I'd have to be wearing a tinfoil hat. Except I can't seem to wrap my mind around this one little thing, and that is, what are Gustavo Fring's fingerprints doing in Gale Boetticher's apartment?

    • Walt: A month ago, Gus was trying to kill both of us, and now he pulls you out of the lab and employs you as... what exactly? An assistant gunman? A tough guy? Does that make any sense to you? He says he sees something in you. What kind of game is he playing? Does he think you're that naive? He can't truly think that you'd forget. Let alone Gale, let alone Victor, and all the horror that goes along with all of that, what about this girlfriend of yours? And her little brother? I mean, the man looked you straight in the eye and told you no more children, but that very night, that little boy... he just, he winds up... I mean, Gus can't possibly think that you would forget that. All I'm saying is that is it possible that he would think that you're that weak-willed.
      Jesse: Drop the sales pitch. I'll do it.
      Walt: You'll do what?
      Jesse: I'll kill [Gus]. First chance I get.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Lost

      When Hank examines the model number on the air purifier, the numbers are 4-8-15-16-23-42, the numbers featured over and over again in Lost.