Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 7

Problem Dog

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 28, 2011 on AMC

Episode Recap

Several gunshots ring out. But it's just Jesse playing a video game inside his house. Practicing, maybe? He continues for a while, shooting the many enemies that appear during the gameplay. Images of him shooting Gale flash through his mind as he shoots the game characters. The game soon ends and Jesse decides whether to play again.


The brand new Dodge Challenger is washed in the car wash. Skyler has already talked to Walt Jr. about the car and Walt learns that they will have to pay an $800 restocking fee just for the dealer to take the car back. Walt takes the car back, but first does donuts in a parking lot. He takes the car for a joy ride, letting loose, something he's probably not done for a while. However, Walt goes a bit too far and gets the car stuck on a concrete parking divider. Instead of returning the car, he takes the papers and shoves them into the gas tank. Then Walt takes the car lighter and lights the paper. Walt then calls for a cab, saying he'll be needing one. He doesn't flinch as the beautiful Dodge blows up.


Over at Saul's, Walt waits for Saul to finish a phone call who's talking to someone about Walt's joyride. It just cost Walt $50,000 in fines, cleanup fees, and the value of the car, but he doesn't even care. Walt just wants Saul to handle it. Saul wonders what is wrong and asks if it's about Gus. Walt says yes, because Gus will eventually have him killed. Walt now wants to hire a hitman to get Gus before Gus can get him. Saul says that Mike knows the people that he knows who can handle that situation. Walt says he can't get anywhere near Gus. Saul suggests asking Jesse to take care of Gus. When Walt goes over to Jesse's house, Jesse (while painting the walls white) admits that he did see Gus. Jesse says he saw Gus and Mike talk but he doesn't know what it was about. Walt wonders what Gus sees in Jesse. Walt goes on and on, but Jesse finally snaps back. Jesse says he will kill Gus, the first moment he gets a chance.


The car wash is busy and Marie visits Skyler in the cash area. Marie comments on the wide variety of air fresheners. Skyler asks about Hank and Marie says that his mood has improved. Walt stops by as well. After Marie leaves, they head to the back room. Hank brings $274,000 for Skyler to deposit in small batches. As Walt says, he now makes $7.5M a year, a little less after Saul's cut. But Skyler says it's too much because there is no car wash that can do this kind of business. Walt says that this was her idea and to take care of it. But if she wants out, Walt says to tell him.


Back at the superlab, Walt works on the normal meth production but also makes a bit of ricin poison to slip into food or a drink. Later on, Walt gives this to Jesse. Walt tells Jesse to keep it on him and whenever he has the chance to use it, Walt says to go for it. Jesse disguises the capsule in one of his cigarettes. Walt warns him not to smoke it.


Meanwhile, Hank and Walt Jr. head over to Pollos. Hank has progressed to walking with a bit of support. Walt Jr. discusses the return of his Dodge Challenger and Hank finds this very interesting. Gus comes over and offers free food. Gus applauds Hank's service as a DEA agent, asks how Walt Jr.'s parents are, and then even offers Walt Jr. some part-time work should he be interested. Gus offers to refill Hank's drink. Later on, Hank is seen putting the same cup into an evidence bag while Walt Jr. packs up his walker.


Jesse rides with Mike again. Mike says that today is "eyes open, mouth shut". Mike stops at the heavily guarded egg farm where Gus typically meets people. Mike asks Jesse to make coffee and tells Gus where his men are. Jesse shakes as he prepares to drop the poison into the percolating coffee, but time runs out as Mike ends his conversation with Gus. Mike passes Jesse a gun – today's the day he gets one. They head back outside as Gus drinks the coffee (sans poison). Soon, cartel members arrive, one of them was present when he killed three of Gus' employees on the Pollos truck. Gus says he will need to sever the contact with the cartel. He offers $50M. But the man says the cartel wants something and Gus knows what that is. He continues saying that there is no negotiation. The man leaves and Gus comes out of the storehouse. Jesse has the perfect opportunity to shoot Gus right there, but knows he can't.


Mike takes the gun back from Jesse while driving away. Jesse asks again what is going on, why does Gus "see something in him". Mike says he sees loyalty and pitches the idea that Jesse is on the wrong side right now. Jesse later thinks again about the poison while outside the local rehab center. His old counselor is still there just about to start the next meeting and invites Jesse in. Jesse admits he went back to the crystal but he's now been clean for four days. Jesse complains that his job at the laundry place sucks. Then Jesse laments that he killed a dog. Jesse said he put him down, even though he wasn't sick, the dog was just a problem dog. Jesse then rants on how anything he does is just accepted and has no real consequences. Not just in the counseling center. He comments that the only reason he came there was to sell meth. Then he leaves the center.


At the lab the next day, Walt asks what's going on with the Gus plan. Jesse lies and says he hasn't seen Gus.


Meanwhile, Hank has now progressed to walking with a cane. This, as he steps into the DEA offices for the first time since the incident. Gomez, his long-time partner is there to greet him and ASAC Merkert is upstairs too. Hank discusses the Gale case and tries to piece the case together for the two detectives. Hank now believes that Gale was just the cook. Heisenberg may still be out there. Hank runs the part number scribbled on the Pollos menu that was in Gale's apartment and finds out it was an industrial air conditioner. Hank calls the company that makes the piece and finds out that one was shipped to ABQ but that's the only information he could get. He looks into the company that makes the AC units and finds out that Pollos Hermanos is a part of the same parent company. Hank puts these ideas together and suggests that Gus Fring is the real Heisenberg. However, the two detectives aren't easily convinced. Hank takes out one last bit of evidence: fingerprints from Gus were found in Gale's apartment. Now, the two detectives are the ones who are interested.

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