Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 7

Problem Dog

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 28, 2011 on AMC

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    Yes, we got to see an explosion tonight. But there were explosions of many types in tonight's episode.

    Once again Walt shows that he ain't a nice guy anymore. Casually calling that cab while the brand new dodge explodes? AND THEN dismissing the $50,000 in fines that doesn't even include the cost of the car as if it were a $15 parking ticket. AND THEN, trying to order a hitman for Gus! Really Walt you're becoming a bad @$$ faster than Tony Montana. That was like in less than half a day.

    Walt then turns manipulative and tries to get Jesse to do his dirty work once again. The rift between Walt and Jesse becoming more and more apparent by the end of this episode. Jesse lies again to Walt. Yet before this, Jesse is apt to please Walt with killing Gus - saying he'll do it, no problem just like he killed Gale for Walt. Doing what Walt says even though he has Jesse breaking even rule and code in the book has gotten to him. Think back to when Jesse was "badder" than Walt. It's been a while since then, and Walt has clearly broken badder than Jesse will ever be able to handle. Walt has been abusing Jesse's loyalty. Well, this new job is a big problem for Jesse, as he's still emotionally unstable. He's not as bad as Walt, he's still guilty about Gale. Jesse still tries and actually has several chances - it's the complete opposite of Walt - yet Gus somehow predicts that Jesse will not double-cross him.

    How good was Aaron Paul in this episode? That break-down at the counseling center had me on the verge of tears myself. This episode was very Jesse-centric focusing on the fact that Jesse is in this awkward position between choosing sides, choosing who to trust and who to be loyal too. I don't really want to use this analogy but they really play up Jesse as a dog in this episode. He's not a problem dog, but a loyal one - one that will do what you tell him to do and will stick by you provided he is given emotional security.

    Hank provided another mind-explosion at the end of the episode. First off all, his apparent recovery is mind-boggling, but really who cares. It was all about that 5 minute speech of serious investigation, all ending with Hank pointing his finger at Gus.