Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 12

Rabid Dog

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 01, 2013 on AMC

Episode Recap

Walt pulls up in front of his house and sees Jesse's car there. He must be inside. Walt climbs over the fence in the backyard and pulls his gun out scoping the place. He opens the sliding glass doors and heads inside. He finds the gas tank on the floor but no Jesse. Walt heads down the hallway towards the bedrooms and calls out for Jesse. Walt clears Holly's room and the water closet, and heads back toward his bedroom. Walt heads inside his bedroom but after one intense minute, we find nothing. The keys are still in the ignition so Walt removes them.

Walt has cleaners come by to clean up the gas and tells Huell to check out the high school, just in case Jesse somehow manages to go after Walt Jr. Kuby is watching the carwash. Walt calls Jesse and says that he wants to fix this. Then he goes inside, where he finds the cleaners unable to get the smell of gas completely out of the carpet. Walt tells the guys to keep trying but one of the men informs him that it's soaked to the floorboards and he may need to change the carpet. Afterwards, Walt goes to the backyard and douses his clothes with gasoline from Jesse's tank. Then he tosses the tank inside his neighbors trash bin. He then realizes that he needs some more and douses it inside the car too.

Later that night, Skyler returns to find a fan hooked up the window of the car. Inside the house, Walt has been cleaning the gas spill himself, or trying to at least. He makes up a story about how he went to the gas station and the pump spilled all over him, some kind of malfunction. Unfortunately this elaborate lie doesn't pass and both Walt Jr. and Skyler have a hard time understanding it. Walt Jr. asks if he fainted again because Walt is sick again. Walt doesn't let on, he says he felt a bit woozy but did not faint. He tells the family that they might need to stay at a hotel for a couple of days while the carpets are changed.

Meanwhile, Walt meets with Kuby and Saul. Kuby has been working hard trying to track Jesse, but no luck. Walt suggests that maybe he did leave town, but Saul says his guy does not allow second chances. Saul asks what to do when Jesse turns up. Walt says he just needs to talk to Jesse, but Saul thinks that Jesse is too upset to talk. Saul suggests, again, that they may need to get rid of Jesse but Walt advises against it. He heads out of the car, back to the hotel, carrying the ice bucket. They are staying in a really nice room. Skyler asks how Saul is doing saying that she saw them talking. Skyler went along with Walt's lie before, but she wants to know what's up now. Walt explains that Jesse is upset about a certain incident. Skyler realizes that Jesse wanted to burn the house down and is suddenly in shock. Walt tries to explain, Jesse has emotional issues and is not very likely to hurt other people. Skyler tries to probe more but Walt tries to dismiss her worries. Walt plans to talk to Jesse to "make him see reason". Skyler asks if these are euphemisms for killing Jesse and says that Walt needs to deal with Jesse because she is scared that he may come after them. Jesse isn't just some "rabid dog" that needs to be put down, Walt explains. Skyler asks what's one more.

We flashback to what really happened at the White house. Jesse angrily kicks in the door and splashes gasoline everywhere. He runs over to light the fire but suddenly Hank bursts through the door and tries to stop Jesse. Hank tries to console Jesse and says that they can talk about Walt. Jesse screams that Walt cannot continue to get away with it. Hank vows to bring him down and he takes Jesse away in his car. Jesse goes into a daze and Hank has to buckle him in. They drive away leaving the scene exactly as Walt found it minutes later. Hank says he has been following Jesse and they are heading toward the DEA. Jesse doesn't like the idea of waiting around to provide evidence against Walt.

Marie sees a therapist telling him about an unnamed relative who did something very wrong. Marie refuses to give specific details but you can tell she is distraught by the whole situation. She feels guilty for not seeing this behavior sooner and she admits to looking up untraceable toxins. She wants the family member to die too but she laments that she wouldn't really hurt anyone.

When Marie gets home, she finds Hank has packed up a few bags for her. Hank says that something has come up with regards to the Walt case and tells her not to be worried. Hank gestures that they have a guest, Jesse. He gave Jesse a couple of sleeping pills. Hank explains: he can't put Jesse into the police system because Walt will find out and he can't put Jesse in a hotel because someone is probably looking for him. Hank says it sounds crazy but he needs Jesse to stay here. Marie is happy that the situation is bad for Walt and agrees to stay and make some food. Hank listens to Walt's cellphone message on Jesse's phone.

Walt Jr. finds his dad out by the pool at the hotel. They both can't sleep. Walt Jr. wonders if Walt will buy another carwash. Walt reminds his son to not worry about the cancer. Walt Jr. is still sad and hugs his dad. After Walt Jr. leaves, Walt calls someone before heading up to bed (probably Jesse).

The next morning, Jesse wakes up finding himself in the home of his enemy pretty much. But perceptions are changing. Marie asks him if he wants coffee and Hank re-introduces Jesse to Gomez. Hank decided that they are going to make their own video confession. Marie brings in some coffee. Jesse gets a little uneasy about the video camera. He didn't think this was the kind of evidence Hank and Gomez needed. But Hank says even though Walt is no longer in business, the video will help. Hank says to start from the beginning. Jesse says Walt was once his teacher in high school. A while later, Gomez and Hank talk outside and both of them believe Jesse's story. The problem is that they still don't have any actual evidence. They do have multiple leads – Lydia, the boy who died in the desert, etc. Hank suggests they start somewhere else and produces Jesse's Hello Kitty cellphone. Walt left another message asking for Jesse to meet him today. Jesse doesn't like the idea of going to Walt unarmed. But Hank plans to put a wire on Jesse and that way they can get a confession out of Walt that he wouldn't be expecting. Jesse thinks he is a dead man but Hank and Gomez believe that Walt actually cares about him. It's clear from the story Jesse told. Jesse still isn't convinced but Hank says that the plaza Walt suggested is wide open. Hank finally says that he is not asking Jesse; this is what they are going to happen. As Jesse heads to the bathroom, Gomez wonders if Jesse is right. If he is right, Hank says, they'll catch it all on tape at the plaza.

Later, Hank and Gomez hook up Jesse into the recording device. Walt is already there, waiting for Jesse. Gomez has the camera ready as well. Jesse is scared but slowly exits the van and prepares for the talk. Angry face on, Jesse heads over to Walt. Jesse is scared too, though and is extremely vigilant of his surroundings during the walk over. Jesse sees a suspicious man in front of Walt and then doesn't go any closer to Walt. Instead he calls Walt from a payphone telling him it's a nice try. Walt stands and looks for Jesse at the phones. Jesse says that he's going to come for Walt now. The man, whom Jesse was suspicious of, picks up his daughter from the playground as Walt walks away. Hank angrily picks up Jesse, but Jesse tells Hank that there is a better way to get Walt.

Walt decides that he can't have this threat out for much longer. He calls Todd and says that he might have another job for his uncle Jack.

This episode was written and directed by Sam Catlin.