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  • Famed beyond reality - another example of critics blowing too much hot air

    Best show in TV ever? Master Piece? Yeah, right! Its good, but its NOT THAT GOOD!

    Read so much about this show, got the whole 5 season to to find the critics were so off!

    First of all, the script was boring, dull and predictable. Terminally ill chemistry teacher X mid life crisis? A recipe for yawn!

    As for acting, to be fair, Bryan Cranston is good, better than Liev Schreiber in Ray Donovan, but definitely could not beat James Spader in Black List and Kevin Spacey as FU for the Golden Globe 2013!

    When I binge on the Black List and House of Cards I wished everyday had 48 hours and wish it would never end. With Breaking Bad, after the first season I basically dozed through the second season and then just turning it on while working just for the heck of it.

  • "I liked was good at it and I was

    I'm not quite sure how to give an in-depth explanation of my complete adoration for this show without saying this: Breaking Bad is hands down the most well-rounded and brilliantly executed TV series ever to exist. This show takes you on an emotional ride visiting the comedic, thrilling, beautiful, dark, violent, and sorrowing aspects of all characters. There is a reason that nobody will shut up about this show.. and I believe the Breaking Bad legacy will continue on for years to come marked as one of the greatest shows of TV History.
  • A show that holds a world record for highest rating.

    Breaking Bad is one of the greatest shows of all time
  • Anyone who doesn't like this show is crazy!

    The show has it all. Excellent writing, flawless acting, and an exciting plot.
  • Must Watch TV

    This is the best written, best acted tv drama I have ever watched. This includes The Sopranos, The Wire, and Mad Men. From beginning to end, the show never lost its edge.

    Regarding some other reviews...

    Breaking Bad was not cancelled. It ended on its own terms.

    Dexter is not even in the same category as Breaking Bad. Dexter lost it's mojo after The Trinity Killer. And the season finale of Dexter sucked.

    Overrated? Do us all a favor and throw your tv remote control in the trash. You're the reason good shows that require a brain to watch are always on the verge of cancellation while shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians remain on the air.

  • An unlikely Hero

    Breaking Bad was the kind of show that went from strength to strength every season. From Walter being a mild mannered high school teacher who's intentions seemed honorable to a feared well known drug maker who uses the alias Heisenberg. This is a show that along with great progressive writing, violence, drug making and the ultimate good to bad story makes is one HARDASS TV show.
  • Most love it, few hate it and I think...

    the scripts are well written, the applied movie techniques are extraordinary, the same goes for the superb acting.

    I've now completed the show, watched every episode, so it must have gotten to me. But it was more for the fact that I've read and heard so much about how amazing it is, "best TV-show ever", so I wanted to form my own opinion.

    There were definitely exciting episodes, shocking moments, funny scenes and unexpected turns. Adding to that goes my first sentence. Real good arguments for A1 (ha!) entertainment.

    On the downside are, strictly speaking from my point of view, the unappealing characters (there was none that I could have voted for most of the times which makes it very difficult for me to enjoy a show completely). Sure, Jesse was easy to be liked, most of the time, Saul's "business skills" were quite hilarious, and also Mike had an interesting code of honour. But the rest was often annoying, their actions sometimes quite unnerving and unemotional vs too emotional, which was maybe intended.

    So, concluding my review, the idea behind the story is cleverly executed and original, but I cannot wholeheartedly call this "the best TV-show ever".
  • most overrated show ever

    yucks i hate this show , is boring as the hell , i want every minute of my life back .
  • Overhyped

    I liked the first season, but like many shows, it was all downhill from there.

    The final season was okay, but it was not nearly as amazing as all the hype and raves would lead one to believe.

    The worst part about it is that the "Breaking Bad" finale got so much attention and coverage while the "Dexter" finale passed by almost unnoticed at the same time.

  • Overrated!

    This is, for some reason the most overrated show on television.

    It's just so painfully boring, the characters as well as the plot.

    It appears as if the writers had this idea which could have been really great, but

    then had no idea how to build an interesting story out of it.

    The "plot twist" at the beginning of some episodes are just irrelevant story elements

    which have no real meaning to the whole story.

    I really do not understand, why this tv series is so hyped...
  • Will go down as one of the best

    With the further popularization of the anti-hero, few tv shows or films do it quite as well Breaking Bad. From start to finish, we are gifted with superb acting, writing, directing, editing, and plot twists galore.

    We watch as the average joe Walter White turns into one of the most dispicable main characters to ever grace our television screens, and yet we find ourselves rooting for him every step of the way - or at least most of the time; season 4 gets to a point where hating Walter becomes a welcoming thought. Every aspect of this show is flawless, even if you think it is slow - plot needs development, and that means some episodes will have mostly, if not all, dialouge and less action/physical thrill. And that is what makes this show so amazing - it is not as much about the 45 minutes, as it is about walking this life with Walter White and everyone involved, through the deception, the twists, the decisions, and the thrill of it all. That is great tv, and Breaking Bad defines just that.
  • For those who think this show is too slow in the early seasons....

    YOU ARE AN IDIOT or teenage noob!!! This show is for people that appreciate quality cinema instead of brainless drivel. Jus sayin.
  • And another very good show got a cancellation it did`nt deserve

    I dont know what is wrong with the people who run the shows. This show had a 99 out of 100 on that Metric website and suprise suprise, a cancellation came up anyways. How come all the decent shows get cut before a finale like My Name is Earl and Sym-Biotic Titan? This show shows us how society clearly is loosing quality with its cancellation and I bet something stupier will take this shows spot and run longer.
  • brilliant - from start to finish

    an absolutely must watch series.

    brilliant acting and brilliant story

    warning -- it may ruin your expectations for all other shows --- it's that good.
  • Breaking Bad Is Awesome

    Man, This Is A Masterpiece

    The Characters Are Awesome And Did it Good 10/10

    The Acting Is Incredible I Give It A 10/10

    The Plots Are The Best, This Is Soo Awesome 10/10

    Final Rating: 10/10

    "Best Crime Drama Ever Made"

    - DeathMetalWeavile201
  • Best TV show of all time, period!

    Breaking Bad is the best show I have ever seen!
  • Great Show - Great Fan - Great Art - Great Price

    Breaking Bad - Original Acrylic Painting - 60" x 24" - FOR SALE on eBay.
  • Amazing

    Without a doubt one of the greatest tv shows of all time
  • Best ever

    Everyone give your thumbs!
  • Overrated

    For those giving this 10 out of 10, did you actually watch the first 3 seasons? and compare it to other shows like Prison break. There were way too much boring and slow episodes in a series which apparently is 'the best tv show ever ' lol . This is why I think it's overrated. The episode 'fly' in season 3 was one of the most boring tv episode I've seen on tv. The first 3 seasons were as slow as hell. Only season 4 and 5 deserve such high rating
  • love this show

    my favorite show <3
  • It has some flaws, but when it gets it done. It's arguably one of the finest television show in history.

    I don't need so say anything. This show is great, it has it's drama filled moments, it's action, and it's darkly comic. But seriously you've heard this all before. It's a clever television show with some of the greatest moments in TV history. I may not have finished it, but so far it's promising. Even if there is some filler here and there. I'd say Breaking Bad is Just about Immortal.
  • Must see

    It'a a best tv show ever been created!
  • One of the best shows ever created.

    What will we do now!! some of the best acting i have ever seen` no other show comes close.

    Mr White, Jessie and Walt Jr all deserve awards.

    It couldn`t have finished any better but now im left with an empty void.
  • miss breaking bad

    Breaking Bad was the best ever tv serial that i've watched like an addict. it was one of the best things that happened in my life. this was ground breaking from every aspect. even the ratings in online is not below 9 out of 10.

    Its one of the best show of all time !
  • you cant die without watching this show

    SIR walter hartwell white, jesse
  • Top Recommendation if you haven't seen it

    This show was great from the first episode to the last. Masterful story telling and acting that told a tale that seemed plausible yet horrifying at the same time.

    The first episode is literally my favorite first episode of any TV Show. It grabs you by the throat and let's you know you are in for the ride of your life.

    If you haven't sen it yet, find a way to watch addictive televison
  • Clever Indeed

    I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And... I was... really... I was alive.

  • It was like a trip to Disney land, ended with fireworks!

    Couldn't have imagined a better ending, surpassing the likes of "Prison Break" & "Life on Mars"

    RIP "Sir Walter White"
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