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  • Phenominal acting!

    Breaking Bad took a while to get used to, I didn't really find it took off til mid way in Season 3 (with some memorable moments in the earlier seasons). I found it slow at first, not much going on. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are phenomenal in their roles. Season 5 has been great, tense, gut wrenching and smart. Once it all ends it's had to see another show like this.
  • best show ever

    simply a must watch show,hats off to bryan cranston
  • Going out on top!

    Kudos to the writing team and the actors on Breaking Bad. No doubt this is a show that they could have milked for a couple more seasons past its prime (ie. "Dexter") but they've chosen to go out on top. Looking forward to the end game, one of the few shows that has gotten better as it progressed, I trust the writers to deliver a quality final half season, lot more optimistic than I was/am of some shows and their finishes (like Lost and of course the seriously fading Dexter)...
  • best one

    this is one of the best TV show ever made on the planet. my second all time fav. TV show . Bryan Cranston is the best actor I've ever seen OMG he has acting in his blood. i think , this is the only thing he was born to do. ACTING!. he's Bravo . and Aron Paul, he is best in supporting role. a character never get loved until it is acted brilliantly, and he acted brilliantly that's why Jesse Pinkman is loved so much . I love watching Breaking Bad .
  • I used to see you so differently Bryan!


    Bryan Cranston, I had you all wrong. I thought you were a jobbing C list actor, who briefly moved to the B list when you played the crazed and terminally stupid, yet loving father in the Kids' TV series Malcolm in the Middle. I thought that was a lucrative move for you, but one that probably meant subsequent typecasting and the end of any shot at getting things like Emmys and acclaim as a "serious" actor.

    With your rather small and inexpressive eyes and weak mouth, the last person you could have acted was a confused and confusing Jekyll & Hyde chameleon of a cancer-ridden High School apologist for a chemist who goes bad. Way bad. For his family.

    He definitley makes this show what it is, fantastic series, fantastic acting. The rest of my letter:
  • Great Show sorry to see it go

    Started watching it on Netflix and I have been hooked ever since. There is not much good writing on TV anymore and I will miss the show dearly
  • Overrated

    Good guy gone bad is not a Emmy worthy show. Not the first show to do show either.
  • Possibly the greatest show in TV history

    What can I say? The acting is utterly superb, especially Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the dialogue is also superb, and the underlying premise of the show is intriguing and works incredibly well. The show is near faultless. The tension at points is unrivaled, the characters are deep and complex, and plot is unpredictable and wild but always believable, the cinematography is unrivaled. This is real drama. The only real downer on the show is the fandom; when so many of them hate Skyler and are still rooting for Walt, you get the feeling that the show is lost on them. However, that's not the fault of the show. It's the fault of stupid people. Some people say the show is boring. Those people are stupid; if they just want mindless action there's plenty of crap on TV to watch. The seasons start off slow, but that's necessary for them to have somewhere to go. The earlier episodes, even when slow, are filled with strength. Breaking bad excels at tension, but doesn't rely on can't fault Breaking Bad. There's never been a weak episode, never a plot development I didn't believe, never a character I thought was weak. Everything about it, the writing, the acting, the dialogue, the tension, the plot twists, the arcs, the characters, the cinematography, is consistently great.
  • Believe the Hype

    I'm a huge fan of high drama shoes, and Breaking Bad is one the best show's I've seen the past decade. As a viewer, you journey with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman as the degrade into meth makers and drug dealers threatening their own lives and moral characters. The dialogue is highly realistic and the characters evolve and change based on the dire circumstances. There's a dark humor throughout the whole series, that somehow grounds the show. While there is plenty of action, and plot twists, the tension mounts as Walter White will do anything to hide his secret and protect his family. Also, the cinematography is beautifully executed.
  • breaking bad

    blinking love, love, love it! will be a lost sheep when its all over am dying to know how it all comes together at the end, addicted isn't even the word, its worse than drugs urinates all over prison break and the many other countless tv series' that flood our channels, more from these writters and producers please!!!!!
  • Jeff: Agree with you! Sohasba33: Part 2 of Season 5 begins August 11- a whopping 8 eps. Whoop-dee-doo.

    Don't know how networks figure mini-seasons are a good idea. We quit watching some shows because you forget what happened between seasons, get interested in something else, and by the time you go back and get into them again, the season's over! Why bother. I do advertising support work, so I know how short the public's attention span is. Most will never read the end of this message... :-)
  • love it

    please tell me season 6 is coming. I am hanging out wondering what happend to jessie and walt
  • Getting out of hand..

    Love this show.. but seriously a year break in the middle of the season? Alot of shows are doing this now. But a year is really getting out of hand. Sure there is nothing I can do about it. But finish the show people.
  • Breaking Bad

    This show is one of those shows that change the way you see the world.

    From Cranston's outstanding performance to the beautiful cinematography, this show is borderline perfect. There is simply no area in which this drama doesn't excell at.
  • Easily my favorite drama series

    Loved Bryan Cranston in "Malcolm in the Middle" and love him as Walter. He's a great actor with great range. All of the actors on the show are excellent. This is one of the few shows my husband and I both like! I'm looking forward to the new episodes but will miss this show when it ends.
  • Best show ever

    Well, don't know if it is the best show ever, but that's how I feel after watching the last episode. The first three episodes from season one were slow and had to watch them a couple of times until I got ABSOLUTELY hooked on. Who can rate this show less than 10?
  • august worth a wait

    waiting 4 t

    I really don't need to say more than that
  • Great Story, Great actors

    is really the greatest TV show i have seen.
  • Hank rules!! - foodie2

    Hey foodie2 what is the other tv show that interacts with breaking bad?

    by the way I tihnk this show is one of the best I have seen.
  • Brilliant show. I don't know where to begin

    There's never a dull moment in this series. The story-telling is sheer brilliance and I applaud Vince Gilligan and the other writers. The plot-lines in each season are so captivating and really pull you in. The characters are so real and believable. It's interesting... I keep telling people who have never seen it that there aren't quite any "good" guys on the show, it's sort of a show full of bad people. And yet, I have felt sympathy for each one of them. All of them are so complex and layered. The acting too is brilliant. The writers do a thorough job of keeping every detail right. In the end, It an amazing series with no plot holes that will put you on an unpredictable ride begging for more.
  • Hank rules!!

    Best ever interaction between two tv show, favourite show of my life
  • The Fear of Walter White

    Hey guys, I love this show and have a track coming out that is based around Walter's speech on fear. I'd love it if you could check it out and give me some feedback!


  • BEST EVER STORY WITH ACTION AND HUMAN NATURE...............................

    Once I accidently see one episode and keep going till s05e08.

    its the best show i ever seen on this type of story line...

    what abot season 6?

  • Unique moments of great humor & brilliant unexpected story lines

    Not a dull moment some of the best writing and acting I've seen on TV. It's brilliant how the characters evolve through out the show and challenges. What will an every day human do when faced with survival ? Is asked over and over again. In addition to a great story all the characters are realistic, human and interesting not bone skinny Hollywood figures. I love how the mom gains weight after child birth and through stresses of the time then comes back next season having lost weight. This show is alive and real ! Love it
  • One of the best TV shows ever!

    As many others mentioned it before, it is just awesome. Very good acting mixed with exciting Drama in a very cynic way of fun! I just love it, exspecially the scene when Skylar presents Walter the big pile of money they made!! Just standing there and everyone knew what they were thinking.. just the best.

    The one flaw I recognized was given in a prior comment: The germans in the beginning of the 5th season are not speaking german correctly, it is for a german understandable, but not good at all... that is a problem in many tv shows, I dont know about other languages... but doesnt USA have german actors to play such minor roles... like Sandra Bullock, she can speak it quite well^^
  • love it

    what a Great TV series.... Aaron paul is am great actor
  • The best TV show ever

    The best TV series ever with the whire and game of thrones
  • Great show .. but the "Germans" ruined it for me ..

    Great show, although it stagnates since season 4 in my oppinion. But still definitely watchable. But as a native German: Really ?! This is how you still depict us ? Saw the police guys in episode 05e2 wearing a gestapo leather outfit ? Then the language .. sounds if you take Canadians for a role of an Texan redneck .. sounds weird and is full of semantic and phonetic flaws .. cmon .. there are hundreds of good native speaking german actors around .. so why not keep the professionalism up and hire a couple of those ?
  • Best TV show of our day

    Breaking Bad is not just some meaningless entertainment or boring drama show. In my opinion, it transcends television to become not just a story, but a meaningful story. It is the story of one good man who goes through a bit of a mid-life crisis after learning he has Terminal Cancer. He decides to become a drug producer (he is a chemistry teacher) as he knows it will make him money. From there comes a bumpy - nay, a full out barreling, treacherous out-of-control crash course for disaster. Like any good story, Breaking Bad has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The long-anticipated yet dreaded end will come this summer, in one of the most anticipated tv events of the year. Breaking Bad is the best tv show on today, and possible one of the best of all time.
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