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    I really don't need to say more than that
  • Great Story, Great actors

    is really the greatest TV show i have seen.
  • Hank rules!! - foodie2

    Hey foodie2 what is the other tv show that interacts with breaking bad?

    by the way I tihnk this show is one of the best I have seen.
  • Brilliant show. I don't know where to begin

    There's never a dull moment in this series. The story-telling is sheer brilliance and I applaud Vince Gilligan and the other writers. The plot-lines in each season are so captivating and really pull you in. The characters are so real and believable. It's interesting... I keep telling people who have never seen it that there aren't quite any "good" guys on the show, it's sort of a show full of bad people. And yet, I have felt sympathy for each one of them. All of them are so complex and layered. The acting too is brilliant. The writers do a thorough job of keeping every detail right. In the end, It an amazing series with no plot holes that will put you on an unpredictable ride begging for more.
  • Hank rules!!

    Best ever interaction between two tv show, favourite show of my life
  • The Fear of Walter White

    Hey guys, I love this show and have a track coming out that is based around Walter's speech on fear. I'd love it if you could check it out and give me some feedback!


  • BEST EVER STORY WITH ACTION AND HUMAN NATURE...............................

    Once I accidently see one episode and keep going till s05e08.

    its the best show i ever seen on this type of story line...

    what abot season 6?

  • Unique moments of great humor & brilliant unexpected story lines

    Not a dull moment some of the best writing and acting I've seen on TV. It's brilliant how the characters evolve through out the show and challenges. What will an every day human do when faced with survival ? Is asked over and over again. In addition to a great story all the characters are realistic, human and interesting not bone skinny Hollywood figures. I love how the mom gains weight after child birth and through stresses of the time then comes back next season having lost weight. This show is alive and real ! Love it
  • One of the best TV shows ever!

    As many others mentioned it before, it is just awesome. Very good acting mixed with exciting Drama in a very cynic way of fun! I just love it, exspecially the scene when Skylar presents Walter the big pile of money they made!! Just standing there and everyone knew what they were thinking.. just the best.

    The one flaw I recognized was given in a prior comment: The germans in the beginning of the 5th season are not speaking german correctly, it is for a german understandable, but not good at all... that is a problem in many tv shows, I dont know about other languages... but doesnt USA have german actors to play such minor roles... like Sandra Bullock, she can speak it quite well^^
  • love it

    what a Great TV series.... Aaron paul is am great actor
  • The best TV show ever

    The best TV series ever with the whire and game of thrones
  • Great show .. but the "Germans" ruined it for me ..

    Great show, although it stagnates since season 4 in my oppinion. But still definitely watchable. But as a native German: Really ?! This is how you still depict us ? Saw the police guys in episode 05e2 wearing a gestapo leather outfit ? Then the language .. sounds if you take Canadians for a role of an Texan redneck .. sounds weird and is full of semantic and phonetic flaws .. cmon .. there are hundreds of good native speaking german actors around .. so why not keep the professionalism up and hire a couple of those ?
  • Best TV show of our day

    Breaking Bad is not just some meaningless entertainment or boring drama show. In my opinion, it transcends television to become not just a story, but a meaningful story. It is the story of one good man who goes through a bit of a mid-life crisis after learning he has Terminal Cancer. He decides to become a drug producer (he is a chemistry teacher) as he knows it will make him money. From there comes a bumpy - nay, a full out barreling, treacherous out-of-control crash course for disaster. Like any good story, Breaking Bad has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The long-anticipated yet dreaded end will come this summer, in one of the most anticipated tv events of the year. Breaking Bad is the best tv show on today, and possible one of the best of all time.
  • Captivating

    Breaking is currently the best tv show and deserves all the awards and recognition. The shows is gripping, addictive and bold the way it portrays is just fantastic. There is never a dull moment in the show and even the filler episodes are better than most of other shows out their. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are amazing in this show and the direction is fantastic.

    Everything about this show is incredibly amazing, beginning to end, from the first episode to the last.

    The acting, the writing, the characters, the storyline, just WOW!! Tied in first place with The Shield as my favorite TV Show ever. Can't wait for the remainder of Season 5 to come out!

  • It's Obvious!

    One of the best on television. A must see!
  • walt's wife....uhhh

    can u kill walt's wife? plsss she's anoying!

  • I love it!

    Breaking Bad could possibly be the greatest show on television. Gilligan's ability to make me question my own moral beliefs is breathtaking. I have learned more about myself and what I believe in than I have in my 23 years as an active Christian. Breaking Bad is my religion.
  • The color purple

    Does this have any significance or does Betsy Brandt just love purple? She always wears something purple, and her house is mostly purple.
  • Love this show

    I love this show, is exciting, is smart, is funny. Bryan Cranston is an awesome actor. The script is excelent The show is amazing and I really really liked it,
  • Walter the Weasel

    Yes, the show is fun to watch. But it's far too unrealistic, the man has zero street smarts. Walters weasely ass would have been shot in the head a long long time ago.
  • if you dig deeper!!

    this show is great yeah season 1 and 2 are boring but when you got through those season youl enjoy it thats when hiesenberg shows his mind game tricks bro!!!
  • Just like the periodic table...

    The show gets more explosive the deeper you go! A flipping MUST WATCH story. An awesome cast. The craziest part is that the entire plot is conceivable! Put this one on the to do list kids....
  • Whoa, the trolls come out during the off-season!

    I'd advise any newcomers to ignore most of the recents posts in here. It's inconceivable anyone with the tiniest little smear of taste anywhere in their body wouldn't have this in the top five shows of all time, and if you really know what's up, you know it's #1 all time, by a fairly wide margin.
  • First two seasons were great, the other three were horrible.

    The first two season were great. They had great writing (sometimes...), great acting and directing. Than the other three were horrible, with a boring and stupid writing, a great directing (ok), and very very very boring acting. Bryan Cranston, you're a great actor, but please, don't do for 5 years your macho-shitty-face. Just, please, come back to the old Walter with human expressions, not just the angry expression for 3 years! 3 YEARS!!! Stop!!

    However this is a completely useless TV show, cold as a rock, it doesn't give you any emotion. Don't watch it.
  • The most boring show I've ever seen.

    What an awful, stupid, shitty and boring show! Breaking Bad is terrible! Awful, it's just awful. Don't watch it, don't spend your time on this useless TV series.
  • Worst TV series I've ever seen. The most boring ever made.

    This is seriously the most boring series ever made. Breaking Bad's first 4 seasons can be packed in just one season of 22-24 episode, without make episode like "Fly", "Down", "Over" and "I See You", that suck so hard. Please, listen to me: Don't watch Breaking Bad! The most boring series ever made in history.
  • Well it seems I review TV shows once a year...

    So why stop now? It is that time of the year again.

    After recently finishing watching Game of Thrones and having a lot of free time, I was curious as to what my next TV show would be. That curiosity didn't last long after watching the first episode of Breaking Bad. Before I decided to watch this episode, I was skeptical. I really didn't think that a show based around a man who lives a double life- the quiet provider for his family, and the psychopathic drug dealer could deliver too many good ideas after the first few episodes. I mean, there's only so much you can do with a show like that, right? Boy was I wrong.

    Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston from Malcolm in the Middle (another great show I used to watch, I recommend it too) who finds out that he has cancer and decides it is his duty to earn valuable savings for his family. How would he do that? Simple; selling drugs.

    This drama entails over five seasons how he progresses from being an honest man, to a lying man, to a greedy, criminal man, to a hateful, murdering man, all the while we understand and empathize with this man because we understand his motivations and reasons that he ends up in the place he is in. Although the show is not yet finished, I can guarantee you that it is amazing right now, and will only get better. Due to the brilliant actors/actresses, special effects, plot, music, and everything else, I believe this is a must watch for all.
  • Captivating

    THE best TV series I've seen in a long, long time (if ever), and I don't say that lightly about American drama. I could not stop watching it until I'd finished the last episode and now I'm waiting the long wait till the next season. It's also spoiled me for all other TV as I can't find anything to compare to the captivation of this series. Brilliant acting, brilliant plot, and not over dramatised as a lot of US shows are.
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