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  • Utter Garbage!

    The show is so overrated, watched the whole series about a 2-Dimensional old fart making meth and dying oops spoilers. Would not recommend!
  • Simply Genius.....

    Evergreen.... No words to explain this masterpiece
  • Season 5. Finished

    94/100 points
  • Neo-Wild-West Mixed With Crystal Meth!

    Breaking Bad is its own drug. You start from season one and you can't stop binging afterwards. It almost hypnotises you into seeing the whole story play out. Walter White is tv's greatest character, period; and Jesse Pinkman is the ultimate slacker of our age.

    What else is there to say really? It's the perfect tv show. I admittedly joined the bandwagon later than most, but I'm glad I joined the race in the end. Television lovers everywhere deserve to see this show through to the end.

    . Don't watch that fan-edit movie before seeing the series! That's cheating.
  • Like many other shows, they should have stopped 1 season before.

    It's an ok show which has some moments, but as many other shows, the producers do not know when to stop.

    Seriously - last season is a total waste of time and brewing on something that should not have been there at all.

    I give a 4.5 because it gets tiresome and repetitive way to soon. And I am not convinced that he actually have cancer. He does loses his air, but all cancer patients I have met at late state are not able to do even 1/4 of what Walter is.
  • not as great as they say it is

    I've watched the whole series and I couldn't see how this series appealed to a lot of people and even critics?

    I can definitely see it's appeal to middle aged guys who wants to be relevant bad asses but I didn't know there were a lot of them in America. I guess a lot of them are in some award-giving bodies too cause this show won a lot of things I think it didn't deserve.

    the series is slowly paced. It is okay and I guess a lot of Americans can relate to the family set up. But it was not great. it is definitely overrated. Malcolm in the Middle is beyond better than this.
  • Gone through different opinions throughout the show!

    I was one of the person who thought this show was overrated while I wasn't yet completed with Breaking Bad. Trust me, patience is all you need till Season 3, Episode 4, after which slowly things will start to gain pace. The initial episodes are slow and thorough to give a clear picture and depth of the family/social situation Walt (the protagonist) goes through. The last episode is worth enough to watch the show completely. It is an awesome show which gives you mixed emotions/impression on the protagonist (Walt). I say hold on and keep watching it. It is one of the epic stories you will see.

  • Vince Gilligan needs to study cancer patients if he is going to write about them

    I have gone through chemotherapy - Walt was never as tired or nauseated as I was - they did account for the hair loss though
  • amazing character study

    an amazing study in character where the under dog protagonist become the sympathetic villain and the good-for-nothing becomes the one who must survive.
  • Best Crime drama

    Best Crime drama on TV
  • Science B.

    Inspires me with its 5 heros

    --Who enjoys to do what he learnt. - A Chemist

    --Who wants to save every penny for his only offspring - A Grand dad

    --Who loves kids and was spoiled when he was kid - A Teen

    --Who is escape artist and master mind -An awesome lawyer

    --Who will kick ass all until he die -A brave police


  • The Bar has been set set for other shows to meet

    Breaking Bad has set a standard for other dramas to meet, pure and simple. Negative reviews say that episodes were slow or boring but what they miss was that those episodes were REAL. Those episodes showed real life and how drama really plays out. Life is not constant gun play play and explosions,

    In Vietnam, the Land of BAD THINGS, our Marines were not constantly blown away. It was long stretches of silence and waiting for action that explained the rest of their lives.

    This is the same of BB.

    This the genius and madness of Breaking Bad.

    The slow but real descent from every day but under appreciated utilized and mind of Walter White to Heisenberg. It plays out like any great Greek tragedy.

    Other great shows like The Wire, The Shield, The Sopranos show this but Breaking Bad excels in this. And now Better Call Saul is extending the story. I didn't know what to expect from the spin off but I have been amazed by how true and even beyond it has gone with the world of BB it is going.

    You owe it to yourself to immerse yourself in this series and of course its source, Breaking Bad.

  • A bit over rated but a great show.

    The first few seasons were a bit meh... A little above average, but it was needed so that the ending could be great. It was all about the character, walter whites development. From innocent teacher to HEISENBERG MUAHAHAHAHA. The last few seasons were better than... Super amazing ninja yea. Must watch.
  • sound

    Does anyone else get really irritated with how the dialogue is quiet, but for example the sound of a doorbell ring is extremely loud through the speakers. I love this show, but am constantly having to adjust the volume every couple of minutes during episodes. I watch it on Netflix so maybe that is the problem. Anyone else have an issue with this?
  • Undecided

    Like many of you I was drawn to this show because of the hype surrounding and friends saying it is the best thing out. I personally enjoyed this a lot and thought it was very well executed and how Walter White was both a protagonist/antagonist in his own right. However, it may have been over hyped just a little bit or my expectations going in were to high. I liked it a lot though and may have even loved it if the hype surrounding didn't ruin for me.
  • Most overrated show probably ever

    Before people start bashing me with dislikes I gotta say, I watched the entire series this summer because a friend of mine recommended me as the single best TV show to date, aswell I read reviews on several website recommending Breaking Bad as a must watch. By the end of the show I still dont get how or when this show got such insane amount of hype that made most people praise it as the Overlord of TV. I am not in any way saying Breaking Bad is bad, far from it, Bryan and Aaron are great actors, and the tragic plot is believable enough for me to stick with it to the end, but calling a show which only benefits from when Bryan and Aaron are around can't be called a Masterpiece. Breaking Bad isnt a masterpiece, its side characthers and villain are way far from original, Walter "home time" is the pure definition of bore, as an incredible slow pace, some episodes fell meaningless to the overall point of the story, the women on this show are a disgrace as characthers, one is worse than the next, etc.

    TL:DR - For some reason this show is highly overrated, described as one of the best shows around, but its that is just now true, at all. At best is good TV, a good drama, with a good anti-hero, a show that most of the times can figure out itself, if it should be a comedy or drama. Just dont be on the hypewagon, Breaking Bad isnt really that worth.
  • Best TV show ever.

    The actors are great. The plot is great. Hell, EVERYTHING IS GREAT.
  • Best show you will EVER watch

    This show was amazing. Each season was better than the last. It had a great finale, which answered all of the questions the viewer could ask.

    I don't have any complaints about this show, except for the fact that it ended. This show had it all. Drama, action, comedy, thrillers, and so much more. We should thank Vince Gilligan, the creator of this show, for constructing such a masterpiece.

    9? Are you fu**ing kidding me?! This TV Show is very boring. I watched whole 1 season, even 1-2 episodes from the Season 2, as people said me, it gets better & better after some episodes, but I couldn't stand it anymore. It's not enthralling at all, even more, plot is very boring, nothing special. In short, guy (chemistry teacher) is dying from a cancer & he decides to do crazy stuff before he leaves this world & decides to make drugs (methamphetamine) with one of his former student & they sell it on a black market. And that's all! The only pros of this TV Show are some actors, which play really good, especially the main character, but it can't help this TV Show when plot is uninteresting & boring. During last episodes I was so bored, that I didn't even watch it normally. I was just listening to it & browsing the Internet at the same time. I quit at the beginning of the Season 2 & I don't even have a desire to continue it. Definitely not worth the . It's very, very overrated. I'm giving it 2 out of 10.
  • God-awful

    This has got to be one of the worst TV shows of all time. What do you people see in it? I wanted all the characters killed off except for Saul. Plot's dull. Storyline stupid... who in their right mind would cook meth in someone else's house while it is supposedly being renovated?
  • over and over again

    this is one of amc's shows I loved from the beginning (as well as turn). I keep watching these long seasons over and over again.
  • ***ing ace!

    Breaking Bad? fantastic!!
  • I rank every episode of Breaking Bad

    10. Cancer Man (Season 1)

    9. Grey Matter (Season 1)

    8. Bit By A Dead Bee (Season 2)

    7. A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal (Season 1)

    6. Seven Thirty-Seven (Season 2)

    5. Handful' Of Nothin' (Season 1)

    4. Pilot (Season 1)

    3. Grilled (Season 2)

    2. Cat's In The Bag... (Season 1)

    1. The Bag's In The River (Season 1)
  • Best TV show since the Wire.....

    Amazing, gripping series with characters you care about and can identify with.

    I was a late comer to the show and waited until all the episodes where on netflix to have marathon viewing sessions!

    Got totally hooked from the pilot and loved every minute!

    Thought the final season was brilliant but i wish they had not killed Mike off or did the stuff in the desert with the barrels! (Walt would never had fallen for the trick picture!) instead a better finale would have been Jack and the good ol boys freeing Jesse from Hank, finding the storage facility and taking the money to there compound.

    Walt would storm in there and get captured but Hank and the DEA guys had been following him...

    Great ending would have been a massive shoot out where everyone gets killed except Jesse who escapes with a chunk of the money...

    Well i can dream.... Vince and the team your amazing, cant wait for better call Saul!!!
  • I Miss you, Walt

    This is my favorite series of all time. I miss the cast very much but I am glad it ended when it did. Way to go out on top!
  • An okay show but overrated

    I sat through the entire series and I just didn't see what was so addicting about it. I mean that's just my bias because I'm more of a sitcom person. But the acting in this show is phenomenal and the finale was really good.
  • Breaking records!

    Breaking Bad was an awesome show. IMO, whoever doesn't like it, he just can't appreciate the good series! It's one of the few series (if not the only) that has all serie-genres in humongous doses! You want action? You want family drama? You want comedy? You want thriller? You want mystery? This series has it all in abundance! Every season is better than the previous ones and that's also a rare thing for TV series.. Nevertheless, the casting was extraordinary great in their roles. To wrap it up, for sure one of the best series of all times! Hands down!
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    AMC's Breaking Bad is a terrific show, that has won an unprecedented number of awards, but it's one that is extremely difficult to get into. The show is centered on High School chemistry teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), who discovers he's dying from cancer. Determined not to leave his family with nothing, White teams up with his former student and local drug dealer, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) in an attempt to process and sell crystal meth. Producing the drug isn't the hard part, it's distributing it while staying out of trouble. That's easier said than done, especially when your wife is on your case 24/7, and your brother in-law is a DEA agent.

    This show is terrific and worth every second I've spent watching it, but I almost missed out. The pilot episode was not a strong one, in fact, many fans of the show have called it the worst episode of the entire series. If you can make it passed that, the first season isn't much better. The first season is extremely dark and depressing, focusing mainly on Walt's illness and the effect it has on his family. It really wasn't easy to watch, especially if you've like me, and have had family go through the same thing.

    The good news is that after the depressing 7 episode first season, the show gets much much better. The network or the producers had to have to seen the same thing that everyone saw and the attention of future episodes is centered around Walt and Jesse's growing business and the problems they have, including nosy family members, the DEA, seedy people looking for a taste, and of course rival dealers and gangs. The show really picks up in the second season and starts to evolve into the award winning crime drama it has become.

    Bryan Cranston plays Walt and how good is he? He has won 3 Emmy's, and has been nominated every season the show has been on. The man he plays is so complicated that you really needed the very best actor you could find to play him. Walt White is a mess of emotions, concealed within a strong persona, it's this concealment that also helps to keep his conscience at bay, most of the time.

    Jesse Pinkman is played by Aaron Paul who is also very good. Paul himself has been nominated for four Emmy's, winning twice, and will now and forever be required to call people bitch. Paul is a very good actor and does a great job playing a character who I find to be extremely annoying. Jesse is always managing to fuck thing up, he's always putting them at risk by saying stupid things and doing stupid things. To be honest with you, I don't care much for the character, but the fact that the character, as opposed to the actor, annoys me, shows how strong his performances is.

    Walt's family is also a main stay in the show, his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn), is as strong a housewife as I have ever seen. There is nothing Skyler White won't say and she is often Walt's morale compass, albeit one that is remarkably nosy and unappreciative. His son is played by newcomer . Mitte whose handicapped angle is actually real. Mitte was born with cerebral palsy, which effects his speech and movements. He admits that he over-dramatizes the effects for the show, but he is still handicapped in real life and one hell of an inspirational person. Through it all he has never let anyone tell him he can't do anything and he has been open and upfront about his condition to anyone who has asked him about it. He's really an inspiration kid, who took a handicapped and used it to his advantage.

    Finally, Walt's brother-in-law, DEA Agent, Hank Schrader (Dean Norris), brings much needed comic relief to a show that can be hard to watch sometimes. Besides being a great cop, Schrader has a personality that is larger than life. Even in the context of a show, where the cops are the bad guys, you find yourself drawn to Schrader and rooting him on.

    Breaking Bad has won a total of 7 Emmy Awards and is one of the highest rated shows in cable history. The show most defiantly fits into the category of addictive television, but unlike it's neighboring show, The Walking Dead. The acting is as believable as it gets and the story just gets better and better every season. If you can make it through the slow and depressing first season, you will find an unbelievable show that may very well be one of the best that cable has ever seen.
  • Uno dei capolavori assoluti del mondo dei telefilm.

    Breaking Bad,uno dei telefilm pi belli di tutti tempi si finalmente (purtroppo) concluso,con un finale capolavoro epico!