Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2011 on AMC

Episode Recap

At the beginning of the episode Jesse, Gus and Mike are in the middle of an empty field. A small airplane then lands and they begin to board the plane. Both Mike and Jesse are empty handed while Gus carries a very nice wooden box with a ribbon on it, apparently a gift. Once on the plane, they depart for Mexico. Jesse is feeling very stressed and nervous but Gus reassures him by saying, "You can do this." (Gus is referring to the demand from the cartel to have Gus provide a cook to teach them how to cook the "blue Meth" aka Walter White's formula. Jesse is the cook Gus is providing.)

At Walter's house the camera zooms in on a bloody rag and broken glasses while the answering machine is playing a worried message from Skyler about Walt not showing up to Walter Jr's birthday, in the background. Back at Skyler's house Walter Jr. is waking up and Skylar presents him with his birthday gift, a car. Walt Jr. is thankful for the gift, although it's not the most stylish, being a PT Cruiser. Meanwhile, Saul is upset regarding Skyler's request. Saul calls Ted Beneke into his office and proceeds to tell him that his Great Aunt Bergit passed away and left him $621,552.33. Ted at first claims he does not know of the great Aunt but after hearing the amount left to him he accepts the money. Skyler clearly had some doing here, this money is the exact amount that Ted needs to settle his debts with the IRS.

Inside Hummer SUV, Jesse, Gus and Mike are blindfolded while driving to the Mexican Cartel's super-lab that they have set up. All three men are very tense. Upon arriving at the cartel's super-lab, Gus notices many men around. Gus asks when Don Eladio will be arriving. One of the cartel's chemists replies, "We will see how the cook goes first." Than the head cartel chemist begins to question who the chemist is and on finding out it is Jesse, he begins insulting Jesse and commented on his lack of knowledge and skill. After a while Jesse decides to stand up for himself and begins commanding the cartel and the chemist on what to do and to have them begin cleaning. The chemist eventually backs down and complies with Jesse's orders. Both Gus and Mike are amused by Jesse's actions.

Walt Jr. drives over to Walt's house and rings the doorbell and calls on the phone. Walt is lying in bed with his face and body badly wounded and seems very out of it, also painkillers are noticeable on the bedside table. Walt Jr. threatens to call 911 so Walt lets him in. Walt opens the garage in just his undershirt and underwear. Walt Jr. begins interrogating Walt about his injuries. But when Walt refuses to tell Walt Jr. what happened, he threatens to call Skyler. Walt finally decides to tell his son that his injuries occurred because he was gambling. Walt wants to keep this between the two of them. Walt Jr. asks more about the fight; Walt begins crying and says, "I made a mistake. It's my own fault, I had it coming. It's all my fault. I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Walt Jr. consoles his father in one of the show's more touching moments and takes him to bed and tells him to get some rest. Walt, in this very intoxicated stupor begins asking Walt Jr. about his car and the mistakenly calls him Jesse. Walt Jr. takes a look at the glasses on the table before leaving.

Back at the Cartel super-lab, Jesse is performing his cook while a bunch of cartel employees film and watch him. Night goes by and the morning comes, Jesse is at the final stage of the cook, breaking the large glass like plates of meth into shards. The lead Cartel chemist than prepares a sample of Jesse's batch and electronically tests it for purity. Jesse and Gus very nervously watch the purity percentage go up and up until it stops at 96.2%. Again Gus smiles in the background. Jesse cheers because it is a very good result. A head Cartel member puts his hand on Jesse's shoulder and says, "The first of many." Jesse asks, "What's that mean?" The cartel member informs him he belongs to the cartel now and he will be staying in Mexico. Gus looks very shocked.

Skyler is at the car wash and Saul comes in. Saul reminds Skyler that he did not think her idea of giving all that money to Ted Beneke put tricking Ted into thinking it was from a distant relative instead, hoping that Ted would do the right thing and pay the IRS thus keeping Skyler out of trouble, was a bad idea. Saul tells Skyler that he did as she requested. But according to Ted's credit report within 3 hours of receiving Skyler's money from Saul he bout a brand new Mercedes. Leasing it for an astronomical amount of money per month. Skyler, furious, asks Saul where she could find Ted in order to settle this problem.

Walt wakes up again the day morning, seeing his glasses repaired on the nightstand. He finds Walt Jr. asleep on his couch. Walt Jr. never left because he was scared for his dad. Walt then has a long talk with Walt Jr. telling him about how he barely could remember his father, who died when Walt was six because of Huntington's disease. The only memory Walt really had left was a horrible memory of his father dying in a hospital. But everyone told him everything else about him. He apologizes to Walt Jr. saying he doesn't want him to have his intoxicated actions from last night as Walt Jr.'s memory when Walt is dead. Walt Jr. tells his dad that last night was not that bad, at least he was real. The bad way would be to remember Walt the entire way he was all this past year. Walt takes this to heart, understanding that this whole situation has really gotten to Walt. As Walt Jr. leaves, Tyrus shows up, telling him to get to the lab in order to keep up with the cook.

Skyler goes to Ted's office and begins questioning him about his plans for the IRS situation. Ted informs her that he just received a large amount of money and is putting back into his business to restart it. Skyler demands he pays the IRS when Ted mentions that he wants to hire a lawyer in order to fight the IRS. Skyler can't worry about this, because of the ensuing investigations into finances that she is connected to. Ted begins to get angry and asks Skyler to leave. Skyler begins to walk out and then stops and says, "From whom exactly do you think you got that $600,000, Ted? Great Aunt Bergit?" Ted then realizes Skyler was the one that gave him the money. She confirms this.

Gus is standing poolside in Mexico at Don Eladio's house, the exact one from the flashback involving Gus's partner Max and where he was fatally shot. Gus removes pills from a case, and takes one. Mike and Jesse are sitting at a table talking about the deal. Mike says that they are either all going home or none of us are. The wooden box with the ribbon from the beginning of the episode is on the table. They stand as Don Eladio and a large group of cartel members come into the yard and begin walking towards Gus. Gus and Don Eladio stand still and stare at each other for a minute and then Don Eladio embraces Gus and tells him he is happy Gus is back. Gus introduces Jesse to Don Eladio as his cook in a similar manner to over 15 years earlier with Max.

Don Eladio notices the wooden box gift on the table; Gus tells Don Eladio it's a gift for him as a sign of respect. Don Eladio opens it and is very happy with the box's contents, a bottle of very rare expensive Tequila. Don Eladio then begins pouring glasses for everyone in the cartel except for one of his cartel security guards; he also pours glasses for Gus and Jesse. When Don Eladio hands a glass to Jesse Gus tells Don Eladio that Jesse is an addict and can't drink because he needs to remain sober to work. Don Eladio is fine with this; he takes Jesse's glass and gets ready to drink. He stares and waits for Gus to make a move. Gus raises his glass and exclaims,"Salud" he then chugs his drink. Don Eladio is pleased to see Gus drink first thus removing his worries that Gus might have poisoned the Tequila. Don Eladio says "Salud" and then drinks along with the rest of the cartel members.

Don Eladio then declares it is time to party and calls in a group of women in bikinis. The cartel commences partying. Gus is sitting very still and rigid and looks upset. Even Jesse rejects a women who comes near him. Don Eladio approaches Gus and tells him to not be upset. He tells Gus that he had to punish him for his actions but that was just business nothing personal. Gus abruptly asks Don Eladio to excuse him as he needs to use the restroom. Don Eladio is wary but tells a large man named Miguel to follow Gus and ensure he is not up to anything. Gus and Miguel walks to the restroom where Gus goes inside while Miguel waits outside by the door. Gus turns on the water for noise than kneels down and begins forcing himself to vomit into the toilet.

Next, Don Eladio smiles at his cartel security member but then drops his cigar and get a befuddled look on his face. Don Eladio then looks around and sees one man drop to the ground and then another and then Don Eladio himself collapses on a table. The cartel security guard rushes over to Don Eladio, but Mike walks up behind him and begins strangling the guard with a piano cord. Jess jumps out of his chair in surprise. Gus finishes washing his hands and straightening up in the bathroom. He opens the door and Miguel falls towards him unconscious. Gus brushes off his jacket and then steps over the dead man. As he walks to the backyard, all the girls from the party are running past him towards the front door and screaming. As Gus steps outside he looks and sees everyone at the party is dead except for Don Eladio's guard who is still being strangled by Mike and Don Eladio who is stumbling around look as if he is about to die as well. Mike finishes off the guard and then Gus walks over to Don Eladio. Don Eladio looks up and looks into Gus's smiling face. He is overcome with anger when he realizes Gus did this to him. Don Eladio begins to charge towards Gus but then tumbles over from the poison and falls into the pool. Mike grabs the guard's gun and tells Jesse to find a gun. Jesse picks one up and then Mike snatches Don Eladio's necklace off of Don Eladio's dead body. At this moment Gus begins to collapse from the effects of the poison. Gus gathers the strength to scream out to anyone left alive at the house, that Don Eladio is dead and so is everyone in the cartel, so if anyone is there they can take what they want from the house but then they must leave if not they will face Gus's wrath. Jesse and Mike get Gus into the back of one of the cartel's member's cars that happen to have keys in it. While getting into the car Mike is shot through a window into his abdomen. Jesse than turns and fires killing the assailant, letting off several rounds until the man goes down. As he is shooting he begins have flashbacks of strength from all of his training. He then rushes over to Mike and helps him into the car. Jesse races out of the parking lot.