Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2011 on AMC

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  • Fall Out (Spoilers Ahead)

    The cold open begins with Jesse, Gus, and Mike all heading down to Mexico in a plane and Gus assures Jesse that he is capable of reproducing Walt's cook. Skyler has a scheme to set Ted's debt with the IRS in place when she gets Saul in on giving him money under the guise of Ted's distant Aunt having died in Luxembourg but he may not spend it the way she thinks he does. Walt faces total isolation and misses Jr.'s birthday party and the unveiling of his sucky new "safe" car that puts the other muscle car that Walt bought him previously totally to shame. When Jr. seeks out Walt at his apartment Walt lets him in and tells him of his fight but that he was gambling and not to tell his mother. Walt's sheer breakdown and admittance of wrongdoing expands Bryan Cranston's breadth as Walt to a whole new layer. When he wakes up the next day and explains that he doesn't want Jr. to remember his father like that Jr. says that it was real unlike Walt has been over the past year since the series began so he can tell when Walt is full of crap and not. Skyler confronts Ted about spending the money to just pay off the IRS and may tell him who actually gave him the money. While in Mexico Jesse works his best to replicate the recipe for the cartel to apparent success but he will have to stay according to Gaff, the guy who shot up the farm last week. Walt is informed that he needs to get to the lab. While celebrating their new alliance Gus breaks out a drink for Don Elladio, the cartel leader who killed his best friend in cold blood, and drinks it himself too. Gus excuses himself to the bathroom to throw it up as is is poisonous. The scene that follows is much like the Godfather where Michael Coroleone exacts his revenge on all of his enemies. The capos drop like flies and we learn that Gus's friend died 20 years ago and while Gus feels the poison do its damage partially Jesse, he and Mike work their escape and Mike piano wires Gaff who later apparently gets up and shoots Mike and Jesse drives them away. Gus has finally eliminated the cartel for good, we hope not thinking that there may be somewhat of a resurgence later. The ending was a shock that brought it all together but the Walt scenes served their point and with Skyler divulging her secret to Ted this opens up new ground for her criminal partnership with Walt. Can't wait for the next episode, Salud to the best show on TV!
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