Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2011 on AMC

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  • Walt recovers, Jesse cooks meth for the cartel and Gus proves to be a genius.


    Say what you will about Season 4, but if there's anything I love about this season, it's the way that Bryan Cranston can just sit back and let the rest of the supporting cast take the reigns. I heard complaints about the show early on and how the supporting cast was weak in comparison to Cranston and Paul, but wow... I think this season has been all about letting other actors show their range.

    This episode completely belonged to the trio of Gus, Mike and Jesse. After Hermanos, I was glad to see him getting more screen-time, and after this episode, I'm thinking the man needs to be at least be nominated for his role here. All the stuff that Jesse said about having to go to Mexico to cook for the cartel is true; Gus and Mike escort Jesse there and Jesse proceeds to show how great he is at cooking by himself now.

    Back in the States, Walt is healing from his wounds from fighting with Jesse and gets a surprise visit from his son. It turns out Walt is zonked out on painkillers, and as a result, we get some awkward moments, such as him sobbing to his son claiming he made a mistake and also him calling Walt Jr. "Jesse." Later, he gives an extremely long monologue to his son about his father and how he had Huntington's Disease. Bryan Cranston was completely on his game tonight, and props to the make-up crew for making Cranston look completely broken down. Or maybe that's just Cranston being awesome.

    Skyler is also screwing her family over even more. In order to save Ted, she gives Ted 600,000 bucks under the guise of aninheritance. Saul thinks it's stupid, but Skyler goes on with the plan. She ends up admitting to Ted that it was her money, and I'm betting that she'll admit what she and Walt are doing. I don't hate Skyler as much as some people seem to, but darn it, they're making it tough right now. Anna Gunn is still fantastic though.

    But the crux of the episode is all about Gus and Jesse and Mike. The entire episode is dedicated to making us believe that Gus is really going to sell Jesse out to the cartel. However, it turns out that the visit to Mexico was all about revenge. Gus finally gets the upper hand, proving once again how smart he is. If you think he was crazy in "Box Cutter," check out the ending here. I don't want to spoil it, but wow. I had to rewind it and immediately rewatch it.

    This season has been a lot about letting the supporting characters take the reigns and I have no problem with that. We're set up for a tumultuous final three episodes. What will Walt do? Will Jesse feel indebted to Gus for saving him? Who knows what to expect here. And that's a great thing.