Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 7

Say My Name

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 26, 2012 on AMC
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  • Episode Summary

    Walt assumes a new level of superiority in the business venture. Mike is left to deal with the consequences of his actions.

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    • Looking fantastic, but feeling a bit like a step back, plot-wise

      "Say My Name" does something pretty unlikely for Breaking Bad: starting directly with an awesome scene. Walt is Heisenberg once again and unknowingly makes for one of the most often used memes of the series with a bad-ass display of him being the boss as a meeting with another meth cook and contributor doesn't exactly run down the way this second party planned it to. Bryan Cranston shows multiple shades of the character he portrays in this episode and good God, was that a great pre-credits scene.

      While the story can't be faulted, the best part about "Say My Name" is its astonishing look, whether it's in the Coppola-esque final shots of the episode, the newest instalment in the series' never-failing-to-impress meth making montages (though I'm not a fun of the new duo), or the way that cinematographer Michael Slovis shows Mike's lawyer distributing the hazard pay and thereby trying out every last camera angle possible to film the scene. Besides the predictable, but nevertheless outstanding final moments of the episode, there isn't that much going on with the plot and the exposition in dialogue is kept within limits as well (wouldn't have needed that much of Hank this time).

      I did very much enjoy "Say My Name" and the visuals really did impress me, yet for the penultimate episode of a season or at least a part of it things were a bit too slow for me. Having seen the following episode already, this makes perfect sense; however, in terms of thrill, action, and drama, I can't help but view this one as a step back.

    • Season5 Episode7 review

      Hank will clue into Walt. That, I think, will be the cliffhanger at the end of the first leg of season 5. There have been numerous things pointing to Walt since season one that Hank first handedly observed. They include:

      1)The gas mask found in the desert which Hank traced back to Walt's classroom. Hank then looks at Walt's chemistry lab's inventory and finds various items missing.

      2)Walt admits to having interaction with Jesse Pinkman, when Skyler traces Jesse's phone call to their house. Walt covers this up with his wife as Jesse sells him marijuana.

      3)Walt's second cell phone, which is discovered by Skyler and Hank when Walt goes missing. Hank even says "Walt has a secret," as they are discussing it.

      4)Walt's mysterious disappearance when he's kidnapped by Tucco. Hank, in searching for Walt, runs into Tucco and kills him.

      5)Walt's large sum of money that he and Skyler use to pay for Hank's medical treatment after he is assaulted. Skyler says Walt obtained this money through secret underground gambling.

      6)The fact that Walt is a brilliant chemist, and would certainly have the know-how to create the superb meth product that hit the streets ever since Hank discovered the gasmask and glassware missing from Walt's lab.

      Hank is a very clever DEA agent, who is able to discover truths through subtle circumstantial clues that don't add up as we have seen through his ruthless investigation of Gus.

      That's what I think will happen...Where all the other loose ends will end up could go anywhere. Skyler losing her mind and her talking with Marie. The nine people tied into the operation through Pollos Hermanos who will certainly be investigated now that their lawyer is busted. Walt's new lab partner, who doesn't know the full extent of what he's gotten himself into, and how he will respond when it hits him. Walt's not willing to get out of the operation as it gets more and more dangerous.moreless
    • Sad :(

      Killing Mike just make me sad, Mike kinda reminds me of my late father. not the looks, what i mean was the job. i was raised from a "blood money" but my late father still teach me the right things to do in life... but i still love the series, not this episode...
    • The Man Who Would Be Heisenberg

      In another masterful episode of Breaking Bad Walt gets taken to the meet with the Arizona crew. He pitches to them his need for distribution in exchange for 35% of his take. He says that the methalomine is work more being cooked for an alliance if they pool their resources than for the 15 million they would've paid for just the 1,000 gallons alone. Walt really put his pants on this morning seeing how coolly and poised he delivered his business pitch. Making another manufacturer say his name and fire their current cook was a great idea and the purity of his product and that junkies will pay more for it were really the main points that he had to make the pitch. 35% is a reasonable enough price especially since Mike wants out. When Walt doesn't leave Jesse out of the equation saying that the Arizona crew will have "two of the best cooks in America" instead of just one. Mike gives congratulations to Walter for his pitch and gives Jesse a warmer goodbye telling him to take care of himself. Walt had hidden the tank of methalomine in the Car Wash which he had Skyler close for the day cleverly and when she tries to grill him about what's in the tanker he "puts her in her place" which made me feel sad for Skyler being an accomplice with no real power or need to know anything. Mike's lawyer continues the "Legacy Cost" from his cut of the 5 million the Arizona crew gave him as a "finder's fee" for hooking them up with Walt. Walt's scene with Jesse where's he so sure he'll cave and come back even though he insists that he's out and telling Jesse he'll have nothing if he walks out was powerful, in a "Walt is totally alone now with his little empire" sort of way. Walt follows Mike's advice and removes the bug from Hank's office who, after a search of Mike's place (he had already dumped all of his guns and other tools in a well in the boonies) turned up nothing after his attempted restraining order didn't pan out. Hank gets a hunch, even after getting ordered to order surveillance off of Mike, to follow the lawyer he's using to deposit the money in the deposit boxes of the members of Gus's former crew. When Gomez catches the lawyer putting the money away he humorously says the only thing he can to a man with a badge catching him in that position "Hello." Now that the legacy cost is compromised they will flip and give the DEA Mike and Walt and Jesse. When in Hank's office Walt hears of them moving in on Mike since the lawyer flipped and is willing to give him to the DEA. Walt calls Mike, who's in the park with his granddaughter, and after a set-up call from the lawyer that's he's going to come meet him Mike hesitates but hauls ass out of there. He makes Walt go to the airport where he has a "care-bag" with cash and passports and a gun in it in long-term parking at the airport. When Walt takes him the bag Mike chews Walt out for ruining the great business arrangement they had with Gus and curses Walt's ego. Walt almost takes it lying down, but having taken the gun out of the bag he goes to Mike's window and shoots him sloppily causing the car to swerve into the desert brush. When Walt puts himself back together and finds Mike's driver door open and blood leading away it proves how much of a bad-ass Mike is even when caught off guard he was a certified fighter. Walt trying to apologize for simply being able to get the names of the cons from Lydia instead of sweating Mike for them leads Mike to tell him to "Shut the F**k up and let me die in peace." So ends Mike's life. Heisenberg is now front and center and expanding business further than ever before. In closing Mike got a good go out of the series having lasted for a long time on the show. I only hope that his daughter gets to keep the money that the lawyer put in the safety deposit box and they didn't find out about and seize the money from it and that she doesn't learn the hard way about what her grandfather did for a living. Walt will have to run next week since we saw the future Walt at his 52nd birthday in the season opener and buying an assault rifle for some reason. Acting as a bridge of Hank finally finding out about the real "Heisenberg" next week should be a good handle for Dean Norris to finally sink his teeth into after all of this time since it's always been about how close and unseeing he is about what Walt really does.moreless
    • good stuff

      nice shet

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