Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 7

Say My Name

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 26, 2012 on AMC

Episode Recap

Walt sits in the backseat as Mike and Jesse drive, heading into the desert to meet Declan. Jesse spots Declan and his gang in the distance, five or six guys altogether. Mike says that it's his move, so Walt gets out of the car and walks over to talk to Declan. Declan notices that Mike is 1000 gallons short of methylamine, but Walt says the methylamine is not for sale. Walt says only he knows where the tank is and that Declan is dealing with Walt only now. Walt asks for distribution. Walt asks for Declan to get rid of his cook and Walt agrees to give Declan 35% of the profits. Walt says his meth is far more superior in terms of quality and says he'd be foolish to pass up the current offer. Walt tosses a sample of the product. Declan says he's not going to give in to Walt's plan but Walt says greater yield (up to $130 million in profit) for the Declan boys.

Walt says Mike is retiring so as long as they can handle the distribution side of things, they will get the cut of the profits. Walt says he killed Gus Fring, something Declan can't deny. He asks Declan to say his name and Declan obeys. Mike places his $5 million worth of money in the trunk. Mike can't believe that Walt pulled this off. Jesse somberly points out that he is still out and wants his $5 million as well. Walt says they will talk about it later and Jesse offers to at least help Walt transition without Mike.

They head back to the Vamonos Pest warehouse. Mike says this is it, so he mentions that he will still be paying his jailed guys with his cut. Secondly, Mike mentions the bug at the DEA and that it should be picked up sooner rather than later. Jesse stays out for a bit longer. Mike says that he's going to disappear. Jesse clearly wants to keep in touch with Mike, but Mike says to just look out for himself. They shake hands as Walt watches from inside the office.

Meanwhile, Skyler prepares to open the carwash. The signs currently say closed but someone bangs on the door so Skyler goes to open it and finds Walt there. Walt has kept the tank of methylamine there and Jesse is now picking it up with a truck. Skyler asks what this tank is. Walt says to not worry about anything and suggests Skyler go back to the office. He does this in a tone we haven't seen before in Walt.

At a bank, a man brings a clerk some cookies and gets access to his safety deposit boxes, that's right more than five. The man casually takes out his keys and starts loading up the boxes one at a time. Locking them as he continues. The man is paying the jailed men. However, the last box is bigger and it contains the majority of the profits. This box is for Kaylee, to be opened on her 18th birthday. Back in the car, the man says he will continue making the payments to the jailed men for their families.

Mike listens into the bug at the DEA office. Hank is trying to fundraise but is unsuccessful. He learns that Gomez and Hank are going to be onto him in about two hours again. Mike chucks the laptop and his guns down a well. He has multiple guns that he has to get rid of. He packs a bag and prepares a second car at a new location. He places the bag under the truck's cover where the spare tire should be. He places the key in a concealed place and grabs a taxi out of the parking lot he's brought the car to.

At home, Mike gets a knock on the door from the DEA agents. Hank and Gomez lumber in with the search warrant. While Hank searches, Mike casually watches TV. Gomez expresses concern that they can't find anything. Hank nods, he is shocked because he was dead sure he would find something. Mike must have knew they were coming.

In the Vamonos warehouse, Walt greets Jesse as he comes in. Hoping to get to work, he asks Jesse to help with setting up for the next batch. Jesse says his mind hasn't changed and he wants out of the business. Walt tries sweetening the offer, saying he will make a new lab, a lab that Jesse will run, and the two of them will make 100lbs of product a week. But Jesse again says no thanks. Walt wonders what Jesse will do without the business and suggests that he might even relapse on drugs. Jesse wonders if Walt is not even the slightest upset about the boy that died. Walt says that he can't lock himself away over it. He has to continue on. Jesse says it's bullshit – more people are going to get hurt. More people are going to die. Jesse says he wants out. Walt says why, it's dirty money - it's tainted from the drug business. Jesse holds in his anger. Jesse backs out, saying he's done and that if Walt doesn't want to pay him that's fine too. Walt yells after Jesse, who continues leaving.

While in a briefing from SAC Ramey, Hank is reviewing the files on Mike, trying to understand his connection in the whole Fring case. Ramey says that Hank is spending too much time on the Fring case and tells Hank that he has an entire department to run which needs support on all lines. Hank says he is not making these choices lightly. Fring's gang is still operational, Hank says, but Ramey says to cancel any further surveillance of Mike because there will be no money to do so from his end. Hank says he will adjust accordingly. Gomez comes back in and talks with Hank. Hank relays the news. None of the Fring crew is talking which means someone is still paying them. One lawyer is still representing them all, Daniel Wachsberger. Daniel represents all nine men except Mike. They plan to follow the lawyer around instead of Mike now.

Meanwhile, Walt prepares to cook alone in one of the newly tented houses. However, we see that he has recruited Todd to help him cook. They continue right through the day while Walt tries to teach Todd the basics. Todd seems intent on understanding the process but does say it's a complicated process at the end of it.

Daniel the lawyer heads back to the bank to make another deposit. However, this time, Daniel is caught red-handed by the DEA. Gomez stands at the door, happy with what he's found.

At home, Walt microwaves his dinner and tells Skyler that he's working with a new guy. He thinks it will work out but Skyler is silent, she simply gets up and walks away. The next day, Walt goes to visit Hank at the DEA offices. He again sobs about his marital problems while Hank gets more coffee for Walt. Walt removes the bug and replaces the picture. Hank eventually returns with coffee and Walt apologizes for wasting Hank's time. Gomez comes by and says that the lawyer, Daniel is now going to sell out Mike. Not good news at all.

Mike is at the park with Kaylee again. Daniel calls Mike asking him to meet up, now, which sets Mike off. He suspects something is wrong. Mike gets a second call from Walt who urges Mike to get out now. Mike is shocked. Instead of approaching Kaylee, Mike backs away from the park bench and runs. Police officers start to arrive. He doesn't want to leave Kaylee but has to.

In Saul's office, Saul laments that using Daniel was a horrible idea. Walt wonders what they can do because they are worried that about the DEA getting information out of Mike. Jesse insists that Mike won't flip, but the nine inmates will once they stop receiving money. Saul gets a call on one of his many cell phones. Mike is calling from his own car. Mike, slightly panicked, asks Saul to bring him his go-bag so that he can get out of the country as soon as possible. With the police watching Saul's movements as well, he can't personally deliver it. Jesse wants to get the bag for Mike but Mike refuses until Walt volunteers to bring it. Walt heads to the second car and opens Mike's bag to check what's inside. Walt eventually meets Mike near a river. The dusty Chrysler pulls up next to the aged Dodge. Walt asks for the nine names in exchange for the bag. Mike suggests Walt leave town. Mike doesn't exactly want to sell out the guys so he doesn't give up the names. Walt hides his displeasure as Mike just takes the bag out of his hand.

Walt wants the names though but Mike again refuses to give it up. Mike explodes saying that working for Fring was the best thing he had going. Everyone knew their place and it worked all well. But Walt had to go screw it up by killing Fring. They had everything they needed. Walt just had to blow up with Walt's pride and ego. They'd all be fine right now if it wasn't for Walt. Mike walks away but Walt's temper quickly boils. In his car, Mike checks his bag and notices that the gun is missing. Walt arrives alongside Mike's car and shoots him through the window. Mike steps on the gas but soon crashes about 100 feet away. Walt is shocked at what he just did but heads over to the car. When Walt gets to the car, Mike has crawled out and moved down near the river. Walt finds Mike sitting on a log, clutching his wound. Mike is too weak to point his second gun back at Walt. Walt paces now and realizes that he didn't have to shoot Mike. Lydia has the names and he could have got the names from her. Mike stares into the river but quietly says to leave him alone and let him die in peace. Walt moves back and stares at the river as well until Mike dies.

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