Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 7

Say My Name

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 26, 2012 on AMC

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  • Walt is toppling the mountain (Spoilers Beware)

    This episode was fairly slow throughoutt. Very little intensity occured when compared to some of the earlier episodes in the season, but that's if you take it at face value. Walt continues to devolve into something monstrous, selfish, and most damneding of them all perhaps, confident. This episode is centered almost entirely around Walt's pride (indeed, take note of the title of the episode), which has been the focal point of the season in general, but so far this is the episode in which that story element takes the front seat all the way through.

    This episode may also be the end of the Fring investigation on part of the DEA, but you'll have to read further into my review to understand why. The final episode of this half of Breaking Bad may mark the eve of the coming conflict, which seems inevitable, between Hank & Walt/Heisenberg. Hank has even been usurped officially by his superiors in the DEA in the case against Gus Fring's right-hand man, Mike, but Hank will no doubt find his attention turned towards the ever present "blue sky" that Walt produces, right under Hank's nose no less.

    Mike has let a little something slip so far, and that something gets picked up on, big-time, by the DEA. They're hot on his heels, and while he's a very resourceful fellow who has dealt with perhaps worse scenarios before, this occasion will be the end of him in some way or another. Just when it seemed he was getting out for good, to be a grandfather again and to get away from the life that could have seen him dead, Walt decides that he won't let Mike leave on his terms. Just before the episode closes, tinged with a tugging sense of tragedy, Mike, sitting absolutely still and shocked, the last of his blood leaving his body, falls dead.

    It wasn't a heart attack that did him. It wasn't ricin that did him. It wasn't even a hit-man or a DEA shootdown that did him...

    It was Walt, fueled by his craving for further power, who took his life. It was all for the money that he felt was entirely his. It was the Olympic-summit of pride that drove him to make this the old man's last day alive.

    Now that leaves Jesse, and then Hank, and then...Skyler. What further damage he'll do to carve his niche as the great and powerful Heinsenberg, is anyone's guess. Just know that crap is going to hit the fan, and it won't be pretty.
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