Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 7

Say My Name

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 26, 2012 on AMC

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  • Losing my religion

    The fact this season is so obsessed with the downward spiral of WW, i believe has reduced the other characters in the show as plain simpletons which in turn has reduced the show's realism.

    Where is the intellect of Skyler to get out of a jam as in previous seasons. They've reduced her into a battered wife character that came out of nowhere, flip a switch and now she's a woman with no options. Not totally believable IMO. Her character was a person who could think on her feet and get what she wanted. If she really wanted Walt to go away, then she could easily salvage her life by turning to the DEA/bro-in-law and give Walt up. She may not be forgiven by her sister but at least her kids can grow up in a drug free household. She's not thinking logically because if she waits and does nothing, Walt can be nabbed by authorities which in turn will make her an accomplice to the crime, and she will lose everything. If she does gives him up, she may save herself and possibly her family. She can play the heroine and kill the monster herself.

    Jesse character has been reduced significantly as well. They've reduced him into a zombie walking a constant fog. He goes about his days crying about fallen kids from previous shows. Its getting to be pathetic and the fact that he walked out on Walter in the last episode breathed a little life into him. He could easily give up Walter as well.

    So far this season has been a bit of a downer IMO. There's been a lot more scenes that have been a bit of a reach in believability i.e. the Super magnet caper, the train heist, and the Pest fumigation cooking stations are a bit outrageous and hard to swallow.

    Hopefully the future episodes will return a bit of realism back in the show and restore some of the characters that were so wonderfully developed in past seasons.