Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 7

Say My Name

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 26, 2012 on AMC

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  • Season5 Episode7 review

    Hank will clue into Walt. That, I think, will be the cliffhanger at the end of the first leg of season 5. There have been numerous things pointing to Walt since season one that Hank first handedly observed. They include:

    1)The gas mask found in the desert which Hank traced back to Walt's classroom. Hank then looks at Walt's chemistry lab's inventory and finds various items missing.

    2)Walt admits to having interaction with Jesse Pinkman, when Skyler traces Jesse's phone call to their house. Walt covers this up with his wife as Jesse sells him marijuana.

    3)Walt's second cell phone, which is discovered by Skyler and Hank when Walt goes missing. Hank even says "Walt has a secret," as they are discussing it.

    4)Walt's mysterious disappearance when he's kidnapped by Tucco. Hank, in searching for Walt, runs into Tucco and kills him.

    5)Walt's large sum of money that he and Skyler use to pay for Hank's medical treatment after he is assaulted. Skyler says Walt obtained this money through secret underground gambling.

    6)The fact that Walt is a brilliant chemist, and would certainly have the know-how to create the superb meth product that hit the streets ever since Hank discovered the gasmask and glassware missing from Walt's lab.

    Hank is a very clever DEA agent, who is able to discover truths through subtle circumstantial clues that don't add up as we have seen through his ruthless investigation of Gus.

    That's what I think will happen...Where all the other loose ends will end up could go anywhere. Skyler losing her mind and her talking with Marie. The nine people tied into the operation through Pollos Hermanos who will certainly be investigated now that their lawyer is busted. Walt's new lab partner, who doesn't know the full extent of what he's gotten himself into, and how he will respond when it hits him. Walt's not willing to get out of the operation as it gets more and more dangerous.
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