Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 1.1

Seven Thirty-Seven

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2009 on AMC

Episode Recap

The first shot is black and white: a hose drips, a bug crawls, there's a backyard setting. A pool. In the water there's an eyeball (real, fake, we don't know). You can hear sirens in the background. Then in color we see a bright pink bear with the missing eye. It appears to be torched black on one side. A preview of what's to come. The beginning scene recaps what we saw last time. Walt gives Tuco the drugs, goes nuts on his crony, beating him to a pulp. The two leave in shock, getting into the car. Walt asks what a college education could cost, tallies up his mortgage, costs of living, etc. – he comes up with what he needs to make. Jesse sits in silence, still shocked. Walt says he needs $737,000 and that means he only has to do like 11 more deals like the one they just did to be done. They leave the junkyard. But then Tuco's Escalade comes careening back towards them, stopping an inch away. Tuco drags the incapacitated goon out of the back and onto the ground – he's seizing or convulsing. Walt tries to get a pulse, but can't find one. Walt tries CPR but there's nothing he can do. The goon is dead. Tuco starts kicking the body violently. The bigger crony, Gonzo, lays him to rest under a car, undisturbed as much as possible. He even covers it up with metal scrap. Walt and Jesse leave – for real now. Skyler is at home when someone comes in. She doesn't hear anyone answer, so she walks to the front of the house and sees Walt. He's turned on the news, but doesn't answer her (my guess is that he was looking for news coverage of what just happened!). Walt has this guilty look on him but he starts getting frisky again but this time a little violent. Skyler doesn't know why he was acting that way and Walt goes outside probably wondering the same thing. Walt Jr. walks in and sees some of the mess. Meanwhile, Jesse buys a gun to protect himself. The next day, he's freaking out, telling Walt that they are dead. Tuco's going to come after them – they were witnesses. Walt asks how Jesse would kill Tuco with the gun. After arguing, Walt concludes it's not that easy. Meanwhile, Marie tries calling Skyler, but she won't take her calls. Hank is also there. They talk about dinner plans. Marie leaves for work, crushing a kid's remote controlled car. Hank apologizes and gives him some money. Hank heads into the office – him and the chief review the chemical plant robbery – the one that Walt and Jesse performed. Hank admires their chemistry, especially the thermite, which broke the lock. Walt heads home some time later that evening. He sees a black SUV around the corner; it slowly reverses and turns around. It scares Walt (even though the model is not the same). The next day, Skyler wakes up to an empty bed, but Walt is just at the window, and jumps when the phone rings (Marie again, Skyler just hangs up). He puts back a knife he was hiding. Back at Jesse's, Walt wonders if Tuco could know where he lives. Walt also asks what happens when Tuco finds out Hank is in the DEA. Walt decides to use castor beans, which can be turned into ricin which is an effective toxin and leaves no trace on autopsy. Now they just need to figure out how to deliver it. Meanwhile, Hank heads over to Skyler's house to made amends with her and Marie. Skyler tells Hank about the shoplifting – Hank slips out that he sort of knows about it. There's a Dave, who is apparently a therapist helping her out. Hank says they need to support her, but Skyler gets angry says she's the one who needs support – Walt is falling apart. That night, Jesse and Walt cook up the ricin. He outlines how he's going to say the ricin is a new meth formula. It will look like a natural cause of death. Walt's cell phone rings, it's Hank. He apologizes about the Marie-Skyler issue. Hank is at work and he sends Walt a photo of Gonzo – dead. Walt and Jesse are shocked. Next, we see Walt running for the gun and running home to protect his family. He tells Jesse to leave town. If Gonzo is dead, they are coming after them, Walt assumes. Walt runs into the house and his calls for Walt Jr. and Skyler go unanswered. He finds Skyler in the bath and Walt Jr. is out. She asks where he's been this time, but when she looks back, he's not there. Walt grabs all the money from the air vent and throws it into a diapers box. He puts the gun in there too. Skyler is calling for him to talk to her. Hank says he knows the two goons, part of Tuco's gang. Hank doesn't see any bullet holes and wonders how he died. A piece of metal sliced down on his shoulder cutting it almost right through. The police officer moves the metal and snaps the rest off - Gonzo falls to the floor with no arm. He was moving the body when the piece of metal fell on his arm. Meanwhile, Walt tries to talk to Skyler but sees shadows and then Jesse in his car through the window. He walks out of the house. Jesse is scared. Tuco appears from the back seat – gun pointed at Jesse's head and says get in. He tells Jesse to drive and they set off.