Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 1.1

Seven Thirty-Seven

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2009 on AMC

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  • Hank's Hilarious, Tuco's Tough, and Breaking Bad's Bodacious

    Picking up exactly where season one's finale left off in fact showing (or staging, I'm not entirely sure) the ultimate scene again for further emphasis "Seven Thirty-Seven" as well includes some absolutely outstanding scenes, yet doesn't exclude some unnecessary flaws.

    The plot centers both around Walt and Jesse's increased fear of their new colleague in drugs after they've experienced him pulpifying his associate basically just for kicks and the suspicion Skyler develops both on her husband and her shoplifting sister. The first thing you see of season 2 is a mysterious monochrome montage before the credits turns out to be just as fantastic as a conversational highlight between Skyler and Hank about half an hour later. Next to that, "737" impresses with the already mentioned extended season one finale that gets even more rememberable through Tuco's whispering of "You're an ambiguous screenplay gem that sent shivers down my spine. In less dramatic matters, Dean Norris absolutely steals the show with hilarious dark humor and Aaron Paul is great once again as his character gets more and more paranoid. The not-so-nice parts mostly were the moments that Walt and Skyler shared together (a trend that sadly hangs over the whole season) and some irrational choices of Heisenberg and his little compaero that bothered me.

    Bryan Cranston's first directorial effort on Breaking Bad is just as well-done as the show's first seven episodes and might include even more stylistic plus points. If it weren't for a handful of weaker parts, this could have even been the best episode at that point.
  • How do they do it?

    I am just knocked off my feet by the writing and acting of the people involved with this show. Last night's episode was very creative, and definitely adds up to the intenseness of the first season premiere. I hope each season begins with something as shocking as this.

    Walter was great as usual and I can definitely tell that the walls are going to come down on him very soon. The fact that he is dodging Skyler even more, and the fact that he just got kidnapped are big indicators that he is going to be exposed in some way. This isn't going to be easy for him to conceal.

    Just the creativity of the people involved with this show amazes me. The fact they could come up with a creative death for Gonzo the way they did just amazes me. This show definitely jumps the shark and then some in every episode.

    I am glad I bought the first two seasons of this show, and I am in a hurry to get the episodes done so I can get into this third season. I am so blessed to be able to watch such a great show as Breaking Bad. I hope this show lasts a long time, or at least as long as it has too. But when it comes down to it, I enjoy watching these characters interact, and I hope they do so for many years to come.
  • Things pick up right where they left off with Walt and Jesse making a plan to escape Tuco.

    Season 1 ended on a moment of realization for Walt: perhaps he's not meant for the world of dealing with psychotic drug dealers. After seeing Tuco beat his crony to death for nothing at all, the looks on Walt and Jesse's face says it all: they need to get out from underneath Tuco's thumb or else risk being dead just like them.

    For me, the Season 2 premiere was similar to the Season 3 premiere in that there's not a whole lot that happens, there's some slower moments that put the brakes on the momentum the show had picked up earlier, but both episodes end with great moments that send us flying forward into the new season.

    I really am finding it hard to justify why the stupid Marie stuff should be here, and I don't think I'll figure out a good reason. It's a waste of space, and while I like Hank as a character, Marie seems like an irritation to everybody as opposed to actually being a good character worth watching. We also see that Hank and Gomez are slowly starting to get closer to investigating Walt and Jesse, even though neither of them know that they're being looked into.

    And Tuco's insanity here makes him one of the most fascinating, albeit one note characters on TV. The look in his eyes after his crony dies tells us that Walt and Jesse are next in his crosshairs. An all around great premiere, and a perfect kick-off to what will end up being an amazing season of TV.
  • Season 2 Premiere

    I am in awe at how amazing this show is, after a year of being off the airwaves, this show returns with just a big a bang as it's finale. The main ensemble of this show is golden, the writing is terrific, and the acting is brilliant. The show manages to own up to it's great potential, and do it amazingly.

    The season 2 premiere of Breaking Bad was absolute perfection, and it will probably be one of my favorite episodes of this show. We got all what we could ask for from a television drama: Enticing characters, intriguing story line, and an amazing cliffhanger.

    In continuation from last season, we learn that Tuco has beaten one of his employees to death, and Walt & Jesse are now witnesses. They realize they are way over their head when Tuco starts stalking them, they plot to murder Tuco with poison, not only that but the DEA is catching on to them, meanwhile Skyler continues to be suspicious. The story line with Marie shop lifting and her seeing a psychiatrist was very interesting, and Skyler's breakdown was a perfect example of terrific acting from Anna Gunn. The cliffhanger, all I can say is I can't wait for the next episode. This season looks promising, and I can't wait to see how it plays out.
  • So Bryan Cranston got an emmy for this did he? I'll tell you who else should get an emmy the actor that plays TUCO!

    I couldn't quite work out what was going on and the beginning of this episode, first we are treated to some very sombre shots of an outdoor pool and then it seems we are right back at the season 1 finale; Walter and Jesse are in the scrap yard making deal with Tuco selling him their blue meth.

    Little did I know that that this would make PERFECT sense. So we see the deranged Tuco severely beat up his henchman again only this time as Walter and Jesse try to drive off Tucos car stops them head on. Tuco pulls the beaten man out from the back seat of his car and he is convulsing. Tuco demands that Walter and Jesse do something because "he couldn't take a little beating". But there is nothing Walter and Jesse can do the man dies. And so it begins...

    As always I have to say that my favourite scenes were the Walter and Jesse scenes, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul play brilliantly off eact other and their paranoid and agitated rapport is a delight to watch.

    The Marie/Skyler story took a bit of a back seat in this ep and that's just as well with Walter and Jesse fearing for their lives. Hank was as stupid as ever though.

    I love how this show ties in with the web content offered on the AMC website. One of the minisodes "Marie's confession" was referenced when Hank told Skyler that Marie has a therpist called Dave.

    I can't wait to see what happens next week!
  • After such a long wait for a new season, Breaking Bad is back and as good as ever.

    Many fans must be as happy as I am with the return of the great show that is Breaking Bad. After such a long wait for a new season, Breaking Bad is back and as good as ever. The writing and acting in this season premiere was as good as any of the other episodes, which goes to show that the cast and crew of Breaking Bad will not be losing its touch for a while.

    The opening scene was insane, confusing and completely random, which reminded me of the opening scene of the pilot episode, which compelled me to start watching this show in the first place. We see the return of the lovable characters we got to meet in the first season. We deal with Marie's kleptomania, Skyler's pregnancy and mistrust towards her husband, Hank's somewhat immature and comedic attitude when on the scene of a crime, and so on. The Walter and Jesse duo is as gritty as always, when they find themselves in a tough situation. The cliffhanger ending is incredible. My thoughts were, "Just HOW can they end an episode like that?". I'll definitely be tuning in next week.
  • bryan cranston continues to amaze

    Seeing Bryan Cranston in this role so different from the dad in Malcolm and being so believable and compelling as Walter is an impressive thing. This episode was as well written, directed acted etc. as last season. It picked up where the last episode left off and got right into intense action. Skyler's character seems less abrasive - probably a good change. Walt has really grown comfortable in his role as a meth chef. This is his final career path and he's not turning away from it no matter what. He wants that money to leave his family and he is determined to get it. Hank is very engagingly acted and written this season - seems his role will is becoming more central. He's a good actor - adeptly balancing being nice with being tough, as well as being sharp with being somehow obtuse when it comes to Walt.
  • Picking up right where season 1 left off, Walter and Jesse deal with some unexpected aftermath of their deal with Tucco. Meanwhile Hank does his best to mend issues between Marie and Skyler. At the same time Walt & Skyler deal with strained relationship.

    This episode was great for me. I thought it wasn't quite like the pilot episode, which was arguably the best overall written episode but probably because they had more time and thought put into it. Here we find an episode very much like the first season's 'The cat's in the bag'. Picking up right where we left off in teh previous episode only to find new information altering what we believed happened is very much something that second episode of the series did. Also finding them dealing with a new criminal activity related caused issue while not behaving like criminals is something from there. However, the story here is it's own and it's nice to see some more straining moments between Walt and Skyler, as a man in this position would undoubtedly have, on top of that it all mananges to be a perfect series premiere in that it deals with everything from the last season while setting up the new one. It left off on such an unexpected (for me) note that it will be interesting and exciting to see how they play it out and where it will go from there. Though I do have an obvious idea where this season is going based on episode descriptions I read on this site, it's always been more satisfying for me to really watch in unfold than it is to simply know where it will end up. A great episode of a great series, let's hope this starting point is only the beginning of what will become an increasingly better season and series.
  • In too deep...

    As tensions rise after Tuco for no reason beats the living hell out of his own thug in a drug endunced rage Walter and Jesse begin to wonder if the money is really worth all the trouble of dealing with a psychopath. After all, with a baby on the way Walter can't afford to mess around with some loony that wouldn't hesitate for a moment to kill his family. Jesse buys a gun illegally and he and Walter concoct a plan to kill Tuco should the need arise. After the DEA finds the body of Tuco's dead man and the other who tried to dispose of his body in the junkyard Tuco hijacks Jesse and kidnaps both him and Walt and the episode ends with them driving into the night. Good start to a good season, hopeful to see more to come.
  • Walter tries to end his relationship with Tuco.

    Chalk up another Emmy win for Bryan Cranston come September! Possibly the most unlikely nominee last year the actor is now making you forget his goofy Seinfeld and Malcolm In The Middle personalities to portray one of the most believable and emotionally-stricken heroes on TV. Walter White is as gripping as they come and his scenes are just brilliantly directed, written and acted out.

    And talk about cliffhangers. Who knows what is going to happen next week? That was Lost Season 1 quality writing right there.

    The WGA Strike shortened Breaking Bad's initial season, but now the show is back and just as addictive as ever. Don't let people fool you, Mad Men is not the best show on AMC, this is.