Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2011 on AMC

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  • Jesse and Mike go on a mission.


    "Bullet Points," the episode before this one, was one of those episodes that leaves your entire body on pins and needles. I don't think anybody expected Jesse to actually be killed by Mike, but Vince Gilligan and his team of writers are pretty great at what they do, and for a week, I was expecting an early departure for Jesse Pinkman.

    Maybe he didn't die, but "Shotgun" is an equally intense episode, one that finds Jesse regaining his confidence and Walt continuing to lose his. But for the first five minutes of the episode, Walt is in kamikaze mode, driving like a bat out of hell towards Los Pollos Hermanos, gun in hand, ready to shoot Gus in order to find out where Jesse is. Dave Porter's score is superb here; once again, his music perfectly fits the tone of the episode. However, as soon as Walt gets there, it's clear as day that he won't be shooting anybody. For a few brief moments, Walt appeared ready to go into Heisenberg mode to get what he wants, but once again, he's incapacitated by fear. Ever since Gus cut Victor's throat with the box cutter, he's been afraid to do anything wrong.

    A large portion of the episode revolves around Mike driving Jesse around to various locations to pick up hidden money. We learn right away that Mike isn't planning on killing Jesse but instead seems to be using him as a bodyguard of sorts. Things take a turn after a couple of guys wielding shotguns threaten Jesse. Jesse narrowly escapes and gets respect from both Mike and Gus.

    It's fascinating to watch Jesse slowly rise into the good graces of Gustavo Fring while Walt's stock with him plummets. It's clear Gus is trying to seperate Jesse and Walt so he can kill Walt and have Jesse cook. It's a chilling thought, but there's still eight episodes left in the season. It could go either way.

    The episode ends with Walt being Walt: he hears Hank praising Gale for being a great cook and being a genius and Walt's pride kicks in; instead of keeping his mouth shut, he has to go ahead and make Hank believe that Gale wasn't the person in charge of everything. Instead, he tells him that there was probably a person that made the recipe and that Gale was simply following orders. This puts Hank back on the hunt. That scene sums up Walt easily.

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