Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2010 on AMC

Episode Recap

An officer receives a call to check up on someone who hasn't been heard from in a couple of days. The police officer is in the desert and heads out to a small house. He knocks on the door but no one answers. The officer checks the property and we see someone is definitely inside. There are two nice jackets hanging on the clothing lines. The officer finds a body under a blanket near a shed near by. It's been a while, as mosquitoes are festering around it. The officer arms himself and prepares to enter the house. One of the Cousins steps out of the house and puts his arms up. He doesn't say anything. The officer gets ready to approach but the other Cousin kills the officer from behind with an axe. This is where the cousins have been staying.

Walt gets a call from Skyler about finding the signed divorce papers. She asks him how they are going to tell Walt Jr. Walt is inside an apartment that is a model and he offers to buy it right then and there from the real estate agent. At the Los Pollos restaurant, the Cousins show up and take a seat, waiting for Gus. Badger and Skinny Pete check out Jesse's product. Badger has yet to sample it and really likes it. Jesse tells the boys his plan about how to sell it but without getting greedy. The boys have concerns but Jesse says they will be extremely cautious. As Skinny Pete and Badger leave, Hank is seen watching Jesse's house from a little down the street.

Walt wakes up in his new place and prepares for the day. He drives Walt Jr. to school and they talk about the divorce. Walt says he will probably see more of Walt Jr. now anyway. Gus heads to Los Pollos for work and finds the Cousins sitting there again. Walt shows up to work at the plant. Downstairs, he sees another person there. It's apparently his new lab assistant, Gale. The guy has studied X-ray crystallography, which Walt admires. Then he goes on about acidity levels in coffee. Walt says it's the best coffee he's ever tasted. The two get to work in a light-hearted mood but with professionalism that is unparalleled. They continue to talk about chemistry, talking about how to run certain things. He asks Gale how he ended up here in this place. It seems Walt has found a life-long soul mate. Gale preaches and embraces chemistry exactly the same way Walt does.

Meanwhile, Hank continues his stakeout when he gets a call on his phone. It's Marie and she asks if he is ever going to come home. It's clear he's been away for a few days at least. Hank confesses he hasn't seen the RV yet. Marie suggests that Walt might know something about the RV because he's dealt with Jesse in the past (the alleged pot connection). Hank calls Walt and reaches him at the new apartment. Walt is stunned when Hank mentions the RV and that it could be a rolling lab. Walt is speechless. Jesse gets a call from Walt but he doesn't say anything. He calls Saul first and tells him there's a big problem. Saul springs into action and tells them to get rid of it. Walt doesn't know what to do, the RV is huge and he doesn't know how to make it disappear. Walt didn't say anything because he thinks Jesse's house might be bugged.

Meanwhile, Badger is helping the sketchy mechanic (Clovis) who runs the lot for the RV. Walt gets the mechanic to help because if they get caught, they're all screwed. Clovis knows a guy who can get rid of the entire RV. Badger is left behind so he calls Jesse. Jesse is angry beyond belief and sprints out of his house asking for the address of where they are taking the RV. Hank follows.

At Los Pollos, a woman asks if the Cousins are leaving because she wants to sit down. The waitress tells the Cousins that the booths are for paying customers only. Gus asks what they want. The cousins finally speak their first words. Gus tells them to meet him somewhere later. At the car junk yard (which looks similar to where Tuco and Walt met up) Walt pays the demo guy and asks him to call a cab as well because he'll need one to get home. Walt searches the RV for anything valuable or anything with his personal information. Suddenly, Jesse shows up and enters the RV and Walt has to close all the blinds and shut the door. Jesse yells at Walt but Walt says that he just led Hank right to them. Now they're stuck in the RV with Hank right outside.

Hank gets out of his Jeep and arms himself. He tries to get a look inside, but everything is sealed. Hank grabs a crow bar and tries to get into the door. Hank is really close to prying it open. But the demo guy stops him and asks Hank for a warrant. He gets pretty defensive about Hank snooping around. Hank shows the demo guy the bullet holes covered up with tape. Then Walt gets Jesse to speak up and tell Hank that this is a living space and Hank cannot enter. Hank promises to get the warrant in no time but Hank isn't going anywhere! Inside the RV, tension is extremely high. Jesse wants to ram the RV out of here but Walt thinks harder. Walt finally calls someone and asks for help. Hank suddenly gets a call on his cell phone from an officer saying that Marie's been in a car accident. It sounds real, but the scene cuts to Saul and his secretary faking the call. Hank (who clearly does love his wife) speeds off from the scene to the hospital, fearing for her life. Walt and Jesse step out of the RV, safe.

Hank rushes to the hospital and finds out that it was all a prank. Marie calls and says she's okay. The demo guy rips the RV to bits with a forklift. A sweet Mexican serenade is played in the background. The demo guy crushes the RV in a compacter destroying any evidence linked to Jesse and Walt as they look on. Gus meanwhile, is driving way out into the desert, all the way to a deserted area devoid of anything except the two Cousins. Gus tells the Cousins that they cannot kill Walter White and that he controls everything north of the border. Gus says that Walt wasn't even the one who killed Tuco, it was Hank. The Cousins say that he's in the DEA and that it's off limits. But Gus says it's his call and gives the Cousins Hank's name. "May his death satisfy you," Gus says. A sunset is shown in the background as the episode ends.
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