Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2010 on AMC

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  • acceptance, a dish best served Bad

    Walt settles into his new lab with his new assistant, Jesse and old faces make amends and go back into the business together again all while Hank is hot on their trail. After a suspenseful opening involving an axeident if you'll pardon the pun this episode hit the ground running, no more melancholy Mr. White, when the Sunshine song played I knew I was in for a different kind of episode. This is a terrific adjustment to the slower, high angst episode that has been the beginning of this season and we even got to see a threatened Gus this week, which is way awesome and different from what we normally see of calm collected side as the Cousins grow impatient of waiting for their chance to strike. Makes me happy that we're not even half way through the season till next week and the shape of things to come look if anything just as or even more promising, then this sure to be classic episode of Breaking Bad.