Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 2

Thirty-Eight Snub

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 24, 2011 on AMC

Episode Recap

Walt asks a man if he can see the gun he is holding is concealed in his waistband. The man does see it and suggests the .38 snub nose revolver instead, which is more concealable. Walt tries the gun in his pocket and on his waistband. The man suggests practicing his shot so that the pull from its concealed place is more fluid and smooth. The serial number has been filed off so this gun cannot be found on Walt. The man, even though an underground gun dealer, becomes moral suggesting that Walt settle things without guns. Walt says the gun is for defense only.

Mike sits at a bar and reads the newspaper. He is still in shock over what happened in the lab. He notices a spot of blood leftover on his shirt. Meanwhile, Jesse blasts music in his new house. A Roomba robot vacuum attempts to clean up after him. His groupies show up: Skinny Pete and Badger who admire Jesse's new sound system. Jesse splits up some meth to smoke, but the boys say they are now clean. They also saw Andrea and say that she has asked about Jesse. The boys eventually give in and take the drugs. A slew of interconnected conversations ensue. Topics include zombies, girls, Nazis, and terrorism. Jesse simply watches them, bored. He decides to throw a party, and the large house is soon filled with people dancing, drinking, and doing drugs.

Meanwhile, Walt practices his sit-down-and-shoot routine, pulling up a chair, sitting in it, and then pulling out his .38 snub taking shots at an empty chair facing him. It's late at night, but Hank checks out some of his minerals under a light. This wakes Marie who is sleeping next to him. Turns out, Hank is learning a lot about these minerals. Hank tells Marie that there are 3 other bedrooms in this house, but she simple turns over and goes back to sleep. Back at Walt's house the next morning, Skyler calls and tries leaving a message saying that bills are piling up and starts talking about the carwash. This startles Walt from what he was doing and picks up the phone telling Skyler not to talk about the carwash on the answering machine. Walt says he will handle the carwash situation and tells Skyler to take a step back.

It's the next morning at Jesse's and the Roomba is attempting to clean but encounters scores of people lying on the floor. Jesse wakes Badger and Skinny Pete to work. But Jesse gives them money for food and more drinks to keep the party going, hardly work in their books. Jesse heads to the lab to work with Walt. While Jesse is preparing some product, Walt transfers the .38 snub from his locker to his waistband. Jesse has headphones on, so he can't really hear much. Someone walks in and down the stairs slowly. It sounds like Gus, so Walt prepares the gun, but it's not Gus. It's a new guy, black, dressed in a jean jacket. Jesse assumes correctly that this man is the "new guy". Mike soon appears at the door above too. Walt is confused saying that he wants to talk to Gus, but Mike says that Walt will never see Gus again. Gus has already anticipated Walt's next move.

Skyler feeds Holly while waiting in the parking lot of the carwash. Skyler is just researching the daily jive of the carwash. Hank continues his physiotherapy, strenuous work, but Hank makes some good strides. Hank's mood improves at this accomplishment. Marie wonders why the physiotherapist can have this effect on Hank's spirit while she can't. When Marie tries to talk to Hank after the physiotherapist leaves, her suspicions are confirmed – Hank simply pushes her away again. Back at Jesse's house, the party continues. Badger and Skinny Pete are still there. Andrea shows up at the house and Jesse heads outside to talk to her. Andrea asks Jesse about the two men that Walt killed. She received an envelope of money that night, presumably from Jesse but he doesn't confirm it. Andrea wonders what to do with this money and whether or not someone will come looking for it. Jesse tells Andrea to get out of the house she is currently in and improve her life. Jesse heads back inside.

Walt parks his car. He is down the street from Gus' house. Walt dons the Heisenberg hat and steps out of the car. He walks toward the house but soon gets a phone call. Gus is on the line: "Go home Walter," he says. The next day, several shipments of minerals come for Hank. Marie gets the delivery guy to wheel them into the living room. Hank asks Marie to check for damage, but there are a lot of boxes and she doesn't want to it. Hank asks Marie again more nicely.

Skyler meets with the carwash manager, Walt's old boss. But the old boss says that wants $10 million. Skyler offers $879,000. Skyler has done her homework though and she pulls out a large folder and states how she came up with the amount. The total estimated value at $879,000. The boss says that the price is now $20 million because that's the price for Walter White. Meanwhile, Mike watches a Better Call Saul commercial in the same bar. Walt finds Mike in the bar and buys him a drink. Walt says that he didn't want any of this to happen. He's doing this out of loyalty to Jesse and then later for self-defense. Mike knows about the .38 snub. Walt confesses that Mike and himself are in the same boat, neither of them are safe Walt says. Walt tells Mike to get him in a room with Gus so that he can do the rest. After Walt is done, Mike punches him a few times. Walt falls to the floor and Mike leaves.

Badger and Skinny Pete leave Jesse's house, tired of partying. Jesse simply goes back inside, turns the music up and sits in front of his speaker. He's clearly still rattled from killing Gale.
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