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  • Season 4 Episode 11: Crawl Space

  • Goof: Skyler tells Ted to make the cheque payable to the IRS, but for business taxes, the money is actually sent to the United States Treasury and then mailed to the IRS.

  • Mike's full name is Michael Ehrmantraut. His blood type is mentioned to be O negative. Jesse's blood type is A negative.

  • Season 4 Episode 10: Salud

  • Steven Bauer says in the insider podcast that he had to psyche himself up for the scenes with Mike (Jonathan Banks)in this episode because when Jonathan is in character, he has this scary presence that is very serious and somewhat intimidating.

  • At the end of the episode where Jesse shoots the last member of Don Eladio's gang, Vince Gilligan asked editor Kelley Dixon to make Jesse's shots appear faster, so she spliced out the milliseconds in between shots to make them feel overlapping and faster. You may not have noticed it while watching the first time, but if you review the scene, the slices are clearly evident when taking a closer look. However, it's barely noticeable if you are taking in the full scene. Kelley Dixon also couldn't do the effect with sound, so they later re-added the sounds in.

  • Regarding the pills that Gus takes, the team researched and found "activated charcoal" tablets that apparently can soak up poison and help delay the actions of it.

  • No tequila company would let them use their booze as poison. The tequila bottle was an antique that the prop crew found at an antique store. The crew hand-crafted a box for it. According to Steven Bauer, the bottle was also incredibly dangerous, he cut his hand three times with it while filming. They only had one bottle and they couldn't replicate it.

  • Michelle MacLaren notes in the insider podcast that the Mexican drug lab was a closed down power station and the production designers worked to transform it into the large methlab scene. The crew only had one day to film there.

  • The location of Walt's apartment is actually owned by Vince Gilligan

  • This episode required a second unit film crew because shooting did not fit within the 8 days allotted for the 10th episode. For the plane scenes, they required clearance for the takes involving taking off and landing from the FAA. It was also windy so some of the planned shots had to be rethought.

  • Carlos Rota (Cartel Chemist) actually has a British accent, so it's interesting in that he has to mask this with a Spanish one and then talk normally in English soon after.

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Bug

  • Apparently the chicken farm set location was being demolished but the owners held off on demolition until the crew shot their scene for this episode. Later on in the season, extra shots from this day of filming were used since they knew that they would not be able to get back. Michelle also mentions that they lost the original Saul's location, so as you'll notice this season, the outside is not really shown.

  • It took one full day to film the entire fight scene. They had stuntman bear the worst of the fighting but most of the fight was played out by Aaron and Bryan (Aaron particularly notes the several takes of him being thrown against the wall). Aaron said they would laugh between takes because it was so fun. In addition, originally, the writers wanted to use Gus to tell Walt about the latest developments but after they saw Aaron Paul's performance they knew they made a good choice in letting Jesse relay the trip to Mexico to Walt.

  • Gus' house number is 1213, as seen when Jesse is allowed into the home.

  • Season 4 Episode 8: Hermanos

  • Steven Bauer acknowledged that Giancarlo Esposito did an amazing job during the flashback scene in the episode because he was not fluent in Spanish and had the most complex lines. Three of the 5 actors in this scene were fluent in Spanish (all except Giancarlo Esposito and Mark Margolis).

  • Don Eladio's estate location is a former bed and breakfast. Vince Gilligan mentions that the folks who lived there "could not have been nicer" and Steven Bauer played guitar for them routinely. It's about 20 miles from Albuquerque and the property in the area was apparently home to a coal mine back in the civil war times.

  • George Mastras, the writer of this episode, used to be a defense attorney and before that he was a prison guard. He also wrote a novel called "Fidali's Way".

  • Although the nemesis standing between Gus and Hector is shown more explicitly in this episode. Back in Season 3, during a flashback, Hector is not too keen on Gus "the chicken man".

  • Steven Bauer and Mark Margolis both also starred in the classic drug-related film "Scarface" (1983).

  • The full name of Max's character is Maximino Arciniega. Interestingly, back in Season 1, an actor named Maximino Arciniega played the character Domingo "Krazy 8" Molin.

  • Bryan Cranston and Javier Grajeda were once roommates when they were first starting out.

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