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VH1 takes you on an inside tour of the unconventional relationship between former child TV star Danny Bonaduce and his wife Gretchen. Follow the couple as they seek help from Dr. Garry Corgiatt through couples therapy. Dr. Garry will challenge the couple to tackle their mountain of issues including Danny’s infidelity, addiction, and celebrity. Danny and Gretchen tied the knot after knowing each other for only seven hours, but fifteen years later the couple is still married and they are turning to Dr. Garry for help keeping it this way.

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AIRED ON 12/17/2006

Season 2 : Episode 8

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  • Was good at first.

    Not bad but got old really quick.
  • A good reality show.

    In my opinion, I think that Breaking Bonaduce is a pretty cool reality TV show. Every week I look forward to watch it. Danny is so funny and I love the way he talks. There was this one episode in particular that I especially loved, it was the one where Danny was trying on one of those dog leash zapper things. He put it on around his neck and tried it out to see what level he should put it on for his dog because he didn't want to put it to high for the dog. It was so hilarious. I was laughing so hard.

    If you have not seen an episode, I would definitely recommend watching this reality show.moreless
  • Just another trainwreck

    I used to really like this show. Until Danny Bonaduce appeared on dr phil & said that if dr.phil was the pyschologist he would make everything better & that he wouldn't want him as his therapist. I realize rather than this show being a real experience it's just a cry for attention from a washed up celebrity. First season followed him & his wife through therapy( Danny & his wife Gretchen got married on the night they first met how they'd stayed together this long despite this, I have no idea). It also followed his drug addictions & demons. If Danny Bonaduce wanted attention he would do something more positive rather than continue to act the way he doesmoreless
  • This has-been celebrity show is at least watchable.

    Someone said "You know you want to look away, but you can't."

    That about sums up the appeal of this show. Bonaduce is genuinely borderline nuts! Hes like watching some guy always on the verge of self destructing completely while carrying around a bottle of nitro-glycerine.

    His recent appearances on Glenn Beck are furthers insights into his bizarreness - though on that show he actually sounds sane (but you can sense hes still a few cans short of a six pack). And begs the question of why his wife, whom he married the first day they met, stayed with him all these years. I dont watch it all the time, just when Im bored. Intensely bored and it happens to be on Sunday nights.

    Maybe he will go on a bender and will end up "Shooting Sizemore" - a truly awful show.moreless
  • A True Reality Show

    In the realm of reality shows especially ones based on families, comedy is usually common. drama is usually non existent or in little to no scenes. That is not really reality. This show is reality. we truely get insight to the life of danny and gretchen and the hardships they go through because of danny. little is held back in the show. we see danny in his most broken moments and his most rageful tirades. nothing is scripted in this and i can truely tell that. we feel for both parties and while some hope the relationship survives others feel that it is unhealthy for both and the kids. it is like a train wreck that you can not turn away from.moreless

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