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  • Was good at first.

    Not bad but got old really quick.
  • A good reality show.

    In my opinion, I think that Breaking Bonaduce is a pretty cool reality TV show. Every week I look forward to watch it. Danny is so funny and I love the way he talks. There was this one episode in particular that I especially loved, it was the one where Danny was trying on one of those dog leash zapper things. He put it on around his neck and tried it out to see what level he should put it on for his dog because he didn't want to put it to high for the dog. It was so hilarious. I was laughing so hard.

    If you have not seen an episode, I would definitely recommend watching this reality show.
  • Just another trainwreck

    I used to really like this show. Until Danny Bonaduce appeared on dr phil & said that if dr.phil was the pyschologist he would make everything better & that he wouldn't want him as his therapist. I realize rather than this show being a real experience it's just a cry for attention from a washed up celebrity. First season followed him & his wife through therapy( Danny & his wife Gretchen got married on the night they first met how they'd stayed together this long despite this, I have no idea). It also followed his drug addictions & demons. If Danny Bonaduce wanted attention he would do something more positive rather than continue to act the way he does
  • This has-been celebrity show is at least watchable.

    Someone said "You know you want to look away, but you can't."

    That about sums up the appeal of this show. Bonaduce is genuinely borderline nuts! Hes like watching some guy always on the verge of self destructing completely while carrying around a bottle of nitro-glycerine.

    His recent appearances on Glenn Beck are furthers insights into his bizarreness - though on that show he actually sounds sane (but you can sense hes still a few cans short of a six pack). And begs the question of why his wife, whom he married the first day they met, stayed with him all these years. I dont watch it all the time, just when Im bored. Intensely bored and it happens to be on Sunday nights.

    Maybe he will go on a bender and will end up "Shooting Sizemore" - a truly awful show.
  • A True Reality Show

    In the realm of reality shows especially ones based on families, comedy is usually common. drama is usually non existent or in little to no scenes. That is not really reality. This show is reality. we truely get insight to the life of danny and gretchen and the hardships they go through because of danny. little is held back in the show. we see danny in his most broken moments and his most rageful tirades. nothing is scripted in this and i can truely tell that. we feel for both parties and while some hope the relationship survives others feel that it is unhealthy for both and the kids. it is like a train wreck that you can not turn away from.
  • more reality trash

    i am so sick of reality tv. this is an example of the bottom of the barrel. why would any network exec think anyone would be interested in what was going on in danny partrige\'s life? it was like he did things just to make the show exciting. i actually watched one or two whole episodes and wanted to crawl into my own skull.
  • Easy to get hooked on.

    At first I didn't want to watch the show because I thought "who cares about his life" but one day when there was nothing on I decided to watch it. I realized that Danny didn't have the semi normal life that I thought he had. I mean I knew he had drug problems before but I thought that was long gone. I had no idea about his alcohol problem until May when he went to rehab. I got sucked into this show, like Danny said "I'm a car crash". I miss him not being on the radio.
  • You know you want to look away, but you can't.

    There is nothing in this show that isn't a trainwreck. One has to ask themself "what is next" after watching this.

    Lets start off with this, holy crap this man is insane and needs a straight jacket! He needs help for the sake of his beautiful wife, children, and himself.

    It has to be said, his wife is retarded, LEAVE HIM. He is abusive and hurting you and your family. Cut your losses before he hurts your kids, and maybe in the meantime, losing everything will turn him around.

    I am twitching now in anger. If you want to watch something that is going to churn your gears and twist every hope you have in humanity, this is the show.

    Please take in small doses.
  • Why would this even be on the air?

    You just watch this man sit and talk to a shrink and bitch at his wife when she even hangs out with other people! I mean come on people! She needs to divorce him like...soon. I feel really bad for her having to put up with all that! It's absolutly crazy. It really shouldn't be on TV.
  • A genius show, that has caught a man in a downward spiral, that doesn't follow the beaten path of ending a 30 minute show with a happy ending.

    This show has stumbled onto genius, Vh1 working with their brand of "celebreality" has found a compelling show that has caught in it's element a man in a downward spiral. A man ruining his life, jumping out of moving cars, jabbing needles in his arm, abusing alcohol and pain killers, and even attempting suicide. In this time of giving everybody a reality show Vh1 has found one that gives you a glimpse into the mind of a very sick man. A man that can appear sane in his professional life, but is unraveling his own personal life with self abuse. Entertainment allowing you to see into the human psyche and makes for riveting television. I can’t say enough about this show.
  • Danny & Gretchen Bonaduce let the public inside their therapy sessions. Bonaduce describes himself as a \"train wreck.\"

    This is a difficult show to watch, completely disturbing and totally honest. \"Train wreck\" is a perfect description. As guilty as I feel watching, I still can\'t help but wonder what will happen next. Still, I feel awful for this woman and all she deals with. He is an alchoholic, drug user and completely out of control. Ironically, he is a control freak within this marriage. Bonaduce seems to recognize these problems, but can\'t get ahold of himself.
  • Wow. Where do I begin???

    Well, VH1 has sunken to a whole new low. Breaking Bonaduce is sad. Really sad. It's about Danny Bonaduce's life. First, he's going to therapy with his wife, who he cheated on, and admits he's a sex addict. On the next episode he gets addicted to steriods. Did a mention he's a recovering alcoholic?

    Man, do I feel sorry for his kids. Danny says he doesn't want his kids to "know who he is" Um, Danny, you are on VH1!!! All that your kids have to do is turn on the TV to VH1, see this show, and know who you are. A man so messed up that it's just sad.

    Has TV really gone this low???

    (And, I watched this show because I was really bored, lol)
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