Breaking Bonaduce - Season 2



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  • Cross Road
    Episode 8
    After all of the mistakes he has made in the past, Danny feels that the only thing left that can save him is God and dives head on into the church. Buta call from his doctor reveals that his past misdeeds may have all ready done too much damage to his body.moreless
  • 12/10/06
    After Danny is let back upstairs and back into his role as head of the household all seems well in the house, but worries about Danny's previous actions arise as Gretchens band prepares for a gig. in an attempt to make sure he does not ruin his second chance, Danny visits a psychic and visits the grave of his abusive father but may not like the answers he gets.moreless
  • Stir Crazy For You
    Episode 6
    Danny begins to feel uneasy sleeping in the guest room of his own house though understands why he is there. In order to show he is responsible, Danny undertakes babysitting his children and their friends while Gretchen goes out for a girls night out.
  • Anti Chamber
    Episode 5
    After seeing improvement with Danny over the last few weeks, Gretchen offers Danny a chance to move back into the house provided he stays in the guest room. After beginning to feel as if he is becoming soft and confused, Danny turns to other things to find his way including religion and stepping into the ring with a heavyweight boxing contender.moreless
  • 11/12/06
    This esisode we Danny back in L.A and more frightened than he has ever been at the thought of losing his family forever due to his behavior. With this sobering thought running through his head he goes back to his MD Psychiatrist to get his medication...
  • 11/5/06
    After being out of the house for a while Danny gets word that he is being honored as "Harvard Lampoon's Man of the Year" and convinces Gretchen to come with him to the ceremony. But after a tirade on the night of the ceremony Gretchen feels that she may have no other choice but to file papers for a divorce.moreless
  • Aching Bonduce
    Episode 2
  • El Gringo Loco
    Episode 1
    The premier of season two, shows us the impact of bring in a reality TV show has had on the lives of Danny and Gretchen.
    Due to the success and the international distribution, Danny has agreed to a promotional show in Mexico City.
    It is on this trip, while watching an episode being translated into Spanish, Danny learns about the strippers at Gretchen’s party from season one. Will Danny dive head first into a tailspin?moreless