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FOX's Breaking In is a workplace comedy, featuring Christian Slater as Oz, the leader of a team of young oddballs. The team of genius talent and security experts including Cameron Price (Bret Harrison), Melanie Garcia (Odette Yustman), Cash Sparks (Alphonso McAuley), and Trevor Moore (Josh Armstrong), work for a high-tech firm Contra Security, whose aim is to keep corporations safe from security breaches. However, this particular team, under Oz's masterful manipulations, often takes extremely dubious means to win clients for their protection services.

Created by Adam F. Goldberg and Seth Gordon, the comedy boasts Adam Sandler as executive producer, along with his aptly named Happy Madison Productions. Slater will also serve as a producer.


    Fox Officially Cancels Breaking In and I Hate My Teenage Daughter

    The signs were obvious, but Fox has made it official and closed the casket on the comedies starring Christian Slater and Jaime Pressly.

  • TALKING POINTS Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Girls, the Fate of Breaking In, Awake, and Missing

    Wow, has another week gone by already? So it has. And what a week it was.

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    • Of Course it was Cancelled

      You take Oz, this enigma as the main source of story and him with Megan Mullaly playing a character you just dislike. Then make Oz less amazing and give Megan Mullaly a majority of all the scenes, then yeah, people will be put off. They tried to do the Michael Scott thing. Bah, could have been a great show.
    • Awesome pilot but it went straight downhill from there

      I kinda see where all these "oh season 2 is such a far cry from season 1" comments come from. But having watched all the episodes in go (I have a life , Ive just had a lazy day-off, no really!:D) I must say EVERY episode is worse than the previous one. The show gradually went from awesome to unwatchable. The pilot was by far the best episode, thats where both the plot and the characters seemed somewhat plausible yet very entertaining. Then they got less and less real to a point where their likability factor was zero and the plot was just so all over the place you wasnt sure if the writers have given up completely or they are just trying way too hard. The whole dynamism has got lost along the way and by up and around the 2nd episode of season 2 it became a pain to watch.

      Dropping Dutch's character was certainly the biggest shoot in the foot, a gigantic mistake that I quite frankly have never seen with any show before. It was like dropping Manuel from Faulty Towers, incredibly poor judgment.

      I will give it a 4/10, the first few eps are good for a laugh, watch them, then just drop it.moreless
    • This Is a Best Comedy Show

      I Don't Know Why This Show Cancelled.. This Is Great Show

      We Hope another Season Please...
    • Like outrageous nerdy comedy? WATCH SEASON 1

      Fox cancelled this show without adequate promotion, too soon, and probably moved it around too, as is part of their usual way to kill a show (DVRs are a godsend). They threw in another tool of destruction for this show, though: The revived show we got in Season 2 not the funny, outrageous, and clever show I loved so much in Season 1. It was mediocre at best. Megan Mulally, bless her, was not a fit, and Christian Slater, who had a Godlike presence before, had been neutered.

      Watch Season 1. It will leave you wanting more. If you love it, accept it as a one-season show (think British Brevity). Don't tarnish those funny memories. Pretend there wasn't a Season 2.moreless
    • i love this show. very geeky funny. too bad it got cancelled again

      this is just as funny as reaper. too bad it got cancelled

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