Breaking In

Season 1 Episode 7

21.0 Jump Street

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 17, 2011 on FOX

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  • There's absolutely nothing wrong with the show except Christian Slater.

    I just don't like the guy. Forgive me. But there's absolutely nothing about Slater that convinces me he's a hot shot who gets things done. He's no Johnny Depp. The other actors are great though. They're funny, convincing and endearing. The team, the concept even the execution are entertaining. I really wish I had discovered this show sooner and that Slater wasn't cast and that it got renewed.
    The finale serves perfectly to go back to that one place television shows always go back to; high school. Within the span of twenty minutes you buy into a nerdy relationship, the chemistry between the two leads and the idea that this team works great together. Well, except Slater then. He just walks around like he knows stuff or is smart of any kind. And his character does too. It's a complete and utter miscasting. Had the role been given to any other pretty face that had some muscles but a smart face the show might have reached golden. Now it's stuck between the could have and should have. The episode worked well but most of all the premise of the show does, except the lead.