Breaking In

Season 1 Episode 7

21.0 Jump Street

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 17, 2011 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Melanie claims she never attended High School or Middle School, but in a previous episode, 'White on White on White', a flashback shows a teenage Melanie being told off for poorly forging her father's signature on her school report card.

  • Quotes

    • Dutch: Would you do me the honor of punching me square in the face?
      Mike Tyson: Seems like you need your brain cells.
      Dutch: Verbal right hook to the cranium. Awesome!

    • Dutch: Sorry I'm late. Just chucking some nun. Gotta get pumped up for Michael Tyson. Two things we got in common... We both hate wearing shirts and we both have tattoos, only his... is on his face!

    • Cameron: Uh, come on, Oz, I bet even you had it a little rough in high school.
      Oz: Ha! No. I ruled the place. One day, me and my buddy... we ditched class, stole his dad's Ferrari, got to sing in a parade, pretended to be the sausage king of Chicago. It was great. I think my buddy John made a movie about it or something.
      Cameron: You mean "Ferris Bueller"?
      Oz: Never heard of him.

    • Dutch: Xylophone? Even the letter "z" is embarrassed to be near that nerd-strument.

    • Cameron: Yeah, sounds like you were the bully.
      Dutch: No, no, no. Those mathletes were my boys. I'd make them laugh so hard, they's cry. Deep, heaving sobs of laughter, just begging me to stop being so damn funny. I'm gonna crank call those mathletes now.

    • Dutch: Wait a moment. You are not happy at all. Maybe I was a bully in high school. Larry here's made me realize that just 'cause something's hilarious doesn't mean it's right.
      Leslie: Um, my name's actually Leslie.
      Dutch: Leslie? (bursts out with laughter) What kind of fruity name... No. New leaf, Dutch!

    • Oz: I'm taking you from sad boy to bad boy.
      Cash: Oh, yes! Movie makeover. Dud, that's my favorite.

    • Mel: Dutch, you are supposed to be in the van!
      Dutch: Hey, I might be a year or ten older than you guys, but I could totally pull off 17.

    • Cameron: Patty! Hi... again. How you doing?
      Patty: Well, um, well, I was good until the guy I had a crush on in high school started roaming around the hallways in guyliner and skinny jeans.

    • Cameron: You had a crush on me?
      Patty: What, you didn't notice my awesome flirting techniques of never speaking to you and always looking the other way when you walked in the room?

    • Cameron: Uh, you really shouldn't eat those shrimp.
      Oz: Don't worry about it. I'm immune to all poisons and sedatives.

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