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FOX (ended 2012)

Canceled? Are they Crazy?

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    [1]May 24, 2011
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    I generally don't write anything on here, but hearing this show was canceled I had to say something. It is one of the funnest shows I have seen and all the characters are very likable. Another bonehead decision by FOX. It's like if a show doesn't have 50 million viewers from day one they pass on it. What makes shows sometimes is word of mouth, and in order for word of mouth to spread the show has to run for awhile. So FOX, when you have something that is obviously exceptional don't kill it so fast! Give it some time for the word to get out that it's a great show. I really hope this show gets saved.

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    [2]May 24, 2011
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    Why do I bother? This is why Fox can go f ... hmm ... better not say it. I can no longer watch an awesome new show on that network until it hits 3 seasons. Once it starts on season 3, then I will consider watching the first 2. I should have known better from past shows we loved and lost.

    On that note: Why do these people keep going to Fox in the first place? Don't they know better? If none of the other networks say "yes," then wait... if you can. Just a suggestion. I don't know the biz, I'm just venting.

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    [3]May 27, 2011
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    I totally agree with you. What the hell were they thinking?! And what the hell does how many viewers watch the show mean? Why can't they just let it run for at least 3 seasons before they decide to cut it. And don't they ever poll those who watch the show and ask their opinions? Also, aren't they aware that more and more people are getting DVR's or PVR's, that they do record it and watch it later on. Though, me and my boys watched it everytime it was on, as well as recorded it so we could watch it again. It's a great great funny show! I hope they change their minds, but even then I doubt it Cry

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    [4]Jun 8, 2011
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    Yeah, I'm kinda thinking at this point the networks need to find a better way to make bank than selling commercial time. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is recording shows and skipping commercials. Can't rely on that crap anymore.
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