Breaking In

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 06, 2011 on FOX

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  • *** Spoiler-free *** Decent first installment (System requirements : Idle-minded, not so serious, techaholic)

    A weekly dose of humor for geeks. That's how Breaking In could be defined considering its pilot. Approximately 13 reasons to give it a chance. First Christian Slater's performance was good, cool and (Warning : Girls only) xoxo. The boss has it all ! From useless sunglasses to collective rare stuff fans would die hard to get their hands on. Second Odette Yustman, Annable since 2010 but let's pretend she's single and addicted to hardcore gaming, is a pretty face and her character has a wild ulala attitude. Moreover her crazy boyfriend is portrayed by none other than Michael Rosenbaum ! Third even if the format is short (20 minutes) the episode was filled with jokes and even if a running gag felt flat you should laugh at least half of the time. Star Wars impersonation ? Hot schoolgirls by the pool ? Exotic cars ? Password hacking ? The list is not supernatural but I'm sure the writers have plenty of powder under their magic carpet for the upcoming episodes. The fourth excuse to watch it would be the secondary characters. I really liked the creepy crunchy antagonist for example. Fifth and not least element the story was not original but entertaining enough and you should appreciate the way it's slightly twisted to increase the episode rewatchability. All in all it's not a bricks smasher but if you're into oiled gladiators && Sara Tancredi && (mouse head shooting || StarCraft tapping) then sharing a cold glass of lemonade with Breaking In could be the geekotherapy you need.
  • 101

    The first thing that comes to mind when watching this show is that it moves at a rapid pace. It does not dance around the issue. You will find out what the show is about and what you can expect on a weekly basis within the first three minutes.

    Bret Harrison stars as a kid who hacked his college's system to grant him full tuition and two dorm rooms to live in. Christian Slater discovers this plan when he is hired to check out the security of the school. Oz offers him two choices: he can join his security company or get reported to the school and kicked out.

    The laughs are few and far between on this show, but there is actually a hint of potential here. This is a pretty unique concept with this group of hackers and thieves working together. There's a little bit of Leverage there, but the focus is not really on Slater, who you would compare to Timothy Hutton's character, but rather on Harrison.

    I like Odette Yustman, but unfortunately she really serves no purpose on this show other than to be the hot girl. Cameron is attracted to Melanie, but when he asks her out, her boyfriend, your typical arrogant boyfriend, shows up. Basically the sub-plot of every sitcom ever.

    Trevor Moore, of Miss March and The Whitest Kids U'Know "fame" and Alphonso McAuley round out the cast as the clueless, goofy counterpart and the stereotypical African-American employee at the show. If there is one thing FOX does not do it is allow a black castmember to have a unique voice, but I digress. These two really do not add anything to the broadcast.
  • This is one funny show.

    ***Spoiler Alert***
    People have been saying the show is mediocre?!? Are you kidding me? I've had to rewind the show several times because I was laughing at one joke and couldn't hear the next.
    Student walks into his room. Boss: Have a seat there champ.
    Student: What?! Who are you
    Boss: I'm the guy telling you to sit your a** down.
    I find that funny and a damn good answer.

    Boss: "Well the museum needs better security." Hands a guy a painting. "But I get why it's a masterpiece, woman has 4 boobs and no mouth"

    Boss: Senator, I've secured your email. Bad news is your wife knows your into dudes.

    Boss: You manged to hack into administration, get yourself a full scholarship and 2 rooms to yourself..
    Student: Yah, I registered as twins.

    This was within the first 2 mins of the show! It doesn't stop. The jokes are rapid fire and most of them are funny. I haven't found one character that shouldn't be there, or doesn't add to the show. Is this a show you over analyze? No. It's not meant to be M*A*S*H* or Arrested Development. It just a fun, funny show. Almost an improved adult version of Parker Lewis Can't Loose.
  • Pilot episode.

    An entertaining comedy from Fox, I have a feeling (knowing Fox) that this show may be canceled sometime in the next couple weeks, but you can't deny, this was an entertaining half hour of television.

    Yes, it was incredibly cheesy at times, that's another thing you can't deny but we still got an original premise, a likable cast, and a somewhat intriguing story line.

    Bret Harrison has not yet escaped from the "geeky guy" persona, nor has Trevor Moore escaped from his Whitest Kids U' Know character, but put these guys together, and guaranteed, you'll get some laughs. It was nice to see Michael Rosenbaum back on television. It was a good start, hopefully it gets better.
  • Good first showing, decent pacing, interesting format.

    This is kind of like a mini-Leverage, or mini-Leverage-meets-Chuck-on-speed, perhaps.
    While the ensemble-format is reminiscent of other shows, the half hour format makes the pacing slightly quicker, the "feel" a bit lighter, funnier and less demanding on the viewer.
    As long as you know what you're getting, and are OK with that, the show seems to hold quite a lot of promise.
    Personally, I don't mind cutting back on the lingering looks, quiet moments and idle chit-chats of other shows, at least for now - I'll reserve my final judgement for later in the season.
    Perhaps the quick-and-dirty approach will lose its appeal after a while - or perhaps it will become my candy of choice; sweet, crunchy and over all too quickly.
    For now: I'll give it a spin. :)
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