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  • Cheesy from start to zzzzzz

    Poorly executed attempt to replicate TNT's hit "Leverage". While the premise of the show has a chance at being interesting it turns out its not worth the time it takes to change the channel. Poor acting from the entire cast and a lack of originality from the writers and producers. The attempt at comedy is what you can expect from Disney's hit children's shows and caused more eye-rolling than even the faintest chuckle. If they want to see how its done they need to pay attention when Timothy Hutton and his crew pull off their jobs on TNT. It would be surprising if the show makes it beyond its fourth episode unless there are some drastic changes.
  • My husband and I tried watching the show twice, as we really like Slater. We found it absurdly preposterous in plot, extremely vulgar and adolescent, with no redeeming qualities or characters.

    My husband and I tried watching the show twice, as we really like Slater. We found it absurdly preposterous in plot, extremely vulgar and adolescent, with no redeeming qualities or characters. But then we are not of the generation that appears to believe that vulgarity, violence, promiscuity, meanness and shallowness are so hip and cool. Oops, that would be nearly every show on FOX...
  • Good show for sleepless nights.

    I was excited for this show, but it SUCKED! B Harrison was too funny on Reaper and was great on Grounded for Life, but the last show he did on Fox was just as bad as this one. Alphonso is funny, but sucks on this show and everyone knows that C Slater is the kiss of death on TV, now matched with the new female kiss of death Megan M, this show is destined to tank. This show doesn't work and the only reason Fox kept it is because they got nothing else to put in it's place.
  • To much like the "OFFICE"

    Tired of it what happen to the Breaking in part?
  • Gone too soon?

    I think I would have kept watching if they had decided to renew it. While I have mixed feeling toward this show at least they were trying to find their own style (I remember reading about the fast pacing and I agree). I like Bret Harrison and I'm sorry He cannot find a series that sticks (even if his character was probably the least original, while he was likable). Third strike for Slater? (I liked him, unlucky in choosing his roles?). Very negative mention to Rosembaum: He left Smallville(which I stopped watching a while ago) to try something new and his desired comedy role is this???? thumbs down all the way.
  • Perfect show made terrible in season 2.

    Season 1 was perfect. Actors, action, comedy, bit of romance. Also Melanie is pretty, sexy and great. Cameron and Melanie's chemistry was nice too.

    But season 2 is a total disaster. Its full of office drama and less action, that means less break ins. Megan Mulally is terrible and irritating, to make matters worse, they filled each episode with her.

    I'm in the middle of season 2 but don't think I can watch till the end. The only good thing remaining is Molly.
  • Good cast, interesting plots, lots of laughs, and good reviews that I totally agree with. These are all definitely reasons to cancel a show. Thanks Fox. Good job.

    What does a good show need? A cast that works well together, plots that keep people at least mildly interested, humor/drama/suspense/story line/at least one or all of the above, and a network that knows which shows to renew. Breaking In had everything but a network that knew they should've kept the show. Sadly, too many crappy shows are getting renewed and shows like this slip through the cracks because it didn't have enough time to generate a decent sized fan base. Guess there weren't enough suggestive themes, inappropriate scenes, or action sequences to catch more people's attention. It's really too bad. The cast worked well together, and a bit of a story line was slowly making it's way to the surface. If only it had enough time to grow... I guess the only good outcome of this show being cancelled is that it starts well, there isn't any good outcome.
  • Breaking but not too badly..

    This was a great show which was cancelled too soon. I guess a couple of people just do not like Megan Mullally (and blame her for being introduced to the show). Personally, I thought she helped to make the show funnier "you think I'm Cameron Diaz or Cameron Pameron"?, although she can still occasionally come across as too annoying (not always though). I liked that they introduced Molly as well, how could you not like Molly? She was funny, sexy and had a very kind heart.

    Season two was VERY different to season one though, so I can kind of understand why some people may have had some disdain. I thought it was too soon to pass such a harsh judgement on though. Personally, I thought the cast was excellent as well in both seasons (I have always been a fan of Christian Slater as well, I did like his character better in season one though). Two seasons was just not enough.. should have gone for longer.
  • i love the show

    i'm glad it didn't get cancelled it so awesome. the character made me laugh from the start, and Trevor Moore <3 <3 that dude is awesome!! season 2 yay march 6th
  • Love this show. The cast works well together. Mr. Slater is great as usual. I always felt he was an under rated actor.

    This show has great potential. The writing is excelent. The actors mesh well with each other. I really think it needs more advertising though. I never seem to be able to remember that it is even on. I would watch this show every week without fail. Please keep this show on, there are not enough of these types of shows around anymore. If you do not continue it, please release some DVD's so I can have a good laugh everyonce in a while still. Love Christian Slater in this show, and the entire cast kicks ass. Keep up the great show, and just give it a chance, advertise it a more in Canada. I know alot of people who havent even heard of it and I am trying to get them to watch. I think word of mouth after a while will give you a great audience. PLEASE DONT GIVE UP ON THIS SHOW I LOVE IT.
  • Let's Beat the Dead Horse

    The best move Fox made was to cancel this abomination. Season 1: pretty good. Season 2: 5 episodes of sheer crap. I can't think of enough negative adjective to describe what this show became.
  • Awesome pilot but it went straight downhill from there

    I kinda see where all these "oh season 2 is such a far cry from season 1" comments come from. But having watched all the episodes in go (I have a life , Ive just had a lazy day-off, no really!:D) I must say EVERY episode is worse than the previous one. The show gradually went from awesome to unwatchable. The pilot was by far the best episode, thats where both the plot and the characters seemed somewhat plausible yet very entertaining. Then they got less and less real to a point where their likability factor was zero and the plot was just so all over the place you wasnt sure if the writers have given up completely or they are just trying way too hard. The whole dynamism has got lost along the way and by up and around the 2nd episode of season 2 it became a pain to watch.

    Dropping Dutch's character was certainly the biggest shoot in the foot, a gigantic mistake that I quite frankly have never seen with any show before. It was like dropping Manuel from Faulty Towers, incredibly poor judgment.

    I will give it a 4/10, the first few eps are good for a laugh, watch them, then just drop it.
  • A decent show with potential, but needs improvement

    I like the concept of breaking in, instead of out, being the good "bad-guys" in the security world. I even grew fond of the way Slater "Ozzez" his "I'll allow it's" around, the only thing I really don't like is the overdone role of Cash. The kid can act but his part is TOO much, make him a little less "funny" and halfway believable and he'll do just fine. Nothing wrong with eccentric characters in a comedy show, but I prefer to keep them somewhat realistic. The plots could be a bit more intricate too, give it a little twist of "Mission Impossible"... In Any case I hope the show gets some more episodes to prove itself.
  • Of Course it was Cancelled

    You take Oz, this enigma as the main source of story and him with Megan Mullaly playing a character you just dislike. Then make Oz less amazing and give Megan Mullaly a majority of all the scenes, then yeah, people will be put off. They tried to do the Michael Scott thing. Bah, could have been a great show.
  • i love this show. very geeky funny. too bad it got cancelled again

    this is just as funny as reaper. too bad it got cancelled
  • I absolutely love this show! And I am so upset they decided to cancel it. This show really offers a lot of bang for your buck! I will really miss you!

    To be honest I loved this show before I even saw it. Simply because it stars Christian Slater & Alyssa Milano. I have been in love with Christian Slater since he was a young man in Robin Hood: A Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner. And Milano is my age. I practically grew up with her on whose the Boss, and then was a faithful fan of Charmed. They both reminded me why I have loved them for so long.
    So they started out with actors I loved, and they paired it with a funny and exciting script. The show would have been an absolute disaster if they hadn't rounded out the cast with the hilarious group of actors they chose. Brent Harrison is so believable in his role. I feel his awkwardness & ambition in every show. Alphonso McAuley! What can I say? I had never seen or heard of him until this show, and you can bet I will be looking forward to see him in future shows. He is hilarious. When he asked William Shatner if he got his friend request, and to beam him up. McAuley becomes his character completely. Boom goes the dynamite!
    Michael Rosenbaum - At first his character got on my nerves. Maybe because I wanted Harrison character to actually get a chance with Odette Annable's character, but after the first episode I couldn't imagine this show without Rosenbaum. He is so dumb you can't help but like him (just not with Annable's character). Rosenbaum you rock Dud!
    Odette Annable has the hardest job of all. She is the only "regular" female cast member, but she fits. Thank you writers for not making her trashy. Annable makes a very convincing girl next door. Just make sure to double bolt anything you don't want stolen.
    By now everyone knows the show has been cancelled. I waited to write this review, because I hoped they would give it another shot. My hat goes off to the writers, directors, producers, and cast. You did an amazing job! I hope to see the cast in future projects, because they were great.
  • A fantastic show, too bad Fox is too stupid to see that.

    And yet, another great tv series is canceled. I love the plots and the interactions with the characters. I think they had great chemistry.

    Six episodes and it's shelved. Some TV shows are kept on the air for years with extremely poor ratings and story lines. I felt like this one didn't even have a chance.

    Never been a fan of Christian Slater, but I found him compelling and entertaining in this show.

    My favorite character was Creepy Carol, I think she was a scene stealer.

    Oh what could have been, eff you Fox! Poor decision, because you know they will replace it with a sitcom with a laugh track or a reality show. FAIL!
  • My 2 Cents

    Well everyone, here is my thoughts on the show... There was an a very authentic feel with the characters on the show, you were able to see in just the first few episodes how they characters were slowly growing both as individuals and as part of a team perhaps even like family to each other. I also found that the overall concept to be rather interesting, and the individual episodes to be both compelling and amusing, there was always something happening and going on. It was fairly easy to relate tot he characters I mean yes they were all geniuses and I am not but they also had their own baggage it didnt depict them as better then anyone. Which to me anyways is very important in a show like that. I honest am hoping that Fox reconsiders this decision or that another network will pick up the torch and run with it, as I believe there is the fan base for this show, truth be told I have spoke to several tv viewers and they have all expressed a great deal of disbelief that the show might be cancelled it seems that everyone I spoke to from several walks of life found something in the show they enjoyed, but it takes time to build a fan base. I wont lie to be honest I don't watch allot of television and so I didn't even know this series was there until a good friend of mine told me that I had to check it out. So I did and after watching just a couple episodes I was waiting for the next. I realize that fox has to make a tough decisions with what shows to keep and what ones to get rid of, and sometimes its a hard choice.. however in this case I totally disagree with their stance, upon this..and hope that they find a way to make it work for them. They have a potential gold mine so to speak with "Breaking In" and like a gold mine it take a little work to find the gold but once you do you know its all been worth it.
  • Lively to watch.

    Some lively prime time comedy for a change. Well written, fast paced and a lot of good bits and gags. Refreshing after a season of one sitcom after another that either didn't quite make the grade or in many cases, didn't even come close. Christian Slater is very well cast as the head honcho of this peculiar buisiness organization...the role seems to fit him like a glove, and he wears it well! I'll be looking forward to more episodes of this series...definately good for a giggle or two and well worth the time I invested in watching it, Breaking In should be around for a few more seasons.
  • B+ Potential....C- current scouting report

    Show has a good ceiling for potential it has a good cast....minus that Trevor Moore guy...nothing against him but he just makes me feel like im watching scooby doo the live action movie.

    Good Concept for a show, has the token hot chick and the quirky funny token black guy as well.....and Michael Rosenbaum playing the token douche bag lol sheer gold.

    Only complaint about the show itself that I have is... they gotta cut out the cheese factor...most of the jokes are good and funny...but some of them... you just roll your eyes and wish you could punch whichever one of the writting team thought that would be funny...but every show starts out with some cheesey jokes hopefully thats just a chemistry issue.

    C- show....B+ potential....maybe even A-
  • Canceled? Are they crazy?

    I generally don't write anything on here, but hearing this show was canceled I had to say something. It is one of the funnest shows I have seen and all the characters are very likable. Another bonehead decision by FOX. It's like if a show doesn't have 50 million viewers from day one they pass on it. What makes shows sometimes is word of mouth, and in order for word of mouth to spread the show has to run for awhile. So FOX, when you have something that is obviously exceptional don't kill it so fast! Give it some time for the word to get out that it's a great show. I really hope this show gets saved.
  • Like outrageous nerdy comedy? WATCH SEASON 1

    Fox cancelled this show without adequate promotion, too soon, and probably moved it around too, as is part of their usual way to kill a show (DVRs are a godsend). They threw in another tool of destruction for this show, though: The revived show we got in Season 2 not the funny, outrageous, and clever show I loved so much in Season 1. It was mediocre at best. Megan Mulally, bless her, was not a fit, and Christian Slater, who had a Godlike presence before, had been neutered.

    Watch Season 1. It will leave you wanting more. If you love it, accept it as a one-season show (think British Brevity). Don't tarnish those funny memories. Pretend there wasn't a Season 2.
  • I'm so disappointed!

    I just recently discovered this show and I thought it was really funny and fun to watch. My husband and I laughed out loud at Molly Mullally's character. I wish I had known about it sooner. After watching 3 episodes, we found out it had been cancelled. I hope they give us something as good to replace it with.
  • This Is a Best Comedy Show

    I Don't Know Why This Show Cancelled.. This Is Great Show

    We Hope another Season Please...
  • Funny and original what more could Fox need?...Oh, yeah more slots that aren't being dominated by Amercan Idol and the X factor.

    Fox never knows when they have good thing (i.e. Arrested Development and Lie to Me). And now they have let another one fall through the cracks. Breaking in was an original comedy with a great cast. Christian Slater's character was great and interesting with not to mention Alyssa Milano playing his wife. The show itself is about a team of specialists lead by the eccentric Oz, who has to test security systems of their clients by breaking in, thus the clever title. This format works because it allows a combination of characters who are out there, nerdy, and hot. More importantly it is an entertaining show that deserves more then a push under the rug. Bad move, Fox. Bad move.
  • Don't You Hate It When They Try To Fix Something That Isn't Broken

    I am a late comer to the Fox series Breaking In having heard nothing about the series till about two weeks before season 2 started. I was excited by the premise and a fan of Bret Harrison (Cameron Price) since his "Reaper" days. I hurried to catch up and plowed through the first season in one afternoon.

    Being centered around a team of semi-reformed criminals now doing good work, the show has a similar idea to another of my favorite shows Leverage. With its half hour format Breaking In is a lot lighter on the job details and features more water cooler humor and relationship-centric plot lines.

    Season 1 proved to be a fun Nod-to-Nerds with multiple references to Star Wars and other pop culture icons, then throw in some office pranks and the show was quirky enough to hold my interest.

    Breaking In was nearly shelved after marginal ratings during the first season. My first thought on this was that since I never heard of the show till after it was nearly cancelled. Perhaps a better advertising campaign would be in order. This show should be pulling in the same type of viewers that are fans of The Big Bang Theory, Leverage, and Chuck but no one knew about it.

    Instead Fox switched up some of the cast and took a chance on the second season. Now maybe the show needed a little tweaking but essentially Fox decided to fix what wasn't broken. Dumping a couple of the first season characters and bringing a few new ones including their heavy hitter Megan Mullally.

    Now don't get me wrong I like Megan Mullally, I was a fan of her in Will & Grace, and she was a hoot in Children's Hospital. But her over the top style does not mesh with the more subtle humor this show offers. In the first two episodes of the second season she has completely run over the cast, including the clever wit that Christian Slater has brought to the eccentric Oz, leader of this group of misfits. He is now the straight man to her crazy.

    Also killed is the tension between the nerdy hacker Cameron and the object of his affection beautiful thief Melanie, as they have dumped Melanie's "best boyfriend in the world" and brought in super insecure but hot British secretary Molly.

    I am hopeful that this is just growing pains as the show resettles into its new format.