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FOX (ended 2012)





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  • Good cast, interesting plots, lots of laughs, and good reviews that I totally agree with. These are all definitely reasons to cancel a show. Thanks Fox. Good job.

    What does a good show need? A cast that works well together, plots that keep people at least mildly interested, humor/drama/suspense/story line/at least one or all of the above, and a network that knows which shows to renew. Breaking In had everything but a network that knew they should've kept the show. Sadly, too many crappy shows are getting renewed and shows like this slip through the cracks because it didn't have enough time to generate a decent sized fan base. Guess there weren't enough suggestive themes, inappropriate scenes, or action sequences to catch more people's attention. It's really too bad. The cast worked well together, and a bit of a story line was slowly making it's way to the surface. If only it had enough time to grow... I guess the only good outcome of this show being cancelled is that it starts well, there isn't any good outcome.