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  • I absolutely love this show! And I am so upset they decided to cancel it. This show really offers a lot of bang for your buck! I will really miss you!

    To be honest I loved this show before I even saw it. Simply because it stars Christian Slater & Alyssa Milano. I have been in love with Christian Slater since he was a young man in Robin Hood: A Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner. And Milano is my age. I practically grew up with her on whose the Boss, and then was a faithful fan of Charmed. They both reminded me why I have loved them for so long.
    So they started out with actors I loved, and they paired it with a funny and exciting script. The show would have been an absolute disaster if they hadn't rounded out the cast with the hilarious group of actors they chose. Brent Harrison is so believable in his role. I feel his awkwardness & ambition in every show. Alphonso McAuley! What can I say? I had never seen or heard of him until this show, and you can bet I will be looking forward to see him in future shows. He is hilarious. When he asked William Shatner if he got his friend request, and to beam him up. McAuley becomes his character completely. Boom goes the dynamite!
    Michael Rosenbaum - At first his character got on my nerves. Maybe because I wanted Harrison character to actually get a chance with Odette Annable's character, but after the first episode I couldn't imagine this show without Rosenbaum. He is so dumb you can't help but like him (just not with Annable's character). Rosenbaum you rock Dud!
    Odette Annable has the hardest job of all. She is the only "regular" female cast member, but she fits. Thank you writers for not making her trashy. Annable makes a very convincing girl next door. Just make sure to double bolt anything you don't want stolen.
    By now everyone knows the show has been cancelled. I waited to write this review, because I hoped they would give it another shot. My hat goes off to the writers, directors, producers, and cast. You did an amazing job! I hope to see the cast in future projects, because they were great.