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  • My 2 Cents

    Well everyone, here is my thoughts on the show... There was an a very authentic feel with the characters on the show, you were able to see in just the first few episodes how they characters were slowly growing both as individuals and as part of a team perhaps even like family to each other. I also found that the overall concept to be rather interesting, and the individual episodes to be both compelling and amusing, there was always something happening and going on. It was fairly easy to relate tot he characters I mean yes they were all geniuses and I am not but they also had their own baggage it didnt depict them as better then anyone. Which to me anyways is very important in a show like that. I honest am hoping that Fox reconsiders this decision or that another network will pick up the torch and run with it, as I believe there is the fan base for this show, truth be told I have spoke to several tv viewers and they have all expressed a great deal of disbelief that the show might be cancelled it seems that everyone I spoke to from several walks of life found something in the show they enjoyed, but it takes time to build a fan base. I wont lie to be honest I don't watch allot of television and so I didn't even know this series was there until a good friend of mine told me that I had to check it out. So I did and after watching just a couple episodes I was waiting for the next. I realize that fox has to make a tough decisions with what shows to keep and what ones to get rid of, and sometimes its a hard choice.. however in this case I totally disagree with their stance, upon this..and hope that they find a way to make it work for them. They have a potential gold mine so to speak with "Breaking In" and like a gold mine it take a little work to find the gold but once you do you know its all been worth it.