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  • Don't You Hate It When They Try To Fix Something That Isn't Broken

    I am a late comer to the Fox series Breaking In having heard nothing about the series till about two weeks before season 2 started. I was excited by the premise and a fan of Bret Harrison (Cameron Price) since his "Reaper" days. I hurried to catch up and plowed through the first season in one afternoon.

    Being centered around a team of semi-reformed criminals now doing good work, the show has a similar idea to another of my favorite shows Leverage. With its half hour format Breaking In is a lot lighter on the job details and features more water cooler humor and relationship-centric plot lines.

    Season 1 proved to be a fun Nod-to-Nerds with multiple references to Star Wars and other pop culture icons, then throw in some office pranks and the show was quirky enough to hold my interest.

    Breaking In was nearly shelved after marginal ratings during the first season. My first thought on this was that since I never heard of the show till after it was nearly cancelled. Perhaps a better advertising campaign would be in order. This show should be pulling in the same type of viewers that are fans of The Big Bang Theory, Leverage, and Chuck but no one knew about it.

    Instead Fox switched up some of the cast and took a chance on the second season. Now maybe the show needed a little tweaking but essentially Fox decided to fix what wasn't broken. Dumping a couple of the first season characters and bringing a few new ones including their heavy hitter Megan Mullally.

    Now don't get me wrong I like Megan Mullally, I was a fan of her in Will & Grace, and she was a hoot in Children's Hospital. But her over the top style does not mesh with the more subtle humor this show offers. In the first two episodes of the second season she has completely run over the cast, including the clever wit that Christian Slater has brought to the eccentric Oz, leader of this group of misfits. He is now the straight man to her crazy.

    Also killed is the tension between the nerdy hacker Cameron and the object of his affection beautiful thief Melanie, as they have dumped Melanie's "best boyfriend in the world" and brought in super insecure but hot British secretary Molly.

    I am hopeful that this is just growing pains as the show resettles into its new format.

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