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  • Awesome pilot but it went straight downhill from there

    I kinda see where all these "oh season 2 is such a far cry from season 1" comments come from. But having watched all the episodes in go (I have a life , Ive just had a lazy day-off, no really!:D) I must say EVERY episode is worse than the previous one. The show gradually went from awesome to unwatchable. The pilot was by far the best episode, thats where both the plot and the characters seemed somewhat plausible yet very entertaining. Then they got less and less real to a point where their likability factor was zero and the plot was just so all over the place you wasnt sure if the writers have given up completely or they are just trying way too hard. The whole dynamism has got lost along the way and by up and around the 2nd episode of season 2 it became a pain to watch.

    Dropping Dutch's character was certainly the biggest shoot in the foot, a gigantic mistake that I quite frankly have never seen with any show before. It was like dropping Manuel from Faulty Towers, incredibly poor judgment.

    I will give it a 4/10, the first few eps are good for a laugh, watch them, then just drop it.
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