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"This just in..." "A dynamic cast brings headline information fast and first, interrupting the normal broadcast with Breaking News." "Personal trials collide with professional challenges as reporters, anchors, producers and staff strive to assemble the story amid an often chaotic 24-hour television network newsroom. But how far will the media go to get an "exclusive"? Faced with questionable sources and ethical ambiguities, the news team uncovers startling, disturbing and poignant truths while struggling to maintain journalistic integrity." (press release) Meet the Behind-the-Scenes Team Peter Kozyck (Brown), News Division President: "He is a smart over-achiever with great news instincts. Never married and Gatsby-esque in character, he is convinced he didn't get into Princeton and was forced to go to Villanova because he did not have the proper pedigree. He still feels the need to overcompensate for this middle-class background, believing that acting the part of the social elite means buying designer clothes, over-priced cars and weekend homes in the country." Rachel Glass (Walter), Executive Producer: "She has a hard time accepting the fact that everyone cannot do their jobs as well as she does hers. She doesn't do anything simply to enjoy it. If she takes a walk in the park, it is not to take advantage of a beautiful day, it's to work off the ice cream she scoffed down after realizing it is well past dinner and she hasn't had a bite to eat all day. She hasn't had time to think about having a personal life, with the exception of a few unsuccessful dates here and there, because she's too busy managing the latest news crisis--not exactly what her New York Upper East Side Jewish mother and father had in mind." Ethan Barnes (Bairstow), Producer: "the son of the network president and CEO, whose background as a documentary filmmaker won him accolades on the festival circuit. Looking for stability and a place to hone his skills and talent, he lands a job as a producer at the network by answering a help-wanted ad. After submitting his resume, he learns the blind ad is for a job at his father's network." Quentin Druzinski (Gale), Producer: "Rachel Glass's right-hand man, who goes out of his way to impress Peter and Rachel. He becomes a bit unnerved when his superiors don't recognize his talent as a producer. Anxiously awaiting a promotion, he gets bumped back when Ethan Barnes joins the network." Julian Kerbis (Adelstein), Field Producer: "Jamie Templeton's field producer and personal partner. Kerbis loves the thrill of being on assignment, but has developed strong feelings about wanting to start a family and build a life with Jamie." Meet the On-Air Talent Bill Dunne (Matheson), News Anchor: "I24 network's star anchor whose career in reporting began in the field. Although he is pleased by his achievements as a top broadcast journalist, he doesn't hesitate to remind his colleagues and his bosses that he feels he deserves a bigger say in network decision making. His greatest asset is his unmatched talent for impromptu commentary. If you need to fill seven minutes of air, Dunne is your man." Janet LeClaire (Crist), Feature Correspondent: "who, increasingly fed up with the puff pieces she is assigned, is eventually promoted to be Dunne's co-anchor for the 8 o'clock news. She has a tough time ad-libbing in emergency situations, but her friendly and inquisitive personality makes her adept at one-on-one interviews in the studio. She graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism, was hired as a weather girl in North Carolina, and is working her way up." Jamie Templeton (King), Field Reporter: "one of the best special assignment reporters in broadcast journalism. She loves a challenge, and the more dangerous the assignment, the better. She's been on the move ever since graduating from Yale and because of her job, hasn't had the chance to settle down into one place." Mel Thomas (Sams), Special Assignment Reporter: "whose career began as a writer of a Chicago newspaper column where he blended reporting and personal opinions. Married to a very successful software executive, he and his wife are constantly challenged to find a balance between their successful careers and spending time with their 11-year-old son." (character quotes courtesy From the network that knows drama comes this dramatic series that takes place behind-the-scenes of a CNN-like net. Or was supposed to come, anyway, since TNT moved its premiere back twice before ultimately cancelling it without ever broadcasting a single episode, eating $13 million in the process. Some PR bunk suggesting they felt they'd be putting good money after bad followed; theories arose expressing the belief that, after contributing years worth of garbage to FOX and the WB, new (and already gone) boss Jamie Kellner didn't "get" it; others were certain that AOL Time Warner killed it out of fear that it would scare potential viewers away from CNN. Whatever it was, perhaps TNT might want to think about changing their slogan to "TNT knows jack." In April, 2002, one year after the final episode was filmed, Bravo announced they had picked up the broadcast rights to the series -- which was first aired on Wednesday nights from July to October, 2002. Breaking News is produced by Trilogy Entertainment Group, in association with New Line Television Number of episodes: 13 Media: Filmmoreless