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Breaking Point

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Breaking Point debuted on ABC on September 16, 1963. It was a spin-off of sorts from Ben Casey (its premiere episode was the second half of a story that began on Casey). Breaking Point was produced by George Lefferts, a writer who had served in an Army psychiatric ward during World War II.The series focused on two psychiatrists, young Dr. McKinley "Mac" Thompson (Paul Richards) and his boss, Dr. William Raymer (Eduard Franz), who practiced at an outpatient clinic located in a metropolitan hospital. Instead of the usual TV "psychopaths," their clientele consisted mainly of everyday people who'd reached a "breaking point" and needed help getting their lives back on track.Breaking Point featured teleplays by the likes of Robert Towne (who later wrote the film Chinatown) and guest actors (such as Robert Redford and Telly Savalas) who later became superstars. But, the series itself lasted only one season, and, unfortunately, it seems to be generally forgotten today.Incidentally, Breaking Point is sometimes confused with Eleventh Hour, a similar series which premiered on NBC in 1962. Although Breaking Point is sometimes described as ABC's answer to Eleventh Hour, both series were actually created at about the same time.
"We're trying to deal with problems that touch the lives of all of us--we're not interested in the shock value of bizarre psychiatric solutions. We deal with people who reach the breaking point, who crack under pressures most of us endure without breaking." - Paul Richards ("Dr. McKinley Thompson")1963
TRIVIA: When Breaking Point aired in Argentina, it was titled Crisis.moreless