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Shannen Doherty, host of Oxygen’s new show Breaking Up, helps people through awkward break up situations like breaking up with a significant other, moving out on a roommate, and ending a flakey friendship. In each episode Doherty will go undercover to investigate the toxic relationship and if she decides a break up in is order she will instigate it.
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  • A very desperate person who wants to get her name back in the lime light uses the most horrific moments of other people's lives and then mocks them, tells them what to do and tries to make herself look like she's helping. This show is toxic. Don't watch!moreless

    First let me say to all of those who's normal response to this review would be along the lines of "Well don't watch…", I didn't watch on purpose and I wont ever again, trust me. You might also take your own advice and not read my review if you don't like it. Fair enough? Ok. Let's get this started.

    I am an American expat who lives and works in South Korea and usually I live for television that is broadcasted in English. This show is one of the exceptions. I saw it by accident one day and it was like watching a 10 car pile up. I wanted to turn away but couldn't believe it was happening. It actually made me sad that I spoke English and understood what was going on. It was one import that I wish they'd have kept at home on Hiatus. However, now that I've seen it (even in it's off season) I can't ignore my opinion. How in the world do you enjoy watching someone get their heart stomped on? How is that funny or remotely human? Is this what is passing for television in America these days? Who's brain child was this? Shannen surely couldn't have thought of this one by herself unless it's just another chance for her to continue to inflict bad acting and pain on to anyone who should pass by (you do remember 90210 right okay, she was often referred to as a B word both on and off screen…I'm thinking the word wasn't BEAUTIFUL). How is it that you decide to make a show who's entire primus is to take some poor unsuspecting person and embarrass them by displaying their most vulnerable, painful and often emotionally damaging moments on (INTER)NATIONAL television? Everything about this show is wrong. It's wrong of the person who is so much of a coward that they'd have to bring someone else in to do their dirty work. Then to add insult to injury you do it in a way where your victim can't even safe face? They are humiliated in front of their friends, family and people they don't even know. I'm sure that the show says to them "Oh your boy/girl friend/roomate has something to tell you…would you come on our show?" and sure they agree but would they really agree if they knew what was going to happen? The producers of the show devalue human emotion and have to lie to these people to get them on the show and that's not reality television that's just victimization for ratings. Shannen's agreement to do this show doesn't surprise me at all. When you've only been doing movies and TV shows that most people don't watch maybe you're desperate enough to feed off the most negative moments in someone's life. It also helps if you're devoid of feeling or normal human response (during the episode I watched, she actually laughed at the person who was getting dumped, because they "didn't see it coming"). Maybe she's so use to "seeing it coming" that she's in the position to mock someone else's pain….

    I can see why she has so many fans. What's your slogan? We support the girl on TV who thinks it's fun to kick the emotional crap out of people? I'm going to be the first one to sign up…right after her parents who must be so proud. The only thing I could thing of that might be worse than this show with out being entirely vile would be that you arrange for doctors to take them on television and tell them "Oh by the way, I thought you should know you only have 6 more weeks to live" or "Oh we thought we'd bring you here to tell you in front of all these people that your mother died". Wont that be great for laughs and don't forget ratings. When is it going to be enough? When is the public flogging of human emotion going to stop? How sick is it for you to watch this show and laugh…arguing it's good TV?? I have only one question, if it were you on that show getting dumped wouldn't you want someone to say "Hey, that's not right"? This show is depraved and should be taken off the airwaves before it does any more emotional damage to anyone who happens to be involved by accident or otherwise.moreless
  • Watching tonight's episode with the psycic and the dancer, I thought I reconized the 'dumper' of the dance partner. Vakisha Coleman is her name and she was also on another reality show, Dirty Dancing, Living the Dream.moreless

    After a quick seach to see if i was seeing things I also see the her partner was on the dirty dacning show as well, Brandon Vega.

    I'm thinking, wow..can we try any harder to start a career. Come on, this is definatly not going to help crrdibilty of reality shows. This is too easy of a mark for a "its all fake, and they are paid to do this" remark.
  • I love watching this show it's awsome!!!

    I love this show and how shanned docherty always makes it funny when she breaks up with other person. IT's great she always makes it funny.. also she's the kind of person that I would like to have break up with a guy for me! and it's also very creative ways she takes to show the other person what they have been doing wrong... or not doing at all! but i wish they would move it to a diffrent time slot, because all of my other shows that I watch are on at the same time as this show.. I love this Show!!!moreless
  • “Excellent” Shannen Doherty is here to help all, altruistically providing her support, assistance, intelligence, and compassion to people in their time of dire-need. Breaking-up is a must see show!


    Shannen Doherty is here to help all, altruistically providing her support, assistance, intelligence, and compassion to people in their time of dire-need: freeing girlfriends from non-caring “player” boyfriends, non-rent paying “user” room-mates, or simply helping one partner “see the light” when the other partner is unable to see the problem for whatever reason(s). Breaking-up is a must see show!
  • Need help to break up? Call Shannon Doherty.. She's got experience! lol

    If you read the other one! Not really a real review since it doesn't air until August 22., but still..

    Well. Do we really need this show? Sounds a bit mediocre to me.. Oh, and a bit mean as well.. But still..

    And by the way, I like Shannen too (as an actor that is. . Not as a drunk driver...) She was great in Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed, but she has kinda been gone since then - only thing I've heard of after that is about car accidents and of drunk driving etc.. Really sad, cause she was such a great actor!moreless
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