Breaking Vegas

The History Channel Premiered May 01, 2004 In Season


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Breaking Vegas

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Breaking Vegas focuses on famously successful individuals who gambled for profit and their chosen methods of augmenting their odds on games of chance in an attempt to "break Vegas." Various "whales" and their methods from the last few decades are depicted in reenactments that put emphasis on historical accuracy. The individuals in question, their family, their accomplices, journalists and members of law enforcement each provide a different perspective on the events that led to their notoriety. A different method and the corresponding individual or team are investigated in each episode.
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  • Mind boggling, makes me say: why didn't I think of that?

    Since I love poker and casinos (shows) this show really interested me. It was very informative of what all sorts of people did to make money from the casino. It must of took alot of brains, skill, and guts to do what these people did. Thats what made this show so original, it wasn't a fake plot. It was peoples adventures of breaking Vegas. It was either there greed or mistake that caught them in the act. whats even more interesting after watching this show, it makes you think how many people are their that have gotten away? how many? and are their stories better than the one I just saw? It just makes you wonder....moreless
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