Breakout Kings

Season 2 Episode 1

An Unjust Death

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2012 on A&E

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  • Oh Charlie!

    ...and Oh Lloyd!

    First of all, am never reading episode synopsis again!! I didnt see teasers/trailers so i didnt know wthere was going to be a death.I read the synopsis and was eager to know if Charlie was going to choose the promotion or not (he didnt by the way! he was going to decline!!).But the nutjob killed him.Tghe only good thing now is Zancanelli will be head and he is a bit understanding when it comes to the inmates feelings.

    The case of the week felt a bit rushed to be. I loved how Lloyd was doubting himself throughout the episode but at the end he stood firm on his previous recommendation about the week's two nutjobs.So now he's gonna want revenge. Shea and Ericawasnt as memprable but the future possibility of romance between Erica and the new tenant is something to look foward to.

    Overall, i love the dynamics of Zancanelli and the inmates, lloyd and Jules (who was acting weird!) so i dont know how much i will miss Charlie, but i hope they get to feel the void before they fill it.
  • returned in bad way

    I would of rated higher if not for the meaningless death of x a common plot device in other shows the death of a top character is the result of a stupid mistake from else where in the episode or a sudden shock value out of nowhere

    Imo it's a sign that the writers have already lost interest in this show, at the very least they could of had x just walk away gracefully the ending seemed to fit both x dies or x lives

    Hopefully the grief won'tlast too long and this escapee of the week isn't going to be a long drawn out big bad..

    also the guy from teen wolf elavator guy and the office girl acting different may be an interesting subplot

  • An Unjust Death

    The promos teased a death and two minutes in I was able to predict who it would be. I guess Laz Alonso thinks he is too big a star for this show now, but personally I think it will be better without him.

    It was a solid show, but the story drifted a bit off course halfway through and they made Lloyd too much of a tough guy at times, which was outrageous.

    The escape at the beginning was a little outrageous too. Usually that is the highlight for me.

    Solid, but not as good as I anticipated.
  • welcome back !

    amazing show althought slightly formulaic, the fact it had -tbag last season helped alot, this episode hits the ground running and deals with a main cast memebr leaving as they should with nothing left to ask! rather than someone just not showing up and is explained away. wont spoil it for those not seen it but it does leave a big question as to who new shall we see ! also hope to see the main story line run through the season and not just be answered by ep 2.