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Episode 8 - Steaks

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    [1]Apr 28, 2011
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    Another one like the rest for the most part...
    I liked the escape though... I starting to find that my favorite part of the show is the actual escape... not the rest.
    I follow Chase as well and really... in both shows what I find the most enjoyable is the craftiness of the crooks... not the law chasing them.

    This is the main difference between Chase and Breakout Kings is that the bad guys are more interesting on Chase. More personality and more stuff shot from their perspective... showing all the stunts they pull to break out and stay on the run.

    I just saw episode 2 of "King" (a cop show based in Toronto) and the actor playing guy the 2 escape went after in Steak (the sex abuser with the wife that supposedly had millions stashed) was on Kings, being arrested... and the main character starts her line of questioning by saying "you went straight after you got married...". For a sec I thought we had another cross-over

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    The best one I have seen after the T-Bag one.
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